Neptune Retrograde, Super Moon Tonight and Feelings

Okay gang, we have an amazing line up of Astrology here to benefit us through our pain and suffering.  Yep, benefit us through pain.  Kind of sucks, doesn’t it.

I’ve talked to many of you these last two weeks, had some of my own patterns up for review too.  (Any suffering over suffering is over) That’s the benefit of this Astrological line up.  Right now you might be struggling with your own disillusionment or depression – then again it might be you are experiencing through the people around you.

What to do with this misery, right?  Not our first request when it comes to feelings. ‘ Yes, I’ll have some more misery please’ is not a common order placed to the Universe.

Yet it is happening FOR us, not to us.  That’s the benefit of the next 48 hours.  How we do things, collectively and in relationships is all up for real and even radical change.  If you find yourself struggling with the dark night of the soul or witnessing someone else’s wrestling match, here’s the clue as to what the Universe has on offer to help.

Don’t do it alone…

That’s right, don’t do it alone!  Now for some of you that’s an ‘of course’ statement.  You naturally are inclined to reach out and discuss, especially my Air people.   Water will connect, however you want to watch the way you do it.  Swimming in the story is a short term activity only if you want to make the most of this alignment.  You Earth folks, watch out for hermit behavior and numbing to shut down the overwhelm.

If you don’t know who to call or what to say, try writing or recording random feelings to get them out of the echo chamber in your head and down on paper or audio.  Right now the Neptune retrograde means that those internal fears cast LONG shadows – much bigger than the reality of what we fear.

Our real kernel of change is truly accpeting the big Truth that nothing is happening to us – it really is happening for us!

Now I know for those of you facing panic over money, heartbreak in relationships and numbing uncertainty where your work choices are concerned, that doesn’t feel quite right.  How on earth could you see any of those things benefiting you, hmmm?  What’s going on is to show you the difference in you in not what you are doing.  The circumstances aren’t the story – YOU ARE.

This is where the stillness inside us and then the discussion outside us help align with the bigger picture.  It teaches us to trust not just the Universe but our place in the Universe.  It is possible to have tragedy turn to triumph, we all cheer for it in movies, don’t we?  What if you believe you are at that place in your movie, it’s about to turn a corner.

We are getting ready to serve up dramatic shifts in our world.  The darkness that precedes the dawn is what has to be navigated right now.  HOW you do it is as important as what you do.  You don’t have to grit your teeth, suffer in silence or pretend it’s not hard to be strong.  Strength is acknowledging the struggle and sharing it to lighten the load.

Who are you sharing yours with to manage?  Find the right person and usher in a new era of co-operation, collaboration, vulnerability with how you do this. At the very least do it differently within yourself.

Don’t worry about doing it perfectly, I can promise you – you won’t.  That’s a mind game to limit too much expansion and you are fairly advised you don’t have to accept that mental road block to big change.  Just do it…imperfectly!

I’m here if you want my support.  Based on your hands and your charts we can determine where the greatest ease is when you align behind your strengths and understand your weak spots.  I love to help make sense of the suffering and help you navigate it better when you know where you are heading.

Regardless of who you talk to, do it differently this weekend.  What have you got to lose except the old ways you’ve outgrown.  Notice where the past and patterns have made you miserable or just dissatisfied and make a different choice.  When you change you mind, you change the line and the life is more than you knew was possible.  Choose to let this be your turning point… Why not?

Here’s to moon gazing, new choices and saying Hello to a bigger life.

Lisa Greenfield


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Timely comments- yes, the world seems like it’s crashing tonight.

Greg, notice what’s going away and give yourself a chance to grieve any loss. That includes a loss of certainty about what you thought you knew, too. We are moving out of an outside authority having final say and moving into understanding the authority within us. Surrender perfection, have compassion for yourself and trust you are exactly on track for what comes next.

“You Earth folks, watch out for hermit behavior and numbing to shut down the overwhelm.” ~well, then, what would I do with my time? 😉 Thanks for this, it’s very encouraging!

Jeanine, have compassion for needing to do those behaviors first and foremost. Then see if you can change the routine just a bit. Maybe invite someone to do hermit with you… You feel your way into what’s right for you. And deep breaths help. Watch for holding your breath with the anxiety building up. Most of all be kind to you.

Thanks, Lisa! You know, the anxiety really did build up. And what I did was spend time with my son and also, work work work to get some things done. They both helped, but now I am tired. I will be glad to see the end of this one…

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