Shock Change Planet, Expansion Planet and Tensions…Oh Boy


Okay, shock change and expansion could feel good and bad with Uranus  and Jupiter holding hands this month.  That’s because the impersonal planet of change is dancing with the expansion and luck planet.  The tricky part is that Uranus can rip away what no longer serves you before it serves you the bonanza.

So the expansion may require a complete removal of what blocks your growth.  Tension anyone????

Depending on what’s in your Astrological Chart and what’s in your hands, you can be feeling this in all kinds of ways!

Uranus is at 15 degrees of Aries and Jupiter is 10 degrees of Leo.  This trine is going to tighten up over the next couple weeks.   So in your hands, Aries is linked to the Mars area that is usually underneath or near the head line on your hand.  Jupiter is represented by your Pointer Finger and the fleshy mound under it.

Uranus And Mars area.

Uranus is about 3/4 of an inch up from the outside edge of your hand across from your thumb and some people have their head line (Mars and Aries) ending there, too.  See it’s right around where the head line ends on the outer edge of the palm in the picture.

Where it shows up in your hand, chart and life is where you can expect expansion preceded by housecleaning of a rather dramatic nature!

For me I have heavy markers for each in my hands and chart around these two guys so I’m paying attention.  It lights up my unconscious in a way that means old ways of relating that I’ve inherited from family and mirrored with other people are served up.

So of course almost every relationship I value is undergoing a shift.  Some are getting radically bigger and some radically smaller.  Because I have a lot of the water element, which values attachment, loss is really challenging for me for those bonds that are going away.

It’s fascinating to witness other people’s reactions (actions and Mars) to my emotions – a great mirror for my outgrown habits.  I’ve discovered that my old impatience of ‘just get over it and get on with your life’ is much, much less present in my current world.  Hurray for replacing old bullying voices within me for more tolerant and accepting dialogues reflected in those around me.

However I have run into people who have a hard time letting me feel what I’m feeling without offering to solve it with their advice, guidance and opinion.  Isn’t that interesting to witness my own past actions reflected back to me.

Let me share a new phrase that a wise woman said to me that made ALL the difference.   Instead of advising me she simply asked me “what does support look like for you around this?”  Great phrase – use it if you wish….

I can see with some compassion that these friends want my pain to be gone because it causes them pain.  It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they do!  What a wonderful shift in understanding there… For both them and me.  I can forgive myself the times I wanted to rush someone through an uncomfortable emotion and have grace with those trying to do it to me.

Also it’s good practice to stay with the grief of goodbye even when others want you to cheer up.  Especially good practice when your Destiny and/or Life Lesson include water and mastering emotional presences and closeness.

How can you trust another with your feelings if you don’t trust yourself with them first, right?  Trust even when you meet opposition for whatever you are feeling.  I’m finding it very powerful to learn to trust what I feel although it upsets those I love – the lesson wired into my fingerprints before birth.

It’s also enlightening to see how people respond to the good things that are unfolding for me.  I’m thrilled that there are more people genuinely pleased for me than resentful or unhappy that it’s happening for me.  That’s another big shift in my world.

Whew, can we say progress…

You probably have some of the same dynamic shifts in your world, just around your own themes in their own playgrounds.  The nice thing about these leaps is the ability to look back and see where you have come from and how far you’ve traveled.  That’s another gift these next few weeks can offer you.

Give yourself some serious ‘attaboy or attagirls’ for the journey you’ve made.  If that feels like a foreign concept then maybe that is what’s up for change!  You think…????

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my week with the Emmy gifting suites.  I came away truly inspired and touched by some really big things unfolding that include me.  I compared and DARED… Now I want to SHARE.  The pictures will be posted Thursday to my Facebook page so you can wander over and check it out, ‘like it’ if you feel dared to dream bigger for you.  There are some bonuses coming for my Facebook fans.

It feels good to allow myself to enjoy all of  the fun, not hide it or apologize for making someone else feel frustrated that their ‘ship’ hasn’t come in yet or that they haven’t had the same chances.  I want you to have it yourself, in your own way and I’m happy to help you see how that can unfold for you!

Frankly my ship is sailing into harbor, it’s not docked yet so I’m just celebrating the end in sight!  It’s been a long, long voyage getting here!!!!

With these electrifying expansions going on, where are you being served up notice to let go in order to get something so much more than what you have now.  Where do you require patience, presence and compassion for what is passing away?  Change is here, how do you want to do it?

Good questions to be asking yourself right now.  And then take time to receive the answers.  I’m here to help if you need.  I love to see the Truth for you – it’s one of the best things about YOU!  We can make sure it’s easier when you see how to line up behind the genius in you and put the struggle where it belongs.  Here’s to expansion and shift!

Wishing you well,


Lisa Greenfield



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