Crucial Time For Stillness This Weekend – Relationship Change

We are almost through it… If you look at what’s been going on the last couple weeks, do you see a theme in your life emerging?  Over the next couple days some quality time with yourself or you and someone you trust looking at what you really want can pay huge dividends.

Step back, look at what’s been happening, or not happening in some cases, and what’s the real story?

With everything we talked about in these three weeks of Highest Highs and Lowest Lows, we have a sweet window to get quiet for at least a little time this weekend to make the most of the transition.  Instead of being stuck in the old story we can absolutely see the truth about what’s been happening and how it worked (even when it didn’t) for us – when we step out of the drama long enough to observe.  Time to sit still with big potential payoffs.

Your opportunity is in witnessing your story, much like you would a movie and noticing how you would describe yourself.  Notice how kind or how brutal your description is, maybe that is part of what’s up for shift, hmmm?

What is your choice, comedy, drama, thriller, underdog makes good, comeback kid? Are you in the movie of your life you want, or is it time to change theaters? Because what’s at the core of all the changes right now is relationships.

That starts with the relationship you have with YOU and your life story! How much acceptance, trust, love and understanding do you offer you when you look at your life?  How much do you trust what you are creating right now?

The Gottman study, some powerful wisdom on relationships, showed that couples who did the best in long term relationship success had a 20 – 1 positive to negative ratio of interacting with each other.  Borderline was 10 – 1 positive to negative interactions and divorce court was 5 – 1.  Divorce was still the outcome when it was five positive to one negative, ouch!!!

It was accurate information that predicted with 91% accuracy whether they would still be together in five years.  91% accuracy is pretty definitive, right. How’s that relationship you have with you going?  Would you be in divorce court or up there with the happy couples?  Because how you connect and relate to you is the measure you bring into any relationship, personal or professional.

So I ask you again, how’s the story of your life looking to you and when you watch it, are you in dangerous territory? I have some help for you if you are… Don’t shame or blame yourself if you’re skating on breakup territory!

Our brains are wired for criticism and judgment as protection, you aren’t going to stop it.  Instead – balance it out with praise, compassion and acceptance!  When you catch yourself being hard on you, counter the critic in your head with a cheerleader or a loving grandparent.

Whatever image works for you.  The goal is to give you some approval to go with that side of harshness.

That’s what some still time and a kinder review of you your life’s movie can offer you this weekend.  Doesn’t that make it tempting?? If you want to REALLY get to know the deliciousness of you, I can show you where it is written right in your hands.  1 ratio…

Plus we have a couple spots left for the Live and Love Your Life Purpose class starting next week.  Six weeks, nine hours of seeing the best Truth of you for 80% off is how I can help make the world a bit more enjoyable to walk around in everyday.

You can grab yours HERE.  The dates, times and lots of juicy details are there for you… Or if you just want a one on one session, you let me know.

Meanwhile, take some time for YOU this weekend.  Be still, see you – really see you.  And heap on the praise for your courage in making some of those hard choices, for getting through some of the toughest days or relationship stuff.  Go ahead, you deserve it…

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield 

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Great article, Lisa! And, such a great way to look at it… what kind of movie is your life movie? For me, I know I flip in and out of genres, drama to comedy, historical saga to light-hearted romp, psychological thriller to who-done-it! Too funny. But, so true. I know I’m ready to let go of some of the darker stories, but am grateful that they’ve served me. I’m taking your advice and getting quiet this weekend… watching my life movie and rewriting the next act!
Thank you!

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