Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight – Blood Moon

It’s called Blood Moon because for a portion of the eclipse the dust clouds in space give the moon a dusty orange red color.  Total Lunar eclipses are less common than the two eclipses we have a year and this year it is special because it’s smack in the line up for that Cardinal Cross we have going on Astrologically.

Blood Moon

What does that mean to you if you don’t speak geek?  Here’s the scoop.

We have major transformation going on between the ‘I’ versus the ‘We’ and also in the work versus personal life arena.  It’s not unusual to see a spike in breakups and engagements, job changes of the conscious or unconscious variety.  The name of the game is CHANGE.

What are we changing into is the really hot topic.  What are your choices and are they conscious or unconscious?  For those who have been on autopilot or functioning on a course that was set more than two years ago, it’s time to re-examine what you are doing, are the reasons still valid, are the people still ‘your people’.

It doesn’t mean everything you’ve set up has to change.  It does mean you have a rich opportunity to dig deeper and get more out of whatever it is that you’ve chosen!  Or if you’ve outgrown it (usually there is a pinch or discord when that happens – sometimes it’s just an absence of any more ties that bind) it will fall by the wayside.

The cardinal cross is asking everyone to take a closer look at how they are loved and love (the ‘I’/’We’ axis) and how we make our way in the world (the work/home or personal axis).

Where have you settled for a pattern you have long since grown past and never stopped to notice?  This month is all about deepening your connection first with yourself then with everything you do!

If you have a heart line that is straight, you have a tendency to overestimate authority and short-change your own power in relationships.   If you have a heart line that curves up, you overestimate your responsibility in helping others see what you see.

What’s at play here (especially with Mars retrograde in the picture) is how we DO whatever it is we are doing!  We have the opportunity to make important changes right now, changes that benefit you and the world you live in.

Our Fear Brain often gets triggered because something hasn’t happened, shown up, confirmed itself to us YET.  Those of you who are used to jumping to a conclusion quickly – straight head lines listen up – what’s required here is the big picture and longer term viewpoints.

For you curved or long angled head lines, the opposite is true.  It’s time to dig in and notice where you are past ready to act.  You do best when you have like-minded support so look around you, grab your support crew and like Christopher Columbus – set sail!

The next two and a half weeks are verrrrry powerful around these big shifts.  How attached you are to the status quo is in direct proportion to how uncomfortable change might be.  If you want the bigger picture, I’m here.  Perspective is everything when shock change and deep transformation (Uranus and Pluto – Cardinal Cross aspects) are shaking things up.

I find knowing yourself to be the most powerful way to navigate any change and that’s what I do – show the big picture, the real Truth of you to you.  Let me know if I can help you weather this celestial stormy season.  Meanwhile, breathe…  know that this year it’s struggle that is much like that of a butterfly fighting to get out of the cocoon or a chick out of a shell.

For those who are really ready to break through, I have a terrific bargain for you.  I love supporting big changes and love, love, love bargains.  So here is one for you at 80% off.  I can give you the most support possible at a deep discount because it’s a shared opportunity.  Talk about tapping into the ‘I’/’We’ collective.  Check it out here.

There’s a much bigger world waiting for you on the other side even if it’s getting bumpy!  Celebrate the more that is on hand for you – it will help balance what’s passing away.  And then you can always breathe…

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield

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