Tonight’s Blood Moon Eclipse & A Gift Call Tomorrow

Tonight, or rather tomorrow early morning, we have a Lunar Eclipse (15 degrees Aries/Libra) which has also been called the blood moon.  This is mostly because of a book by a Christian author appropriating the biblical prophecy of end times.   It is a prediction about the end of the world according to these authors.

No disrespect but the moon is typically red around a lunar eclipse due to atmospheric conditions, but it does make for a dramatic story!  Because I am such a geek, I researched the subject to see how often down through history we have had a set up with four full Lunar Eclipses in a row (called a Tetrad for the science geeks) over a two year period.  I also am committed to bringing down the fear factor – especially in unsettling times.  There’s enough fear running rampant.

Turns out is has happened plenty of times – and I focused specifically on those eclipses that coincide with the Jewish holiday as well like the one tonight since there’s biblical importance placed on the fact.  Turns out last century we had a Tetrad on the date of a Jewish Holiday in 1949-50 and again in 1967-68.  Before that the previous one was all the way back in 1493-1494.

Now being a geek and a student of the world I researched what these eras had in common.  Some surprising things turned up.  In all of these eras there was massive change going on that had been building for some time before the Tetrad arrived.

It appears that during the Tetrad period key events did happen, but they happened to crystallize the changes that had been building.  In some cases it is very specific like Czechoslovakia in February of 1967 it was a definitive month called the ‘Prague Spring’ about decentralizing government and granting more rights to individuals.  It wound up triggering Mother Russia and it was a bumpy ride to Socialisms expansion from there.  But it had been building up to the key month where it all became visible on a bigger stage.

Interestingly enough, in 1949-50 we had the whole cold war fall out going on which in simplistic terms oversaw the shift of powers into some of the smaller countries that had also been brewing over 40 years.  The basis for the eventual rise of the European Community came out of this time along with the Asian coalition of more ‘minor’ countries to increase their voice in the World.  This and more came out of the Korean War and the conflict in China.  Basically smaller or ‘individual’ groups/nations started their own path to power mimicking to some degree the original path of the super powers on their rise.

In 1493-94 we saw the expansion of the Post Columbian era.  The trade routes had been increasing for 20 years before Columbus sailed and his noted discovery of the New World opened up a whole new avenue for consolidating power by the big nations and their expansion and it laid the seeds for the eventual birth of a new nation.  Are you seeing a theme here?

So what does that mean to you?  Well apply the macro to the micro and you get a snapshot of what the eclipses this year and next mean for you – depending on your chart and houses of course.  Wherever you have the ‘superpowers’ at play in your life, they are going to have their power challenged by the areas of where you have not enjoyed as much exercise of choice, influence and expression.

For example, this years eclipses land in my 6th and 12th houses with my Sun involved.  It’s interesting that my work of the last eight years has been growth in my intuitive work that was largely unexpressed in 20+ years of Corporate business work (12th house of Unconscious/6th House of work/karma).  I’m ready for a big shift in the expression of my work in these areas – with some very exciting things happening as I write.

It’s been a long time building the platform where I feel solid enough to step out in the world as an expert in my intuitive gifts.  I’m ready to have my expression of it expand and grow, much as my path in the corporate world did.

I don’t lose all the training and knowledge from the ‘superpower’ in my life that was traditional business sense and success.  I’m simply adding a much broader definition of how I can succeed in the less visible arena that has stayed quietly in the background for 20 years building experience I can now rely on for that higher profile.  The new world is unfolding and I am creating it in ever expanding ways.

Where in your life are you ready to expand?   What skills and talents have you been quietly nurturing (or ignoring that won’t stay quiet any longer) that are ready for a bigger stage?

Where are your relationships ready to trade one strength for a new one, perhaps a combined strength that offers much more support with less effort than you’ve been used to investing?  Or where have you relied so much on those around you that you forgot how powerful you are on your own?

All these and more are up for discussion around this Lunar Eclipse and wild October month.  So I am gifting you with a call tomorrow night.  Wednesday at 6:30pm PDT you can call in and let’s take 45 minutes to talk about what is cooking for you around this eclipse!  I will try to record it but Mercury retrograde, we have had recording challenges!

Here is the number – no need to register – just call in!  If you want a reminder email with the  call details info you can request it from me

Otherwise call in 10/8 at 6:30pm PDT:    712-432-1630 and use the pin 606582# – That’s Wednesday night!

Let’s talk about what’s going on around this Blood Moon and the bumpy month of October.  There will be a special at the end of the call that is only available for 24 hours – so if you know you need support, join me or email me for the recording (if Mercury behaves).

I’m here for you – it’s work I love!

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Looking forward to more!  Until tomorrow night…

Lisa Greenfield




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