Your Intuitive Capacity To Love

Heart Line - Sample HandOur Month Of Love draws to a close with the topic of Fire and our Intuition.  And intuition is last for so many reasons, not the least is because it’s the hardest to quantify!  After all, how do you measure it, right…  Both Fire and Water represent the non-linear processes in our brain.  With Fire, our capacity expands beyond what you can think, literally.

To illustrate our intuition and Fire I want to tell you a story.  It’s a good one.  First though, I have a present for you all.

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Now, back to that story…

With Fire I love to explain Intuition this way – with Christopher Columbus.  Yep, the explorer.  That is the nature of intuition after all, to connect with the greater unknown whether you call it the Divine, the Collective Conscious, whatever label appeals to you.  We have a piece of us that is MORE than the sum of the parts.

This is what I’m referring to when we talk about Fire and our intuition.

Back to Christopher.  He was convinced that there was a shorter route to India if you went the OPPOSITE way of the known course.  He didn’t have evidence, he didn’t have a whole lot of people who agreed with him.  He just KNEW.   Luckily he also instinctively knew how to leverage the profit motive of a queen to get the funding for his venture. Intuition is what we take in beyond what we can reasonably understand and instinct is when we act on it beyond rational thought.

Fire goes past the familiar and gets us out of our comfort zone.  Fire senses the truth even when you can’t explain it.  It’s the ‘hunch’ that pays off, the lucky gamble that makes good.  We LOVE those stories and we have a healthy fear of it as well.  Because if you can’t explain it, how do you duplicate it…?  HMM?

When it comes to relationships, whew!  It is the best and the worst for Fire.  After all, Fire has the capacity to love the whole world.  Fire instinctively knows what’s cooking and their almost always right about the feeling if not the facts.   Another challenge is when you are in a relationship with a Fire, it can get a bit lonely when you share them with the whole world.  For Fire is the only element that requires fuel.

This is not a need, fuel is a requirement.  Fire hearts particularly require regular infusions of praise, applause, recognition and respect, that’s their fuel.  Without them, they burn out and the passion goes cold.  So where Earth people are best in action,Water people excel with connection, Air people offer big perspective, the Fire people are here to serve mankind with their intuition.  To do that they must have fuel!

When balanced, well, you are hard pressed to find a more generous, open-hearted, big hearted person than Fire.  Just be prepared to share them with the world, because their mission is to serve the world.  And in some cases save it.  I’ve yet to meet a Fire who didn’t have a group of people depending on them.

Back to where we started with Christopher Columbus.  If you look only at his goal, you would say he failed to find a shorter route to India.  However, trusting his intuition and staying open to possibilities (a sweet spot for Fire) wound up delivering two continents instead of one.  I don’t think it was a mistake, no matter how much the American Indians may disagree with me on that.  Trust me, I am Native American on my Mom’s side and I’m grateful he sailed.

When Fire or the fiery part of any of us let go of getting it right and trust the bigger part of us that calls us out into new uncharted territory, well look how much the Universe can serve up.  If you can work with that piece of trust, Fire blends all the other elements together to get the best from them.  Wowza!

It’s been fun walking through the elements this month.  I’ve got a fun idea for what we do next with them… Stay tuned for the next post!

Lisa Greenfield




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