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TruthinHand shows you how to shift unwelcome limitations so you can have more love and success in their life without endlessly repeating irritating patterns.
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Customer Reviews

Barbara Horowitz
Hollywood's Personal Stylist

I don’t know if there is a more positive person on the planet than Lisa Greenfield. Talk about living her life purpose. Lisa wants all your dreams to come true and all your fears to melt away. Your hands are your blueprint.

Charlotte G
West Hollywod, CA

I’m really superstitious about psychics and my friend recommended Lisa. So while I was in LA, I decided to give her a try. I’ve been having some work & personal issues and thought I had nothing else to lose, so I gave into something I always thought was a taboo. Lisa couldn’t have been more spot on about me!!! It was insane how accurate she was!Highly recommend Lisa. Hands down, amazing!!! And by the way…work is going fantastic and I actually met someone!

April Ray M
West Hollywod, CA

I’ve always gotten good advice from Lisa, as if she were simply just a good friend that cares and listens. She has helped me understand my patterns, find my passions, and even deal with some challenges. Even if you’re a bit of a skeptic, you’ll walk away with a new appreciation and understanding of what she does. No fluff. She just provides positive energy, straight forward knowledge about what your hands say about you, and how to use that info to progress in the best direction. Her intuition is always spot on and she’s just a cool person. You’re guaranteed to get something useful from a session with Lisa!

Carol P.
Granada Hills, CA

I’ve known Lisa for quite some time now and she did a hand reading for me that was so in depth it was as though she could see inside me. She showed how the hands can change as one evolves. It was so insightful and revealing. What a talent Lisa has. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Hillary S.
Valley Village, CA

Lisa Greenfield has a amazing gift. She is intuitive and brilliant, along with her incredible tools of hand reading, astrology, and tarot. Lisa did a hand reading, 12 month chart and tarot session for me. I gained such a better understanding of myself. I also learned where I need to develop my talents to move forward. It was such a positive and uplifting experience. I’m very cautious about letting others tell me about my experience, but Lisa is 100% trustworthy and on it.