Trust Change, Trust YOU – Free Call And A Helping Hand

This week is going to serve up some really nice energy to support the changes April shook up and May built out.  The Sun (our external self) is touched by Pluto (deep transformation), Uranus (sudden shifts) and Saturn (stability & structure) when you know how to use the gifts of each planet for you!

It can also mean some rocking and rolling – which we actually felt with a little earthquake last night here in Hollywood.  However this week can really, really strengthen whats been cooking for each of you this year!

Want a little help with that??

Here’s a simple 411 to get you on the positive side of the power served up this week!

If you have EARTH as your Heart or Head line, Hand Shape or featured prominently in your Astrology then you are going to have a chance to test your SELF EMPOWERMENT.  That’s right, where do you have the option to see yourself as powerful as you are.

Earth is the most likely to underestimate themselves and overestimate a challenge.  This week says ‘take another look’.  You are MORE than equal to whatever is in front of you.  (Side note, all the other heart and head lines pass through Earth so this is helpful for all of us!)

If you have WATER as your Heart or Head line, Hand Shape or featured prominently in your Astrology then you have the opportunity to test your empowerment in the one-to-one arena.

That’s right, where did you give someone else the credit, power, or final say on something that isn’t really really in line with your heart’s desire.  Water is more likely to people-please and then resent it.   Time to own your voice (you don’t have to shout – they’ll hear you) and speak up for what you want this week!

If you have AIR as your Heart or Head line, Hand Shape or prominently in your Astrology this week is about the power you have in the one-to-many arena.  Groups are where your strength rests and your awareness of that gift and how you use it it is up for notice and change particularly this week.

Finally we have FIRE.  If Fire is your Heart, Head or Hand placement, if it’s big in your Astrology then you have a week where the collective unconscious, spirit, intuition and/or your connection to that ‘other’ realm is where your true power rests.  Fire learns in the realm of one-to-the divine arena.

Fire is what melts all the other elements together and can help us create something new.  Notice where you can be a good fire, one where everyone pulls up to for warmth and nourishment rather than a raging blaze that takes down all around it!

There are SO many ways more insight into you can help…want to talk??

Even if an element isn’t prominent for you, we all have a bit of each.  They can work together for us or they can war with each other.  I’m for less struggle more PLAY.  Feel like playing a bit more with the Truth of you…

If so PLEASE BE MY GUEST – no charge – for a call Tuesday night June 3rd to discuss YOU and what you can do to dance with this energy instead of wrestle. 

If so join my at 7pm PST Tuesday June 3rd and let’s dive in together.  I’d love to share with you how to harness your strengths and let them work for you to really turn a corner this week!  Doesn’t almost everything get easier when shared…

Let’s do this…

Simply call this number at 7pm PST:
  Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1630
  Participant Access Code: 606582#

(If it is busy try again, it happens when you all call in at once)

I look forward to talking with you then!  If you can’t join me,c then by all means hope this slice of Truth in Hand helps the week go beautifully!

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

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This is an ingenuous melding of astrology and palmistry! It’s given me more to think about regarding the inflammation that has erupted in the last two days around the heart line in my left palm. I heard Jill M. Jackson’s information-packed radio interview with you and have been doing the out and in breath resetting visualization you mentioned, every day since the broadcast. I think I’m seeing results, and they’re reshaping my hand. Something below the skin is now irritating the start of the heart line, between the index and middle finger. Something’s trying to work its way out (inflaming the water and earth quadrants in your chart above). Fascinating! No surprise that transiting Venus is in my 2nd, turning a tight natal t-square (SU/ME + UR/MO = NE) into a cross, and moving into a sextile with transiting NE on my ascendant. I wish I could be on your call tonight and look forward to others.

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