No Tricks But A Big Treat For You…

I’m in love… Yep, there it is!  For those of you who caught my post a couple weeks ago about the book ‘Three Marriages’, well I’m deep into it and it’s rocking my world. So I of course, want to share the love!

Feel like an amazing treat this Halloween?  Not the kind that gives you cavities or calories, better than that!

A little science first though, so you can understand what is soooooo compelling and why I want you to have it, too!

If you’ve ever heard about Epigenetics, Bruce Lipton, or The Hidden Messages In Water’ by Masaru Emoto, you may be aware that what is happening in your body is not decided by your cells, but by how you interpret your surroundings – safe or not safe, kind or not kind. Perception does impact reality!

Once we get the cues from our surroundings, we know whether to interpret that flutter in our stomach as excitement or fear.  I like to say that fear is just excitement without breath!

Breathe deep and dive in with me today, why don’t you – because when you fall in love something wonderful happens in your brain! Your body chemistry operates at its highest frequency around that feeling and all the lovely hormones and goodies that your body throws out when you are deliciously, happily in love!  You operate at your highest possible frequency around that feeling – and magic can happen!

It doesn’t matter what you are in love with, it’s the chemistry around the feeling that does the trick.  Or should I say TREAT.

Well I’m doing what I love.  I mean, really, really love doing.  In the last eight years, I’ve thought about breaking up with my work, I’ve flirted with other career tracks.

But nope, I’m hopelessly in love with what I do!  I can’t leave it and it won’t let go of me.

It hasn’t always been an easy relationship, it hasn’t felt fair or even-handed in many respects, but then part of that has to do with me and how I approached it.

My relationship pattern is that you who I am is never enough to balance who I’m not. In my relationship with me, I’m well aware that I’ve had lifelong health challenges that make me hard to feed.  Yep, I said hard to feed.  I have severe reactions to all things wheat, sugar and dairy.

My body says NO in all capital letters and I’ve gone the gamut from deeply ashamed, afraid others will judge me (because I judge myself) to a zealot trying to convert others to the benefits of wheat and sugar free.  Dairy gets a pass; I couldn’t expect others to give up cheese and ice cream just because I had to do so.

But boy can I be high maintenance.  Not ordinary high maintenance, but the pain in the ass kind – like a trip to the emergency room kind. So I’ve treated my work the way I’ve treated my first relationship with myself.  Over compensating for what I feel I lack.

You see there’s no degree for what I do.  There are now certificate programs, but no degree.  Even though I’ve studied it and done readings for 40 years (yes, I really started as a child), I mostly saw what I wasn’t rather than what I was.  The shift is in trusting that I am enough, with what I have.

This work came out of the desire to ‘see’ me in a different light, a bigger picture than the one I was walking around in day to day when I was just 13 years old.  There was never any shortage of research to tap into around that, and tap I did. Boy does Hand Analysis satisfy that need!

Recently inspired by reading the Three Marriages, I’ve spent some time on me, my Destiny, my work and looked at it with fresh eyes, the way I do readings for you.  HELLO, I’ve fallen head over heels back in love with my work because my work gives me an understanding of me that helps me love myself in a richer, deeper, more honest way than I ever have before.

I’d been aware of this when I get to ‘see’ you and work with you.  It’s a wonderful feeling to show you how much more you are than the squirmy bits, the secrets and the challenges that feel so heavy.  To show you the magic in how you are put together for a perfectly outrageous life with good stuff, challenges and all.

It’s been transformative to apply it in depth in a fresh way to me and my efforts for you like this.  Wow, the feeling is SO different.  I’m practically singing – not always on key, so good for you it’s just typing the words!

Working from this place, I’ve got something special for you.  It’s not quite ready yet – it’s about four weeks from finished.  But I can’t wait to share it with you.  That’s the ‘TREAT’ I promised you.

Because I want to interact with a select few of you to help me polish the finished copy.  So I am going to ask just six of you who decide you want the TREAT to be part of an interactive call with me to go over the Home Kit Life Purpose Reading. 

I want you to fall in love with you in all your BIG TRUTH!  This is how I can do it and make it work for so many more people!  You get the Kit that helps you know your Life Purpose and how to make it really soar!

This has become by far my favorite reading to do with people, because your fingerprints are so unique to you.  You’re the only one like you!!!  The information is so powerful in what it offers you, imagine. However it is very labor intensive, layered because it is very personal and so deep.  Which is why it is a high value/high cost reading.   You can find out more about the class here, which does offer a wonderful value to get the whole package.

For those who need a beginning step, more affordable – I am doing the Home Kit!  In it I walk  you through how the print type, the finger and the hand it’s on can tell you a wealth of life-changing information if you let it.  I want you to see yourself like I do and fall in loveYou are so worth loving…

This way you can access the richness of you and see the difference it can make in your life, at a price you can much more easily afford! The cost of this Home Kit will be $199 when it is finished, but the TREAT is that for an adventurous few of you who want to opt in before it’s finalized and work with me on making sure you understand and enjoy what is packed in – it will be only $108 through tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 1st.   YES I’M FEELING IT.

There are a lot of brave people on my list who want to know the Truth in their Destiny, so grab yours fast if you know you want yours, too! You receive the table of contents emailed to you upon purchase in advance of the full kit being delivered.

You get the full Kit by Nov. 12th and have a group call with me to ask questions, clarify what you are doing and show me where I need to be as clear as possible with the Kit.  Depending on the call and your feedback, we may have a second one.  We will let it unfold together.

So you discover the key insights into your Destiny along with help from me and I will benefit from your feedback, too.  Everybody wins…  And I love the idea of finishing it with your input!

What do you say… Are you one of the adventurous six?  I want it manageable so I can benefit from your experience with this Kit, it’s that important to me to make it pack all the punch with little struggle!

Let the Treat of true love begin NOW for you.  Get yours HERE.

Happy Halloween!

Lisa Greenfield

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Hey Lisa
If you do r already have you six , when I see you lets talk about it !
As always love your newsletter, your gifts, and learning sharing and exchanging all that I certainly value in your work!
Talk soon 🙂

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