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As Mercury gets ready to go Direct, there’s nothing like the lure of Sex to get our curiosity aroused. This next week as Jupiter and Pluto dance together changes around sex, joy and grief are in the air.  Venus, the planet of desire is in an easy aspect with both Mars (our actions) and Pluto (Deep Transformation) to bring the creation impulse front and center.  Sex is one aspect and a common one, but creation goes beyond the physical act itself.  It encompasses all of life, nothing short of everything.  Time to bring passion to whatever you do.  Here’s good news, creation (including sex) is going to get better with more of you involved.  The not so good news, it requires you let go of old programs and defenses that you’ve outgrown.

This is where the word grief comes in to view.  For those who insist on dragging old patterns along with them into new situations is like having a cadaver in the room with you when you want to set a romantic or creative mood.  Not quite the tone you want to set, right?  In order to get to the place where we can embrace the power that creates the life you want to live moment, by moment, choice by choice, you must first surrender the careful planning and insistent goal setting that belonged to the wounded place of protection.  Too rigid a focus on what you want is fear-based behavior that doesn’t trust yourself in the moment.  Letting go of the need to do it in so much of your life is part of what causes the grief, when you see how narrow those choices have made your world.

It’s all right to allow yourself to feel it.  This is why we have funerals and wakes.  Endings need a ritual to help us move from one state to another.  Give yourself what feels right for you to mark the end of an era.  It helps to free you up to embrace joy when this emotions comes to call.  And call it will, starting this week…

So feel your way through, you can’t get it wrong.  Instead observe yourself with similar intensity you do when you are falling in love.  Notice each thing about you and be intrigued rather than concerned about judgement, outcomes or efficiency.  Tune in and see how those around you interact with you.  These connections are raw creation potential that isn’t sexual, but they can help you get to know the expanding capacity you have for all of the life force.  When you are open to a fresh start that includes your actions, ideas and beliefs you usher in the joy available to you.  The Cards and the Stars will help.



Lisa Greenfield

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Card of the week:  Three of Vessels (Joy)

‘Welcome the coming of new life or good fortune” is Wildwood Tarot’s description of this three.  Mercury rules communication and three’s so with it in the last week of retrograde it begins with an internal state.  This way of being is what we use to create our lives.  When the internal weather is a storm of fear, doubt, catastrophizing and judgement then all of this feeds into what comes into sight around us.  There is much more than that going on but if you’ve got your fear glasses on you will view the world in a way that shows you more of this.  Joy is always as close as a new thought.  Don’t judge your mind for it’s tendency to get carried away.  It has an important job to do and it wants to protect us.  Instead look at it as a student mind that requires education.  It will feed on information.  So when the worst case pops into view, honor that as one possibility and then bookend it with the best case scenario.  Keep doing that until your brains starts to automatically do that for you.  Because both are equally possible.  Never leave the fear view as your final screen shot, instead take a few extra seconds and add that best case.  The more you do it, the better you become.  This practice brings so much more joy into view and this week is the perfect week to add heartfelt communication to the clear cutting mind.










Monday:  The Green Man

Ah, right in line with the creation theme this Spring, here comes the Green Man.  There is power and authority in this as the healthy Masculine.  Today the key players are the Moon (what we love and fear losing), Mercury (how we see the world and communicate what we see) and Pallas Athene (our minds as our best weapon).  This is when our use control rather than command to get the results we want.  Being in charge while people snap to your commands is the shadow side of power and comes from a young place more often than not.  True power collaborates with all elements present to arrive at solutions and actions that are unstoppable progress.  Real change happens with support, one person in isolation accomplishes much less than a collective effort to shift things.  The Green Man points to solutions that come from the place of centered command that hears and welcomes additional input, shared efforts.  Where have you felt this in your life?  It will be easier to remember those places and put the remembered success to work in fresh ways today.  Create from the power that welcomes all the rich resources around you and isn’t afraid of someone else’s contribution or talent.









Tuesday:  Three of Arrows – Jealousy

Ouch, and jealousy rears its ugly head.  This is the second Three combined with the Card of the week and two Three’s signal you have a choice.  The Sun is exactly square Pluto today which brings the simmering tension of ‘compare and despair’ to the surface.  Whether you feel it or are on the receiving end of it, you get to decide where you go from there.  Jealousy is wired into us from childhood in the form of sibling rivalry.  If another child gets more attention from a parent, this feels threatening to our survival.  It can also show up in only children when the other parent is the rival.  So we all have that underground need.  How do you deal with yours – that’s the million dollar question.  Because this is one of the top robbers of joy.  ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’, said Teddy Roosevelt and he got it right.  Thanks to a little help from Jupiter (the Great Benefactor) and Venus(Harmony) the choice to ‘compare and dare’ is close at hand.  This means you can remind yourself that no matter what someone else has, it only confirms that you can have your own version of it too.  The challenge is you have to let go of what it looks like, remember Sun square Pluto.  Open up to the Universal abundance and affirm that what you love and long for is being created in your world even as you read this.  See it with fresh eyes as Mercury heads out of the retrograde area this week.









Wednesday:  Page of Stones

Pages are the inner state of being that precedes our actions, which are represented by Knights.  This one is the most grounded of the group in earthy stones.  What I love about this card is the sense of inner stability it represents.  Today’s aspects have both Jupiter and Venus fluctuating between tense and easy aspects to help test your state of inner calm.  Things come up that delight you, you get centered and handle it.  Something else pops up and triggers you, you realize what happened, then you course-correct and handle it.  Proof that you have taken your game up to a new level and look mighty good doing it.  Good things, difficult things all are incorporated into your day and add to the new normal.  You’ve got this…










Thursday:  Five of Bows

I have to quote Wildwood Tarot because it is perfect for the aspects this week and today.  This five says “By facing and defeating our greatest fears we empower ourselves and grow more resilient and effective against adversity.”  Resilient and effective.  Look at yesterday’s card again – the inner state of stability that precedes action.  Wow.  The Moon, Venus and Mars all play well with each other and then Saturn gets into the mix to say that what you begin today has long lasting impact for you.  In other words, when you get Fear out of the drivers seat and take command of what you want to create you get results that will pay off for years to come.  Take a bow on that note, my friend.  Because this is creation in its simplest form.  As you lay down to bed tonight, reflect on your day and see how well you navigated what popped up and set a new tone.  See where you had a chance to start something new, whether it was and idea, a belief, a feeling or an action.  You created something today.  Be sure to pause and give yourself applause, then imagine where you want to do that again.










Friday:  Seven of Vessels – Mourning

Now that you have this creation thing in view we get a surprise twist from the Goddess Eris who wants to throw a little chaos your way.  Don’t panic, this is a chance to give the wounded perspective a proper goodbye.  You aren’t helpless anymore and the wound would put that powerless feeling back front and center.  No matter what happens, you always have command of how you react and what you do with it.  Many of the worlds most powerful people have turned the worst failures into fuel for their greatest achievements.  Think of Nelson Mandela going from jail to President.  Today the place where you feel left out or uninvited asks for attention.  Give it a kiss on both cheeks and tell it that it is welcome.  Because you want all of you at the party.  Even the fearful, wounded or grieving parts.  The goal is to let the joy of creation help ease the limitations of their viewpoint.  It’s hard to stay afraid when you see up close how much fun creation can be. It’s a powerfully seductive way to move out of fear and into more life.  Be tempted by your own enjoyment of creation.  So today you can move from the place of lack over to an empowered place that molds what comes confident of the abundance both within and without to do it.









Saturday:  Knight of Vessels

Wildwood Tarot asks the question when this card appears, “What needs to be expressed sensitively”?  With Mercury in its final day of Retrograde, it’s a good question to ponder.  Interactions with others is a sure way to explore the answers thanks to a Mars/Neptune aspect.  Our actions (represented by Mars) help dissolve boundaries (Neptune) that hold us back from forward movement in love.  That includes love of life, your work or family in addition to romantic love.  In fact with Jupiter and Pluto in easy aspect, you can easily see where patterns in one type of relationship show up in all of them.  Although Saturn’s influence highlights any spot where you defenses sit to your own detriment, you can turn a corner.  That’s happy progress for sure with this heartfelt Knight.  Once you see yourself more clearly, how compassionately can you tell the story of you or what you feel?  Which takes us back to the question in the Wildwood Tarot.  Vulnerability is required in a fully lived life.  Expression of what you feel to those you love is wonderful risk to take today.  You are strong enough to do it without overwhelming fear of what comes back your way.  Still the key word is sensitivity.   Sense what you feel, what you require and then tune in to the right moment to share, find the right expression for you.  This is heartfelt progress indeed.









Sunday:  The Moon on the Water

The Moon card lines up with the New Moon in March, love it!  This New Moon is stacked with change for the better.  It’s the first New Moon of Spring and it’s as potently filled with life as the Earth itself after Winter subsides.  All the fiery Aries energy has creativity leaping out to include every possibility.  Thanks to Uranus and Eris in the mix, now that Mercury goes Direct it’s time to include all the parts of you, not just the preferred parts of you. to help shape your world.  When you disown your shadow, it now owns you.  Eris is associated with blame so you can check to see where you play the blame game or where it lands on you from loved ones.  The shock change planet rips the curtains back in order to get light on the dark places.  Only then do you access your full measure of power rather than wasting much of it to suppress the parts you wish to disown.  Let jealousy, envy, blame and shame stand with you as part of the whole.  Then politely park them on a couch in the corner of your mind while the parade of opportunities and inspiration help them assume a smaller and smaller space.  The moon shifts and changes, so prepare yourself as things in your world do the same.  You don’t need control, you can feel your way a choice at a time and let the exploration delight you even if it’s a little unnerving at times.  You are in new space and caution is a good thing.  Inertia doesn’t help, but slow steps help.  One at a time, your actions set up sustainable growth.  Take the next step.







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