Astrology & Hand Analysis

Astrology & Hand Analysis

This double duty view of you offers a deep rich look at where your greatest gifts are and where your biggest stumbling blocks are. Lisa shares your direct path through the blocks and onto the path for abundance! Feel the ease that’s available knowing your way.

Your hands give the update on what your birth chart promised so you can access more of your talents with the greatest ease. For example, your head line says you are a story teller. But add Astrology and suddenly you know that when you sit still the ideas come faster than when you try to ‘make’ them happen. It can be that specific!

Feel the exhale of relief when you see the past patterns and mistakes make sense when you know what they can do for you. Yes, even your mistakes can help you when you know what to do with them!

Lisa looks at three different charts to go layers deep and see intricate details that continue to amaze you.

Lisa works to uncover all that is possible specifically FOR YOU when we map out your hands together.

Astrology & Hand Analysis

Want a bite size preview? Get your recorded readings and see how much insight your Astrology can offer you. Book and share your question and birth details with Lisa and receive a recorded answer. It’s a fun and easy way to get acquainted with what Lisa and Astrology can offer you.