Worry, Stress And Snatching Back Peace Of Mind

Hello again… Well today is the LAST DAY of those three challenging weeks according to the Kabbalah.  Whew, can we all get a deep breath on what you’ve managed to do this month?  Better still, I want to give you a sweet little insight that came out of this that can snatch back peace of mind when you find yourself worrying, stressing, and pushing up against difficulties.

Remember this… Your mind is incredible.  To the same extent that you are worrying about the worst that is going to happen, your brain has the ability to create a story about the best that can happen.  Now I’ve talked to more than a few of you the last few weeks – some of you have Oscar winning imaginations on what the worst can be.

Congratulations!  That same creative ability that can picture the doom and work yourself into a lather around those scenarios unfolding also can be harnessed and used to balance out that picture with what the BEST that could happen, right?

Seriously, who hasn’t heard a story, read a book, seen a movie where the tragic becomes the turning point for something great to come out of the darkest moment?  We love those stories!  There’s the person who’s told they will never walk again only to see them stand and triumph in the end.  There’s the person who’s told they can’t succeed only to go on and win the top honors…  These are the stories that thrill and delight most of us.

How often do your use that storytelling technique to balance the dark delivery your worry is offering up?

To the same extent that you are painting the outcome you don’t want or fear, you can picture the exact opposite.  Hold both possibilities if you must so that you don’t feel you are being foolish and unprepared.  After all worry has a job to do – prepare for what might go wrong and protect against it.

Just don’t let that be the only story you are telling yourself.  Remember the Gottman study – you want to offer up at least ten positive possibilities for each negative one you come up with when you are creating.  Now that’s a challenge for the biggest adrenaline junkie.   It can be fun if you let it!

Like any gym, the more you do it the stronger your mind gets at balancing the negative with the positive.  Why not?  What have you got to lose except some suffering over the worst that may never happen.  Prepare for it – that’s what worry can do for you, then balance it out with the best case scenario and congratulate yourself.

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For the rest of you, notice how well you may have been creating those dramatic outcomes you don’t want in your mind and balance them with the ones you do want.  You’re mind is powerfully creating, why not make it a story with an ending you love!

Lisa Greenfield






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