Shock Changes This Year, Punctuation and A Gift Call Tonight

This is a year of struggle…Or as a good friend reframed it, EFFORT.  With those two badasses of shake up, Pluto and Uranus, doing their ongoing dance almost everyone will feel things shift this year.  However it’s a different kind of effort than it has been in past years.  This year is all about the effort of NEW unfolding.

Now if you have Pluto markers in your hand, you are going to have a little EXTRA going on this year.  The Pluto area is down by your wrist on the outside edge of your hand.  This year’s energy is more like a chick pecking its way out of a shell or a butterfly getting out of a cocoon than it is a lightning bolt for most people.PlutoMark 

Pluto markers are in the area around the bottom of the Line of Intuition on the image to the right. That  curved line on the outside edge of the hand – on the pinky finger side all the way down by the wrist .

With the Pluto markers in hand, this year can be a bit more impactful – so for you and for those who just want to be prepared, here’s a little help from punctuation.

Yes, I said punctuation.

Deep transformation and shock change (our friendly heavy weights Pluto and Uranus) can be managed with a little assist from our grammar books.  Let me show you what I mean.

Here is a sentence done two different ways:

A woman without her man, is nothing.

A woman:  without her, man is nothing

The same sentence, punctuated two different ways that means OPPOSITE things.  What does that have to do with you, you might ask?

This year is all about seeds sprouting, new beginnings breaking free of confining containers.  Bigger lives, bigger loves, bigger YOU emerging.  However it is unsettling!  Those safe containers are being broken free of and there is vulnerability and risk involved.

So HOW you punctuate or interact with the changes can mean the difference between a verrrry good year or a verrrrry stressful year. It’s that simple a concept.  The challenge comes in flipping the meaning from one thing to another.

Those of you with heart lines that curve UP, you benefit from talking about it with others.  Those of you with heart lines that are low and straight, you need quality alone time.  This year that little tidbit is just the beginning of what can help you flip the meaning from one you don’t want to one you do!  Know which one benefits you and then make sure you give yourself this gift.

If you want more support around this, I am doing a bonus call tonight 3/26/14 at 6:30pm PST.  Email me here to get the call in information.  Bring your questions and your hands (post them on Facebook if you wish) and we will cover those we can.

It’s always a pleasure to help bring a little personalized clarity to you through the map in your hands!

Meanwhile for those of you who are pressing on in your busy lives – notice what the world is serving up and decide where you want the emphasis to go, what you want it to mean.  When you can’t change things, you can always change your view of things. Punctuate, Punctuate, Punctuate.

Here’s wishing you a graceful unfolding of the big changes this year ushers in for you.  I know I’m loving them, even as I find myself catching my breath on occasion.  Breathe, choose your meaning and grow – I’m right there with you!

All the best,


Lisa Greenfield


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