Celebrity Hands

Celebrity Hand Analyst, Lisa Greenfield, reveals these secrets to TV & Film stars.
whose hands are most like you?
Photos courtesy of Pre Awards Gift Shows with DPA Gift Suites
Customers say about Lisa
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Michael Antosy

Doing Lisa’s “Life Purpose Reading” was incredibly beneficial in giving me additional insight on things which I always felt was inherently holding me back from my full potential, but was never able to effectively articulate or verbalize. What I had received was an incredible amount of clarity on the needed balances I need to create in my life to find my full power. Since then I’ve found myself really living in the flow, which is what we all desire, right? As a creative + business professional, I’ve found so much more business and opportunities come my way, and the best part is, I find that I am now living in a space where I KNOW, not in a theoretical sense, but truly feeling, that more abundance is coming my way. Thank you Lisa!!!

Katharine Leonard

My life has improved dramatically since Lisa Greenfield came into it! My friends wil attest to this – just ask for the list of amazing events professionally and personally that have taken place! My Life Purpose reading helped me with aspects of myself that I’ve felt have been challenging for me for many years. I used to feel somewhat afraid of my own power, but that is no longer the case. I now am fascinated and inspired to explore my own sense of empowerment, and her reading gave me “permission” to truly get in touch with what I need and to cultivate the courage to ask fot it. I have also experienced a newfound sense of trust in life and trust in myself. Run, don’t walk, to a the gift of a Life Purpose reading with Lisa! We all deserve such truth, love, and connection in out lives.

Tracy Jai Edwards

Lisa’s Life Purpose reading was like she was looking into my soul and explaining to me how I tick and where I am going in my life and the greatness that I am pre-destined for! It is so beautiful to have this angel on earth (Lisa Greenfield) help me see the guideposts inside myself and in my life and to TRUST them… it really has helped me to know myself deeper and know what I am up to in this beautiful lifetime, not to mention Lisa has given me such excitement to what my life has in store for me!

VP of Design Entertainment Company

I have seen myself spiritually and professionally grow by leaps and bounds from working with Lisa. I have a new found confidence that escaped me before. She has so much love and compassion for her clients. She is driven to help you succeed and will stop a nothing to see that happen. She gives more that you have paid for by selflessly going the extra mile. You can trust that you are going to see results, but you have to be willing to do the work!