Life Purpose/ Life Lesson

Life Purpose/ Life Lesson

How would your life change if you won the lottery?

Well, when you know what your unique Purpose is on Earth…

This wisdom is like money in the bank!

YOUR DESTINY IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS… Actually it is wired into your fingertips! What is your unique purpose on Earth…?

Your hands tell the story! Is Leadership your gift? True Love as a Destiny? Innovation and Brilliance your special gift?

With Lisa’s expert help you can see where you are wired to shine, prone to get stuck and how to navigate from struggle to success – all revealed specifically for you by your hands! Join the list of achievers who know the real Truth about themselves and use it to create a bigger, better life.

We like to say Walt Disney didn’t have the biggest Destiny, he just did the most with what he had. Where can you astonish and delight yourself when you break free of the struggle and start living in your Zone of Genius.

All you need are high resolution photos (iPhone works great) or scanned fingerprints for this reading. Lisa researches and reveals the biggest Truth about you. Spend a rich 45 minutes with Lisa,it recorded so you can revisit your Life Purpose any time you need to hear the Big Truth of you along with a summary sheet to spell it out for you.

Life Purpose/Destiny Reading