Recording – Highest Highs, Lowest Lows Week – Time Sensitive

Hello everyone.

We are in a powerful three weeks, with this week being very crucial to shifting the stories we’ve outgrow in our lives.  Some of the pain and discomfort coming up for people is around moving past those old limitations and writing a NEW story.

Find out how the Astrology and map of you (written in your hands) can help you navigate transitioning with more ease and less effort in this 45 minutes audio. It includes has some personal scenarios that may be something you can relate to as well.  There is time sensitive astrology too!

The recording is downloadable:

For those of you really looking for resources to get you further down that path, we don’t have to do it alone, I am including a link for my course that shows you how to tap into your hardwired sweet spot for living your biggest life.

Living and Loving Your Life Purpose is a way to see, really see, the biggest Truth about you along with simple practical tools to live that bigger picture every day.

Because the course is a shared resource usually between 6-12 people across the nation on these calls, you receive the benefit of an 80% discount.  I want people to have support, particularly around these transformative times that can feel so stressful and isolating!

Here’s the link with all the details including dates and times.  Each call is recorded in case you miss a night, you won’t miss the tools and support.  Live And Love Your Life Purpose – get yours now!

If there is some other support you need as you walk these weeks between July 15th and August 8th, be kind to you and trust what you want.  Breathe and know it’s unfolding a much bigger story if you let it.  Make it a story you want to hear again and again, right!

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield



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