Daily Tarot July 24th-30th Prepare For Wild August

We are almost done with July and August is photo bombing the last week of the Month.  Maybe that’s because the focus in August is definitely going to be on you, how you do things, what motivates you and how you can bring what makes you come alive to anything you do in a day.  Consider this last week is your on ramp to head this direction, and it’s steeper for some than for others.  If you’ve been turtling along at a snail’s pace you may find you’ve got added pressure to step into unfamiliar spaces more frequently.  If you’ve already been feeling the urgency, you’ll start to feel the brake pedal ease off a bit so added traction propels you forward even faster.  There’s a lot more life there to take a bite out of, are you ready to enjoy it?

Whatever your pace, get ready for it to pick up.  If you get nervous, remember you’ve had practice these last few months and indeed your whole life for this.  It’s show time and the stage is all yours.  What could be better news for a Leo Month.  If the shyness comes up, that’s part of you, too.  Own it, work with it and realize that it won’t stop you from being seen and admired.  It may just dampen how much you enjoy it.  So practice your Breath of Love and see if it gets any easier to bask in the praise that comes your way.  You have an important part to play in this world and you will definitely have a chance to see more of where that is true the next few weeks.

Now the catch to really be sure you enjoy this is to factor in that everyone else has their ‘dare to be great’ moments coming too.  Are you a good audience for another?  Can you be thrilled for them, knowing you’ve got your spotlight secure and there is enough to go around?  The key to really get the most out of this week is to discover how to hold your wants and needs alongside of another’s wants and needs and let them all be a rich canvas rather than a competition.  It’s so much more fun when you share the ride with others and you discover just how much more fun with a little practice.

So be a good cheerleader for another and stand tall when it’s your turn to shine.   Catch your breath, set your sights on something you look forward to enjoying and take a step in that direction.  Ready to roll?  The Cards and Stars will help…




Card of the Week:  Shaman

If you want to see Magic happen this week it’s going to require you act on things in a new way.  The ‘new’ can be with as simple as seeing what needs to be done with fresh eyes, ones that have a better sense of what you bring to anything you do.  Your ideas, your wishes, your struggles and even your fears are all part of what makes you unique and adds just the right particular flavor to any situation.  This week you get to experience more of this.  The Shaman is activation so it requires that you take what may have been simple awareness of your expanded beliefs or perspective and now the time is ripe to act on them.  Put your money where your mouth is and watch what happens when you do. Don’t rush to  decide how it turns out with this card, the surprise may require a little patience and trust in the process of life.  When you add those two to the mix, wow, magic!









Monday:  Four of Stones

The cards and the stars are in tight harmony today with this Four of Sones to remind you that you are what makes it safe to bring much more of your authentic self to any interaction.  Venus opposes Pluto which highlights any place you are afraid to want what you want for fear of rocking the boat.  Thanks to some help from the messenger Mercury and supportive Uranus (the Great Awakener) you understand that when you speak your truth  you actually improve anything you do.  You’re here to contribute your individual part of any conversation, collaboration or activity.  Mind how you contribute it, that’s the real focus if you know it may not be easily heard by those around you.  This may be what has caused you to hold back in the past.  Check out Non Violent Communication on Youtube for some help if you want another way to speak up and get better results. When you learn how to communicate more of you into your interactions you put everything in your life on a firmer foundation, the very essence of the Four Stones.

Take Action:  Speak your truth with love today.  Love for yourself and for anyone listening.








Tuesday:  Six of Stones

Ah, this Six after yesterday’s Four is about the acts of giving and receiving.  Just as breathing out and in works to keep us fueled by oxygen, so does the giving and receiving model in life rely on doing both in more equal measure.  If you only give and never receive that is a perpetual out breath and will collapse you face first before too long.  Or if you take, take, take without sending a fair measure back the other direction it’s like sucking air in until your lungs pop from the pressure.  Where are you out of balance and what helps you bring more measured giving and receiving into your life?  This six asks you to tune in and see where adjustments can benefit you.  Be the role model for those around you and set the example, because where one person heals can benefit all those in contact with you.  The ripples go outward from there.  With both the Moon and Mercury moving into Virgo, the number six sign, it adds extra emphasis to health on all levels through the a more balanced approach to your life.

Take Action:  Make a list of what you’ve given or received in the past week that includes emotions, ideas and actions.  Notice which side is a little lighter than the other.








Wednesday:  Ace of Arrows

Once again, exquisite harmony between the Cards and Stars with the theme today in both being razor sharp focus.  This Ace is like pruning shears to trim away what is dead, decayed and no longer serves you in its current form.  Trim it away and let it fall to the ground and fertilize tomorrow’s growth.  With Venus sextile the  North Node (sweet support in sextiles), your desires of the heart are a compass to point you in the direction you are meant to go.  Moon trine Pluto helps you dig deep and see what fears you can cut loose as being merely false evidence that appeared real and wasn’t.   Those fears just keep you from trusting that what you want serves you more than your fear.  You’ll see the pushing match between the desire to be safe and the desires of your heart that pull you out into the unknown.  Then with help from Sun and Mars you can push past the fear and out into a bigger expression of what makes you light up with joy when you risk what you want.  You choose fear and safety or love and risk.  It’s up to you.

Take Action:  Cut away those fears that do not serve you – trim around the edges if you aren’t ready for a full cut.  It’s time…







Thursday:  The Pole Star

Sweet the payoff with this card, yes!  With some help from the Sun and Mars holding the Moon’s hand we can wander into the unknown with more confidence and less fear today.  Whew, right?  This card is always the reward for work well done and is not merely good luck dropped in your lap.  The size of the surprise is equal to the effort you’ve put in to stand up for your deepest truth, face your fears and say ‘this is me, just as I am and I love all of me’.  Loving yourself as you are now doesn’t mean you don’t want to grow, adapt, evolve.  It simply gives you the best possible foundation to live your life from as you do all those things.  Enjoy the feeling of power that goes with the Sun and Mars traveling so close together and harness it so that it goes into actions in harmony with your dreams.  Be mindful that being right can be the enemy of being connected, so no matter how good that high ground feels today, be generous with those still struggling to articulate their wants and needs.  They may boil over in frustration.  Kindness in how you view them is more powerful than any words you may offer.  So celebrate your good day and be kind to those who can’t see their own good fortune.

Take Action:  Be as generous with another’s issues today as you’d like others to be with yours.







Friday:  Queen of Bows

Ah the receptive Fire Queen makes her appearance to invite you to be more honest with yourself and therefore with others.  The Moon is square Pluto and conjunct Jupiter which simply means you may have a lot of deep fears come up around how you are nurtured and what it means to receive.  It’s easy to worry that being open and receptive means you have to take whatever is being offered.  That’s simply not true.  You get to say yes to what you want and no to what doesn’t work for you.  This is part of learning how to receive.  It feels vulnerable to receive and the aspects today may make you rather snappish rather than gracious in how you communicate what’s a yes and what is a no.  Or you may be on the opposite side of this with someone else who struggles to communicate in a way that acknowledges the effort but refuses the offer.  It’s important to do both today.  Honor the gift and say yes to what is a fit for you.  Another good tip is to be sure that when you offer something you have checked in to see if what you give is valuable to another.  If it doesn’t fit their needs right now, it’s not a gift that helps.  See the big picture and take care of your own emotional need to be acknowledged.  The world is abundant and there is the right giver and receiver connection for all.

Take Action:  Before you give, be sure it is wanted.  Before you refuse a gift, honor the effort and intention of whoever offers it to you.






Saturday:  King of Arrows

Ah this high flying King offers you the detached intelligent view to help make sense of an interesting week.  See the big picture and all it has in it for you with the help of this wise eye.  The catch is not to let it disconnect you from your heart.  With the Sun in tense aspect to the Great Transformer, Pluto, changes may feel seismic in nature, which is why the big picture helps you understand how much is in play.  You have the choice to let old habits and beliefs dictate your life or you can trim more of those outgrown habits away to reinforce where you live your life in a way that is much truer to your core self.  If you are in trimming mode, be sure to keep your heart in view and not your fears.  They help ensure the cuts are the healthiest possible ones.  You may be pleasantly surprised at where more of your creative spark comes into view as you cut away dead branches of old habits.  There’s more life underneath those rotten bits.

Take Action:  Be sure you stop and pause a few times today to see what is actually happening.  You have a better view if you just pause a second or two and look.







Sunday:  Eight of Bows

Success, success, success!  This Eight is the promise that what you put out there in inspired sharing this week is heading back your way to be celebrated indeed.  With Chiron in difficult aspect to Venus but helped by the Great Awakener Uranus, you start to see where the wounded place is like a grain of sand that helped you create a pearl as you heal.  Even challenges serve you and while there may be discomfort today, you see how to bring more of you to any moment, including your ‘difficult’ emotions, for they too serve a purpose.  You aren’t meant to unleash them on others, nor stand there while others unleash theirs on you. Instead it is the promise that problems can ultimately help you knit closer ties as you solve them together rather than attempts to sweep them under the rug or wish them away.  Let every bit of you and another clashing or connecting be a way to get to know each other and work magic together.  We are wounded in community and we heal in community.  You get to see that happen today if you have eyes to see.

Take Action:  Trust the disruptions today have a rich gift to offer all those who feel it.


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