October Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and Three Marriages

It’s going to be an interesting month, that’s for sure!  Things can be very different at the end of the month than where you begin it… It’s up to you how you wish to navigate all the planetary influences – and there are a great deal of them this coming month.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the book “Three Marriages” by David Whyte?  I’ve just started reading it and when I was looking at the Astrology for the next month, I’m  inspired by the conversation of the book to see the conversation of the stars with us the next few weeks in a new way.

Very simply, the author offers that our understanding of marriage applies not just to the traditional wedding – husband and wife, but also to the relationship we have with work and the relationship we have with ourselves.  Often we see them as separate, even competing parts of ourselves.  This next month can change all that…if you wish!

If you are not married, look to the marriage you grew up with as helping set (or limit) the ways you understand that term.  Those boundaries, containers, limits and possibilities extend to more than just the traditional marriage.  It’s how we understand relationships – including our relationship with ourself and our contributions to the world.

For me, my parents have been married 58 years and duty, responsibility, stability are all key words that come to mind.  For work too, neither of my parents loved or relished what they did, although they excelled at it.  I saw much of the responsibility that came with commitment yet there was little lightness or joy in it.  They believed in sacrificing for those they loved and sacrifice they did – heroically.

Yet that is not the story I wish to continue to create in my life.  It pinches and drains me – it’s not a fit.  I love what I do for work since leaving the corporate world for this work.  The joy I find in seeing the Truth in another is indescribable. I’m working now with a partner in business that is unparalleled in all my years of working and it’s more joy than effort to do what needs to be done.   Yet I’ve made a struggle and a sacrifice out of much that goes into my work – it’s what I knew to do.

Relationships have been a similar story.  I feel responsible for those around me, friends, loved ones, family.  The weight of connection is heavy compared to the joy I’ve let myself have around these people I cherish.  I’m forever using one to leverage the other trying to manage how to divide my time without feeling lost in the shuffle of duty.

So here comes the celestial dance of October.  First we have Pluto in a square to the Sun this Saturday the 4th.  Pluto is deep transformation and the Sun is your external covering, where you meet the world and the big container for the whole of you.  So, Pluto is serving up changes starting this Saturday ahead of the lunar eclipse.  The more unconscious you’ve been the more of a shake up you can expect… Pluto is impersonal and only concerned with the death of the old to make room for the new.

Then we also have Mercury going retrograde for three weeks also on Saturday the 4th.  Retrograde is to retrace the steps, look within and see things going back over them from a different direction.  It’s in Scorpio in the Western Astrology, Libra in Vedic or Eastern Astrology.

I take the Western to be what shows up more externally and the Eastern to be the internal guide.  So with Mercury in Libra internally and retrograde which encourages the look within regarding partnership, here’s my ‘Three Marriages’ invitation.

Where can you shift the marriage you have with yourself, your work and then with the ‘one you partner with in the world’ to give yourself a stronger, richer, connective experience?  Rather than having them compete or squash each other, where can they inform, support and lift up each other?

Because we move into the Lunar Eclipse on October 8th at 15 degrees Aries (Western – Or 21 Degrees Pisces Vedic) there is a chance to deeply restructure the old stories about our hearts and the fears that guard them.  See where the fears helped protect you and now perhaps hurt more than serve you as you’ve outgrown those stories and are ready for the new.  These astrological signs all support a brave end of the old  and the birth of the new – especially around relationships.  I invite you to begin with the relationship you are having with yourself first.  It packs the most punch.

See where your other relationships offer you a mirror of how well or badly you treat yourself.  Look to the other two relationships to give you the limits you’ve accepted for how you love and treat you!  I’m here, too, if you want to see you with the guidelines in your hands and charts.

The whole month of October is rich and full of aspects helping us to shift, more than I can put in one post without cooking your brains.  I’ll share more of them and about the Solar eclipse October 24th in the next posts.  We areeffectively bookending what begin in April of this year with these Eclipses.

I publicly commit to radically transforming my world in all three arenas beginning with PLAY time for me…  Now my interactions with you almost always feel rich and delicious, what I love most.  This is around the rest of the efforts that go into the business end that I will be looking at shaking up.

For those of you who want HELP navigating some of these big shifts (especially if you have Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer heavily featured in your Western charts) it’s what I love to do!  Your readings give you some navigation moving forward and it’s a joy for me to share.  I record them, too, so you can listen again and again as needed moving through this.  Receive my support here…

Plus we compressed the Life Purpose class down into one day intensives with a couple follow up calls to make it easier to receive that profound support (what your core gifts are and how to use them with ease in all three marriages) in time-sensitive style.

Past graduates of the course include Emmy Award winning producers, music icons, television stars and people just like you.  Join me if you are ready for a solid platform of your Destiny underneath your shifts and changes.  Check out your Destiny here!  80% OFF because you share my support with a few others and I want you to have it if you wish!

For all of you, come October, breathe.  Our breath is a powerful place of stillness and creation.  It’s free, legal and there for us all.  If you want my help… I’m here.

Wishing you ALL THE BEST,

Lisa Greenfield



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Just wanted to say Thanks. Very Cool.

I like the my three marriages tie in. it rings very true.

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