Thursday’s Full Moon – What’s Your Value: The Gift And Curse Of Restrictions

Well this Thursday’s Full moon and the weekend after it offer some wonderful insight if you wish.  With the Sun in Scorpio, Saturn in Scorpio, the Moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn – hello deep shifts!  Curious how that may affect you…?

To quote Michael Meade, “The gifts always lie near the wounds, remedies are often made from poisonous substances and love appears where deep losses become acknowledged.

As human beings, we are wired to be drawn to pleasure and avoid pain.  We balance gain with loss, criticism against praise, prefer fame as opposed to judgment.  Those four pairs of opposite are wired into all of us as a particular theme based on what your hands have to say.   (You can find out what yours are mapped out in your hands)

Without going into to much geek speak about the planets, what does that mean for you?  I always like to remind people, the planets don’t decide anything for us.  They represent an ease pattern or and effort pattern around particular behaviors, emotions and functions in our life.  Based on how they line up they can give us powerful support or provide resistance much like body building at a gym.

What’s mapped out in your hand is the same thing only much more immediately accessible.  After all, you don’t need to run a chart to look at your hands and see much of the same information when you know where it is!

Which is why I share with you in these postings.  Getting back to and your value…

How do you determine your own worth?  What is it you measure it by and how aware are you of all the layers of security that goes into that go into that evaluation?  It’s just some of what is up for change this weekend, starting with the Full moon Thursday.

Taurus/Scorpio are about what you own (have) and where it owns you.   Moon and Pluto are deep transformation of the underground of the heart and all it’s dark secrets and/or fears.  This week offers you a chance to look deeply into where you have let structures meant to support you in connecting with all you wish become a fortress that limits your options.

Because our survivor brain craves security as a necessity, we often wind up trading freedom for certainty.  Where those tradeoffs are in our lives are often our guilty secrets.  Now there is good reason for liking certainties in our lives, I’m not knocking that at ALL!  The difference between having certainty and certainty have you happens when you stop long enough to dig into your perspectives on what you have, what it’s ‘costing you’ and what else you really, really want in your lives.

Often that cost for more of what you want now is a fence or even a wall built of your own beliefs about who you are and what it takes to ‘protect’ that.  We let the protection walls of judgment, criticism, fear of loss or pain keep us from looking deeper, seeing what’s underneath.  The very restrictions, or contractions as I like to call them, that put solid ground underneath us creep up into so much more than we realize when protection goes overboard and starts protecting us from truly knowing and being all of US.  Is knowing you valuable enough to take time to explore you?

This week is the perfect time to assess and set the intention to expand your awareness. By digging deeper, you can start nudging those boundaries outward and bringing down some of the walls you’ve carefully constructed.  What we forget is that we don’t need all those high walls to protect us.  All those challenges we’ve survived gave us a backbone instead!  But deep requires getting up close with those old wounds, taking the risk of the poisonous cure.  It’s not a simple task, but this weekend it is easier with all that is going on in celestial support.  It’s a more solid compassion for this effort at the end of this week.

We benefit when we look at that pain with the awareness we successfully handled whatever we needed to handle with the actions available at the time.  Even if it didn’t feel like a ‘success’ you are still here, breathing, living.  So you succeeded at surviving the trauma.

Trust yourself to get you through life not because you memorized a set of responses (walls) but because you navigated the situations and are still here.  Who’s your support team?  Where do you draw inspiration from – faith in something bigger than this moment?  These things help safely bring down walls and get to more of you.

You don’t have to do it alone.  (Want help, I’m always glad to ‘see’ the bigger picture of you)

New things that feel unsafe can then pull from your whole life’s worth of knowing and responding – the real value of knowing you and trusting you to handle it better.  That’s the wisdom that is you.  It’s a much bigger response available than the previous path.  See the whole picture of your ability to work with the world in difficult or frightening challenges, knowing the whole Universe holds good options for you, so much more than you realized!  You’ll learn as you go…using all you’ve already learned and lived.

Now how’s that for a sweet option for a powerful weekend wrap up?

If you want help ‘seeing’ you – that’s what I love to do and it’s my gift to share with you.  We can dive into your hands, your charts, your possibilities together.  Get help HERE.  If you really want to dive deep and want the big one, ‘The Shift”, then it’s time see your Life Purpose as written in your fingertips before you were born.  Now that’s an eye opening expanded view of you!  See what I mean for The Shift.

It’s powerful to have that bigger picture of you when your expanding, feels safer.  Support does that for us.  It’s said loving greatly gives us courage, while being loved gives us strength.  Give yourself both courage and strength by spending time getting to know the bigger you, all of you.  You are worth your time.  Which is the kindest way to do expansion.  Here’s to kind… even more than easy, say yes to kindness.  There’s never too much of that in a day!

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield

P.S.  I’m working the Hollywood Film Awards and the American Music Awards so I won’t have much time midmonth.  If you want my support, grab your reading NOW so you have it when you need it!

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