Celebrities, The Emmy’s – Compare And Dare Or Just Despair

It’s that time again, the Emmy’s!  People who’ve risked putting their talent out for criticism and review have a chance to celebrate what is done well with each other.  I get to spend the better part of the next week hanging out with many of these people – so looking forward to this!

What does that have to do with you, you may ask?

Did you know that what others achieve is a secret sauce that allows you to open up to greater possibilities in your own life?  Yep…

The perfect example of that is Roger Bannister breaking the 4 Minute Mile.   For the longest time we believed that was impossible.  We just couldn’t do it – run a mile in four minutes or less.  Until Roger Bannister broke that barrier in 1954.  Within the next few years several more people went on to do the same.  Fire people are the ones who have the easiest time going beyond the known limits – only 15% of the population folks.  That’s there job, though, to show us what else is possible!

You see once we knew someone could do it, the brain registers that and allows that possibility for others.  So when people around you achieve, you have a chance to ‘compare and dare’ – to rise to a greater level of success in your own way then you ever have before.  Great incentive to watch awards, competitions and excellence of any kind, right?

However, you have to know how your brain stem works.  For my long time readers, you know the drill…  The brain stem runs us 75% of the day or more and that strong sucker is really only concerned with risk and reward.  That means expansion is considered risk!

All risk, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (aka intuition) lights up the alarm bells in your brain stem.  Which is why so many people when they watch others success find themselves more in ‘compare and despair’ rather than ‘compare and dare’ mode.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve been there.  Last time I looked, everyone has visited that place – including some of the most powerful people in the world today.  People running billions of dollars in fund management, politicians making top decisions, film and television icons have all felt the cold sting of ‘compare and despair’.

So ease up on the inner critic when he tap dances into your awareness.  Instead, tame that internal bodyguard with your breath.  Yep, the good old breath of love.  Stay tuned, I am going to have the video on that handy little charm shortly.  It’s the one, two, three punch to change who’s running your brain (the executive or the 4 year old)  in less than three minutes.

Dropping into your breath is the best way to center down and take care of yourself in a way your body registers and responds to – very well in fact.  So this way you can take in the inspiration that is around you – whether it’s the achievements of a stranger or the inspiration of someone closer to you.  Let it show you where you can dare to achieve your own version of more.

Another key thing to note, the ‘compare and despair’ mode is most common to the Earth Element.  When that shows up in your hands in a strong way, you are wired to underestimate you and overestimate others.  That can lead to the greatest protection and also the greatest expansion when you know you can swing from despair to dare!

Also good to know, we ALL go back to Earth Element under real stress!  It’s our survival mode and the one element we all share – everyone of us!  So this is why even the top achievers in our world have their moments of doubt and darkness.  None of us escapes it except by letting the successes of others help light our way – and then some require heavy medication.  Let’s not pretend extra help isn’t needed on occasion…

For those of you who know you would like extra help, I am here for that purpose.  Part of my Life Purpose is to connect you with the Truth about the whole picture of you.  There is far more greatness than you see and I get to show you where it is written in your hands!

If you know you want it – time is of the essence.  Because of increasing demands on my time and some very exciting things happening, I am raising my rates.  It’s a way to balance the additional value of my time shared with you and the other big projects I am working on for my dreams.

The prices go up after this weekend on my website.  The Life Purpose reading is going to double in price – it is the most labor intense reading and complex to prepare for you.  It is also that important and you will know that when you choose to invest in you!  That’s the way our brain works, they even have a name for it cognitive dissonance.  The bottom line is I want you to really hear the Truth and investing is one proven way to do it…

The other readings will go up approximately 30%.  If you’ve been considering a reading, now is a good time to grab it.  Your readings can be redeemed anytime over the next year, and can be gifted if you wish (early holiday shopping at a discount).  Check it out here to grab yours before the prices go up!

I’m working one day of the holiday weekend, so there are a couple spots for the first few to grab readings.  Love to ‘see’ you if that’s right for you!

Now I’m off to get ready to spend the better part of the week with DPA Group’s gifting suites in a penthouse suite on  Rodeo Drive.  Life is good people… let that inspire you to dream of what your gifts can bring you when you share what you love with the world!

Lisa Greenfield

P.S.  Notice where your heart line ends… we ALL have an ‘Earth’ track that the others branch off from to get to the end point.  Good to know… right!

Heart Line - Sample Hand



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