Daily Tarot 1/29-24 Super Eclipse: The Mother Story & Challenging Relationships

This week’s eclipse is a bookend to August’s eclipse where we experienced the Death of the King.  This Super Blue, Blood Moon Lunar eclipse ushers in the death of the unloved Mother and it’s impact on relationships.  To do that let’s look at the Myth of Ceres, who figures prominently in this lunar landscape.  It’s rare to challenge the Mother/Child relationship – it has something almost sacred about its status.  Now the curtain is ripped back and the woman behind the curtain is revealed as all too human in her needs and wants.

Ceres was the mother but not the honored wife of her daughter Persephone’s father in the myth.  So she and Persephone get enmeshed.  They do everything together and are the picture of happiness, without a man on the scene.  As she comes of age her father, Jupiter, agrees to let Pluto, who fancies his daughter, have her.  No conversation with Mom or daughter takes place, it is all engineered without consent or consideration from either woman.  Pluto captures Persephone and removes her from her Mom, Mom falls into a rage and pain so deep she scorches the earth and nothing can grow.  It isn’t until things get worked out as a compromise that some balance is restored and life can flourish again for at least part of the year.

In the short explanation, the Death of the King encouraged you to claim your place as the absolute authority on what is right for you.  You are the best authority on your actions and choices.  Now with Ceres and this eclipse we take the learning curve internally to all our relationships and feelings.  Where did the receptive feminine wound in life put you in a trauma loop that keeps repeating?   Where has lack of being considered, respected and loved created coping skills that keep you from a flourishing life story?

When you don’t trust your feelings or worthiness because of old wounds, false dependencies on others that robs relationships of flexibility, joy and possibility.  Or you refuse to depend on others and create a landscape bare of truly intimate and vulnerable connections.  You are stuck with a scorched earth view of the world without trust their is validation of your feelings and needs.  It’s the shadow side of being receptive, when all you can do is react or defend rather than choose and commit to what you feel and need.

This week, and indeed this whole month, has your relationships front and center.  You inherited a story about your lovability and worth from your parents.  Time to separate from that story.  You’ve created your own version of it over and over again.  Take back the storytelling and write a new version, one that has you considered and consenting or not.  This is the doorway to step into an alternate choice, one with a happier destination if not a happier starting point.  You can’t change what happened.  You absolutely can change how you hold it and where you go with it from here.  Let go of the fear you are repeating past mistakes, and instead nurture yourself with a more loving, kind view of you just as you are. Choose to believe it can be happier, one choice at a time.  The Cards and Stars will help.

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Card of the Week:  The Sun

This positive beacon promises that things do change day by day.  The more light you have the better you understand what your choices are.  Patterns can be seen more easily which enables a conscious side step into a more satisfying choice.  One moment at a time, choice at a time things improve.  Don’t be afraid of alone time this week.  It’s a powerful place to see your own reactions and triggers rather being a slave to them.  Count on some ‘aha’ moments when conversations do occur, as this card added to the aspects promise shared ideas sprout and grow.  Let the tears fall if they come up for they compliment the Sun beautifully.  Old hurts, sorrows and losses are triggered right now so you can see your current defensive system clearly.  See when your defenses land you in a terrible landscape barren of real growth.  Safe and familiar is no trade off for rich and abundant which is there when you opt in for a different point of view.  Nourish your heart and soul with whatever feels light.  If it feels good, give it to yourself again.  Just watch for the cesspool of self-pity rather than the river of self acknowledgement.  The first one blames someone else.  The second one simply identifies the pain you felt and validates it as true and worthy compassion.  It happened.  Let go of needing something or someone else to change so it doesn’t happen again.  Instead comfort yourself and learn to ask for what you need now.  If you don’t get in in one place, turn and look for where else it is on offer.  It’s there, I promise you.  That is the real gift of the light from this Sun – you see how true it is.








Monday:  Three of Vessels  

This Three carries the message of joy in the Wildwood Tarot and offers sweet balm for a troubled soul today as emotions roll ahead of the Lunar eclipse.  Where have you made compromises in the past that cost you dearly?  Where did you give only to be taken advantage of by others.  You have to see it and the defensive layers around it so you can let them go.  This Three says their is joy when you let the past be the past and not an endless loop you fear repeating.  You are different so the outcomes are going to be different.  You can ask for what you want and need.  You can even drive important changes to benefit you and others.  With this sweet Three you can invite others to drop their defenses and watch the joy increase exponentially when you can laugh about the triggers in common and how far you’ve come from the past.  Both the Moon and Venus help turn the corner to work towards a more balanced give and take that satisfies everyone.  When each one takes responsibility for their emotions suddenly possibilities emerge that weren’t visible before.  Don’t worry if you take the lead, Neptune helps spread the pull of that joyful personal power to let the feeling spread contagiously.  If there’s a hiccup or two, no need to sweat.  Stay your course and the waves will carry others along with you.








Tuesday:  Seven of Vessels

Ahead of Wednesday morning’s Lunar eclipse this seven invites you to give a ritual to the aching heart of your past.  Dreams that died before their promise was realized can keep you from risking anything but wistful imagining of what might have been.  Action is required for what you want to create now and you’ll get a good look at where you fell short to show up for your own dreams in the past.  Where you felt stuck because of outside circumstances is clearer with this seven, you see where dependence on others meant you risked yourself less.  Fear convinces you to blame others when often you are just as guilty.  It’s easier to see today but no less uncomfortable to view it.  But the Sun in tense aspect to Chiron also to help cure the wound and light a fire inside of us for what’s next when we let ourselves heal.   Give the past a ritual goodbye with this card and commit to life lived in alignment with your goals going forward.  Dreams are the first step, then the risk of action is what comes next.  Rewrite how you see yourself in your past and take an empowered view into a more attractive future.  Moon trine Mars makes it easy to take that first step by the afternoon.  Do it…









Wednesday:  Four of Bows

Wow, the eclipse and a celebration!  Reclaiming your own healthy inner comforting system is going to allow for much richer relationships of every kind.  Certainly that is worth celebrating.  This Lunar eclipsed Moon is in Leo conjunct the North Node (our Destiny point) and promises that when we know ourselves well, we choose healthy boundaries that enable richer, abundant connections with everyone else.  Imagine being able to identify when someone is triggered so their bad behavior becomes a momentary blip you can help them move past and get back on good ground quickly.  The shared laughter and empathetic knowing sweetens the moment.  Then realize that what you do for them is also there for you, too.  On a bad day, nothing like a grounded loved one to let you have a moment and then lovingly give you a hand to move out of it.  Laughter, tears, shared understanding is all there, when we realize that the person is acceptable it’s the behavior that’s adjustable.  We can let go of expectations that others not disappoint us, hurt us or let us down.  Instead we can see the reality of what is and then help make it what we want it to be, one present compassionate choice at a time.  You have the capability.  It’s a matter of practice from there.  Saturn in Capricorn lends a hand to put it into a more disciplined practice.   The Sun, South Node, Venus and Juno all hang out in Aquarius where the old pattern of suffering just doesn’t hold the same appeal it once did, not when the joy of the North Node beckons.  Instead triggers are invitations to dive deep and find the source of the old story.  Drag it into the light of day and let the Sun help you heal any doubts about worth and lovability.  Good, you’ve set the tone for this exciting unpredictable eclipse season ahead.  You’ll be in new territory by its end.  Your attitude decides whether these big changes are an adventure or an ordeal.  It’s your story, what do you want to live?  You choose, you have the power.







Thursday:  The Archer

This brave Archer stands for intuition, inspiration and imagination in the Wildwood Tarot deck.  As the Moon moves into perfectionist Virgo while Saturn sits in earthy Capricorn, the focus is on where and what you can do to make your dreams a reality.  Tense lunar aspects to Mars can mean it’s easier to slip into impatience than into courage, but both are around today.  Earth is the slowest moving of the elements and in return offers the most tangible, real and long lasting results.  Choose your thoughts and your actions deliberately in spite of a pressure to act now.  If you feel frustrated, put on dance music and shift your perspective fast that way.  Nervous at the action to take next for your heart’s desire?  Soothe yourself, call a friend and let them help you take the leap of faith.  There is reward here, in the face of uncertain emotions.  Learn to handle the tension with a fresh and braver approach, one that summons your inner courage and the first reward is growing strength in the face of fear.  Who knows what else this power will usher in for you.  The possibilities are expanding in the chaotic swirl called life.









Friday:  Ace of Bows

Well hello new beginning!  Aces are always there at the start of things and this fiery one says the imagination has sparks that have caught fire.  Venus is cozy with Hygeia the asteroid of good health to remind us that our heart felt desires are part of what adds to our energy.  Yesterday’s Archer and today’s bow are good symbols for the ‘arrows or desire’.  Venus is moving out from under the intense rays of the Sun where they’ve been burned clean.  Now it’s time to take the original desires and select which ones to act upon and which ones to table for now.  The Moon jumps into the mix to tempt us into old patterns of giving too much or demanding too much.  It’s all part of learning the Goldilocks method to find ‘just right’ for you.  After all you are your own best authority when it comes to what you want and what you will do to achieve your dreams.  There are playmates and allies all around you when you are clear about what it is you want to create.  Spend a little time on that today and watch what happens when you do.









Saturday:  Two of Bows

Hello progress.  We take the Ace from yesterday and have doubled it overnight.  This two is inspired conversations, passionate connections that build on the sparks from yesterday.  Watch for temper, that’s the low expression of the aspects and the card.  If you find yourself in disagreement, try a little radical acceptance.  If they see it differently than you do, how can that expand what you first imagined?  The Sun is conjunct the South Node exactly today so it’s tempting to fall back into habits so very familiar, ouch.  With a little effort and application inspired by an obstacle or two, you hook back into the place of possibility and dial up the heat in the best sense.  When you put any fiery moments into expanding your view there’s no need to battle another’s perspective when it’s different than your own.  Collaboration adds so much and feels better than rigid control.  Late day let patience be an exercise when the Moon hits the resistance of Saturn.  The slow down consolidates your gains and guides you into the next step from a solid place of inspired action rather than hair-trigger reaction.  The recipe for today, be inspired, share it, stay open to bigger options, slow down to review, then act on what you sense.  Here goes the adventure!










Sunday:  The Green Woman

Along comes abundance, ushered in with the loving hand of the Green Woman.  Abundance can look like many things, including chaos.  So don’t be surprised or immediately want to edit the messy view.  Saturn shows up to the party with Pallas and they bring wisdom and strategy to the party.  What a welcome sight this is, right?  The Moon in Libra moves into easy aspect with the North Node to remind you that destiny is not meant to be achieved or enjoyed alone.  Good people, unusual people, helpful people line the path ahead.  Some of them may do you a service even by their objections or the delays they cause.  Don’t decide too quickly.  Watch for the old defensive mode squirming its way back into the present with so many swirling options in front of you.  Pat those reactions on the head, thank them for past contributions  then park them someplace to observe from the fringes.  You don’t need as much protection now that you’ve taken your own power back on both the feminine and masculine front.  You are in command in your life, author, actor and audience.  It’s your life story and you know it now.   This is the true abundance of the Green Woman.








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