Stress On Hand – The Big Shift Take Two

Thumbnail HeadshotWe’ve all been there, that climbing anxiety, tightening chest and heavy feeling that makes us feel dread or frustration.  Stress has a natural body response, our bodies aren’t the enemy but it can sure feel like the battle is taking its toll on it, right.

What if you knew, by looking at your hand, what the right combination of action steps were to use that body response to get a peak performance out of you?  How much would that help?

Just like Olympic athletes train to make sure their muscle memory takes over to achieve nearly flawless performances, our minds can train the same way to handle challenges.  After all, fear is just excitement without breath!

Your hands show me the right combination of creation and action and in what order to make your life happen with much more ease.  When you know the steps, things flow and you struggle less – sound appealing?

It doesn’t mean dramatic events take place, nope, not going to promise that because you may have signed up for those big moments.

The difference is you are primed and ready to respond in the way that makes the BEST use of your skills and strengths and can call in resources where you are not so strong.  And it’s all personalized to the way you think and feel – using the map in your hands!

Would you like to ‘see’ what I mean?  Stories can always help illustrate, right…

When I left the corporate world eight years ago, I was operating mainly in my strength which is the double head line.  My last job was responsible for 93 employees, four divisions of a $7.6MM company.  My mind did the heavy lifting and was my ‘go to’ support team.

Heart had less to do with it.  I had to fire people I liked, watch people I genuinely cared for suffer for their mistakes and know that this was what happened in the world of big business.

Then I started my own business doing what I loved most!  Big shift because I now had to wear all the hats.  In readings I lead with heart – it’s what sees the truth the clearest, then I use head to put it into a framework that people can benefit from hearing.  My mind came in for writing a book, creating the schematic for the sample online reading and much more of the nuts and bolts details.

Well, my double head line had me doing it all and then questioning why it was such a struggle.  This is where the program I’m rolling out was born.  You see I was miserable and not doing any of it as well as I thought I ‘should’.

I create best in collaboration, then isolation, then collaboration again.  That’s my sweet spot.  But I didn’t stop to look at that then…  so the stress mounted.  The pressure grew.  The failures piled up.  I questioned my sanity in ever thinking I could do this…

And aren’t you the happy recipient of that struggle… Trust me, that others can benefit from my torture HELPS ME.  Because it was brutal.

So what I did was what I always do – after struggling first mind you – go back to my hands!  Cut to two years later (because I also have a few perfectionist tendencies, ahem).

Now I am sharing that system with you.  It is a joy to put together new ways to support you with the information ‘on hand’.  Your questions, challenges and issues are what guide me to show you where in your hands the answers are to making it easier and more fun.

What can be better than that I ask?  Nothing in my world…  Big sigh of relief.  For all of us, right?   Grab one of the last seats NOW! 

Join me for three hours of learning how YOU are wired to create best.

Let’s get you OFF REACTION MODE and onto CREATION MODE.  It is so much better for your mind, body, heart and spirit.

Energy soars, effort falls back into a manageable place and joy comes in to take all that struggles place.  Sound good?

Saturday 3/15 from 1-4pm in West Hollywood we have only a couple seats left (my regular clients grabbed most of them) for a personal class with Lisa on how you take Stress In Hand and shift into power mode.  Details sent only if you are one of the ones who get the last few seats.

Lisa will walk you through how you are wired according to your hands and what your best practices are to get out of stress mode and then how to support your most creative and powerful mode.  When I say creative, I’m not talking finger painting.  It means fresh ways of handling whatever is in front of you.  You’ll leave with a guide sheet you can always refer to for your style.

Class size is small to make sure you get attention and here’s the big kicker –  the cost is 85% off what you would pay for three hours of time with Lisa.  That’s right, only $95 to change the way you do stress and pressure the rest of your life…

What a bargain!

So if you want to be one of the lucky few left to get a seat, grab yours here and don’t delay.  The class is Saturday and there are only a couple seats left.  My goal is to make sure each class member gets a clear picture, so only a very few seats are offered!

Sign Me UP NOW!

I look forward to showing you how much EASIER it can be to tackle those big challenges when you know your Truth in Hand!

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield


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