The Highest Highs & Lowest Lows Happening NOW


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We are in it, right now – the three darkest weeks of the year according to Kabbalah wisdom.  However, it is also the time where the greatest shift to LIGHTEN up those dark corners is available for you as well.  Balance – the Universe always supplies the resources; it’s up to us to apply them!

So towards that end I am hosting a gift call for you tomorrow night at 6:30pm PST (for my east coasters, not so late this time) to discuss just how you use this powerful energy to transform the stories we are living in today.  Let’s turn the light on together for those shadow spots.

Astrology supports us making a big shift in the stories we tell – we can lead instead of react to the old patterns you are moving beyond, right now.  Those stories where the misery, shame and disconnection keep us twisting and turning.

This IS the time to pivot and see the bigger truth and shift into a richer, joyful story and lead with our lives more than react.  Oh I love telling THAT story…

Your hands give such good advice on where your sweet spot is to help you turn the corner; and where your blind spots may keep you trudging through the muck longer than you have to – I can help!

My take on tomorrow’s call is to have you look at your hands when you ask questions and you can bet the answer is going to be a closer fit to what works for you because it’s tailored to you. 

All you have to do is call in.  That’s right… just call and ask.  Ask and you shall receive.  This is my work and I love it… Giving you a bigger picture of you, using your gifts and talents right on hand to help you navigate what’s right in front of you.

Suddenly that challenge can be an amazing stepping stone, your wishes have a concrete way of becoming the new story of you when you use the strengths right there at your fingertips.  I want to show you how to see them, see you.  Literally…the answers are right in your hand.  Let’s turn the light on together.  My gift to you…

Here’s the link to post questions.  After 5:30pm they won’t be answered for the call but I try to answer as many as I can online on the call or online.  We focus mainly at the heart and head line.  The life line is really a report card that shows us how well the other two work together.

Post Questions:

Listen to the recording HERE.

The call starts at 6:30pm PST – please join us if you can… If it rings busy, keep trying.  It means you all dialed in together.   I’ll be ready and waiting.

Wishing you all the best, always.

Lisa Greenfield

Many Blessings to you!

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