Solar Eclipse Today – The End Of The World As We Know It…

Whave an eclipse happening today between 3-4pm PDT.  That’s the new moon and the sun aligned together which means the sun is ‘eclipsed’ by the moon passing between Earth and the Sun – so we can’t see it.  Along with a big celestial get together that I’ll get into more at the end of the post for the Astro geeks with me.  For the general public, it’s the end of the world as you know it – and no it’s not like a Hollywood horror movie.

Instead what I’m talking about is an internal revolution that’s about to make a much more concrete appearance in the world around us.  All this celestial shaking and baking has been mixing up the ingredients for one hell of a feast.  It’s about time, too, right?  To quote Mame, “Life’s a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death’.

What I’m talking to you about is the starvation inside of us the plays out in a whole host of ways in our outside world.  Struggle, failed relationships, lagging business, drained of energy from the busy, busy, busy.  It’s the fear inside of us (moon) blocking the full expression of who we are (sun).

Science identified two primary core fears in each of us.  One leads and the other follows.  The feminine in each of us is most wired to fear abandonment.  The masculine in each one of us is wired to fear loss of freedom.  Because our brainstem fears loss and will overestimate the loss (and underestimate us) as a way to keep us alive, we walk around with these fears running constantly.

For the Earth and Water HEARTS (check your heart line in the graphic) you are more likely to lead with the feminine fear of abandonment.  Here’s the twist though and a way to look at it that can change everything, right now if you want it to do so.

Because Earth and Water are expressing more feminine they attach and they will sacrifice almost everything for the sake of staying attached.  They fear abandonment and will do almost anything to avoid it.  Thereby you abandon yourself, your needs, your feelings and your truth.

You may try to get the people you love to behave in the way you yourself have not been able to do for you.  Earth may pack up their marbles and go into retreat feeling overwhelmed and threatened  while water can get emotional, spill over, implode or try to get the ‘other’ to confirm that the abandonment won’t happen.

Either way, Earth and Water are letting what is outside of them set the emotional climate.  What happens when you commit to yourself in a way that allows you in the picture as well as the situation’s demands or the person you love’s needs?  Hmmm… What does that change?

Now Air and Fire are more on the masculine approach and will be most likely to fear loss of freedom.  You Air people know how you can always find new research or information or another something to add to the decisions you are putting off making.  Or throw more things into the mix to get an even bigger view.  Making one choice, committing to one thing, narrowing the field can kick in the most claustrophobia!

Fire, well, Fire you see the future, you have the horizon calling you and your job is to serve so how on earth can you be expected to stand still for the details, the conversations with people who don’t get it and the day to day expression of the big vision.  Not appealing to you when you are off to the next adventure.

Air and Fire don’t understand their impact on the emotional climate of those around them because it often feels so much more limited than their view of what’s possible.  Their discomfort with limits is can in itself be a prison when they don’t realize that there is another kind of freedom in surrender when they choose it and go deep in one thing rather than just broad.

What happens when Air and Fire commit to finding a way to be ‘free’ within each choice, conversation and commitment?  Instead of freedom from commitment, freedom within commitment.  Try playing with that possibility, right?

So back to the title, The End Of The World As We Know It…  What happens if you, based on your heart type – your safe place or true home feeling, you start experimenting with noticing where you have been captive to fear of abandonment and/or loss of freedom.

Just witness yourself.  Be kind to you when you see it because it’s that young place in each of us that needs reassurance.  Before you look to the outside world, or instead of looking there, give it to yourself.  You have it to give, you really do.  Try it and see what happens, hmm?  What have you got to lose except some rawness when you are triggered by the world around you?

Now for the astrology geeks – boy what a lineup.  We have the Sun, Moon and Venus all hanging out this afternoon at Zero degrees Scorpio, yes Venus is in the lineup.  Where the Moon shows us what feels safe, familiar and therefore comforting in it’s familiarity, Venus is all about wants, desires, magnetism and indulgences.  Add to it the Sun which is the big container we occupy as we interact in the world and Hello, big impacts. And for those of you sharp ones asking why the moon is identified as fear and then what feels safe, it’s because what we love we fear losing.  They always go hand in hand.

Plus Neptune is trine over there in Pisces at 4 degrees adding the higher octave of illusions, dreams, fantasy and spirituality.  What else is possible when we see the Truth of us in a richer way that allows all of those needs and deals with them from an empowered place of self-knowing and accepting.

Then we also have Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn to add an extra layer of shock change versus deep transformation.  Today is the day to envision it for yourself.  See it, allow the fears that come up around letting the old stories go (they have been going anyway – either quietly or with a fuss) and change how YOU treat YOU just a little bit today.  It’s the beginning.  Let it be kind…

I told you – WOWZA!

So turn that lens you view the world through on you – with some additional insight I’ve tried to offer and see yourself with a little more understanding.  The primitive brain meets the inspired mind.  Now that’s a place to create a whole New World from, don’t you think?  All the grounded reality of the ancient with the expansive horizon of the new.  Sounds like the marriage of masculine and feminine, past and future to me.

And it all starts in this moment, this breath.  See you in the New World…

Lisa Greenfield


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