The SHOCK change month is over – Mars is Direct – Time to check in on YOU

If you’re reading this congratulations on making it through a very bumpy April!  The lunar eclipse, grand cross and solar eclipse have been creating ripples in a few worlds out there.

Relationships ended or began.  That includes the changes to your relationship with your own past!  If you are willing, you can wipe the slate clean and start brand new with what your beliefs are.  Because of the cardinal cross who you are individually or as a couple, at work or at home are up for a complete trade in – are you game?

Mars went direct as of Monday the 19th and we have about two weeks before Mercury Retrograde really kicks in…  So how does your Memorial Day weekend look, HMMM?

The shock change month brought PLENTY of changes my way, not the least of which is forward movement on a big project almost six months in the making.  It’s perfectly timed with Mars retrograde and now direct.  More to come on that front but it’s kept me away from writing.  Between readings and this big project, there just hasn’t been enough time and energy for it.

Good news is that it yielded up some fun with hands that I can share with you.  More drill down on the masculine and feminine ‘on hand’ that is pretty helpful to know.  Trust me, I almost said ‘handy’ but restrained myself.  Almost…

Many of you are working through what the ‘New’ looks like in love and at work.  The last two years helped clean out the ‘old’ or bring it up to the surface in a way you can sink your teeth into even if you are still a little fuzzy on the big picture.  What if the ‘New’ has to do with how you do YOU?  Doesn’t that change everything you touch…?

Are you curious to understand the balancing act between receiving inspiration, input, creative spark and passionate attraction working with action, language, concrete material expression and tangible results.  It is the ‘in breath’ and ‘out breath’ of our creation/action make up.  It helps us understand more of how to trust ourselves and what we are living, using more insight into US!

That way you can line up behind creating and enjoying the benefits of that creation with so much less effort and more joy.  Who’s going to say no to that?  You can always choose to go the white-knuckle, struggling route when you know you have more than one option – just saying it’s nice to have choices on something that big, right?

So for those of you who want more inspired connection on how to understand YOUR wiring, how about a call to chat?  Actually – two calls.  The first is a fun freebie with Animal Intuitive, Jill Jackson who has me as her guest on the radio next Tuesday night at 5pm PST.  Get the scoop and join us for that broadcast – HERE.  Jill is an incredibly talented Animal Communicator and Psychic, so worth tuning in for!  You can call in and get a question answered, please do!  She blew me away with her reading, you’ll be glad you tuned in for the show.

For those of who want hands, astrology and more hands to give you that personal insight about YOU and the ones you love, email me for another gift call next Thursday night 5/29 at 7:00pm PST.  We will take a little walk through the workings of you – and how to get you what you more of what you really want or manage to keep you stuck in patterns you’ve outgrown but can’t find the exit sign for.  We will touch on some astrological aspects too – I love it all!

Who feels like joining me… YOU?  Email me here for login details and let’s have some fun together next week.

After a month of busy expansion – I’m itching for more with all of you!  Until next week…

Lisa Greenfield



Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!


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