Daily Tarot – July 17th-23rd New Moon Roars Brave Change

Are you ready for a brave leap forward?  I can promise you it unsettles before it blesses you but boy what a blessing waits with that leap this week. We have the Sun, Moon and Mars all getting cozy by week’s end to help you see your self from a more whole-hearted place and live with that understanding to help guide you into a richer, fuller life.

I’ve been reminded yet again to be careful not to over simplify that to get ‘more’ is automatically better.  What this expansion is opens you up to a way to experience you, see you, understand and tap into your heart so that you are more present for any experience.  The power and joy in this engagement with yourself at that level brings an enrichment that colors your world with more crayons than you’ve used to draw your life with up until now.

If you are strong enough to see all of you, including the shadow parts that aren’t as socially acceptable, you start to see where all of it serves the brilliant tapestry of the world around you.  Pay attention to who and what you criticize because this is where your shadow hides.  We judge what we ourselves struggle with but are doing a little better than the ones we criticize and judge.  If you can honestly spend some time with that part of you and bring loving compassion to the fear of being unloved in those places, this week helps unknot some of the tightness there so you can release around the edges and heal.

Now isn’t that a tempting reason to be brave.  There’s plenty of joy this week to give you a soft place to do the hard looking.  Your job is to be open to both.  Keep that in mind and relax into where the week takes you.  Life wants to help you get there, it really does.  So see everything as an opportunity this week to work with the dive into a sweeter, richer world ahead of you.- without your ego driving such a punishing pace.  Ahhhh it will feel good.

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Card of the Week:  Three of Vessels

This three is heartfelt communication that brings you joy, joy, joy.  We are wired for love and belonging and no matter how solitary you are, you still have basic needs for love and acceptance by those around you.  This week we wrap up the Sun and Mars trip through Cancer.  We have a chance to see where the struggle and stickiness that comes with belonging is an opportunity to separate out behavior from the person.  We may have a real objection to what someone is doing but the person is not their behavior and that applies to you too.  We are more than the sum total of our actions – both good and bad.  Yes they are an important part of the world we construct and live in each day but they are never more important than the person underneath.  Joy comes in the realization that in dialogue we can bring about behavior that brings us closer rather than drives us apart.  So you have a chance to find the joy in each moment this week.  Forget about linear ‘progress’ and let each moment thread together a full picture that has much more for you than you have witnessed with old trauma blinders on that colored your view.






Monday:  Eight of Stones

Eights always offer you a report card on what kind of energy you put out to the world because it’s going to head back your way at some point.  It’s not always an immediate reture and with Venus in tense aspect to Neptune you may be tempted to assign responsibility to one thing only to find out as time goes on that it was more of a reflection of something quite different then you realized.  Your goal today is to give your conscious mind a good once over to see where you get stuck in blame or shame and give it some conscious love.  That means to have compassion for the part of you that judges yourself for anything you do.  Can you let it be good insight on what works for you versus what doesn’t work instead?  Try that viewpoint on and see if it feels better to simply evaluate your actions, choices, behavior in terms of does it bring you more of what you like and enjoy or less of it?  Then adjust accordingly.  With Mars in a pushing match with the Shock Change planet Uranus, you can use some of those insights to behave in a way that brings you closer to what you wish for instead of what blocks or distances you from it.  Feel your way, your better than you know at these little adjustments.

Take Action:  Take one behavior in you that you don’t love and imagine a giant crane dropping a new behavior down in front of you so you can’t see the old behavior anymore.  Then keep your eyes on your new choice and take one step at a time.





Tuesday:  Nine of Arrows

Nines are your mastery number and when it’s arrows we focus on the mind.  So today is meant for you to master your fears and realize you are more than a match for whatever is going on in life.  You have resources, support and more for those worries and you’ve come far enough to realize where you needlessly worry.  It becomes a habit and it’s one you are ready to adjust.  Mars is in strong support of Chiron where the wounds held us back so you can move past the old trauma in a kinder light.  Venus, your desire nature, gets a sweet kiss from the good luck planet Jupiter to help move the old fear train off the track and more to the sideline so we can safely express those dialed-down longings.  Then the Moon, (what you love and fear losing), gets sweeeeet support from the Sun, Chiron and Mars so you can make powerful steps in the direction of a more authentic You.  It helps you put solid actions behind your awareness of a more complete you and with the Nine in play today you never know who you are being an example for with those choices.

Take Action:  Pay close attention to how fears feel when they come up (or if they come up today).  It want’s you to see how you can’t do it the same old way because you’ve changed.





Wednesday:  The World Reversed

Fascinating that we have the World turned upside down today.  With Mercury, how we see and say things in sweet aspect to Saturn pay attention to your community and what conversations have already revealed to you where you have love and support you may not have fully appreciated.  The only other aspect today is Moon square Neptune which signals that if you need help you’ve only to ask around to find out where it is for you.  Because Mercury is in easy aspect to the planet of timing, you’re nudged to do more to get the help you need than ask the same one or two people you trust to help you.  There are more resources than you realize, it’s only familiarity that keeps you from seeing the new options.  You are meant to put your requests into your community even if they cause ripples with those needs or wants.  You are meant to learn to navigate negotiations and risk being seen as vulnerable and that’s every bit as important as getting your needs met.  So ante up today and be seen with where others add to your journey towards your hearts desire.

Take Action:  Ask for help today when and where you need it from someone you don’t normally ask to assist you, or ask those familiar to you in a completely different way.  Vulnerability is required here.






Thursday:  The Green Man

Kaching!  Pay off time…  Where you’ve stepped up to be vulnerable, seen yourself in a wider light you get some big return on those risks today.  It may feel a bit awkward or exposed but if you manage your discomfort you will see they are growing pains and you’re going to reap the rewards for the discomfort.  It’s important not to get too far ahead of yourself though.  Pace is key to a more manageable expansion – one that is slow and sure to carry you a long time to come.  Gradual change is kinder and allows you to enjoy each and every moment, be present for it all.  Now that’s abundance.  While it’s normal to want to race through the sticky moments, with practice at staying present you find they last for shorter and shorter duration and may even start to dwindle down in number.  Oh that’s definitely good news that the Green Man brings with him.  You are always and forever the captain of your internal weather.  So pilot today with confidence and watch how many new discoveries about you and what’s going on around you present themselves.

Take Action:  If you find yourself leaning forward and mentally racing to the next moment, take a deep couple of exhales followed by slow inhales and slow down just a touch.






Friday:  The Journey

The Moon moves into Cancer today just in time for the Journey card that signals and ending of some sort.  Be present for what it is that has served its purpose and is now at the natural end of its time in your life. You may grieve the loss of physical presence in some cases but then again it may be something that you are more than ready to release and bury so it may be fuel for future growth.  All things come to an end and with the Sun in tense aspect to Neptune be very conscious of how the expectations of those around you shaped any fears you have of death and endings.  There is no real loss of power in an ending.  It is a shift or transfer of power.  We can be so caught in what we must let go of that we fail to keep one eye out for what will come in to replace it.  The new is often unformed or not fully visible so we can panic around the loss, but we do so unnecessarily without proper perspective.  Mourn the old if it’s appropriate for you.  Do it with full acknowledgement that nature will fill that gap and with something that offers you much more if you are open to it.  Be gentle with yourself today as you may not even realize what is ending on a conscious level.  With the Moon in sweet aspect to Neptune, our collective community, you may have clues but not the full picture as a way to ease yourself into the transition.  Let it be gentle.

Take Action:  Give yourself some comfort food, activity or contact today that makes you feel safe and supported.  Don’t worry about having to articulate why, just do it and receive the sweetness in the connection.





Saturday:  Nine of Vessels

Ah the Moon is in a tense dance with both Pluto and Uranus today so change is upon you.  Loss of control is definitely a factor but it serves you to expand how you trust yourself to command moment by moment rather than controlling outcomes and planning too far in advance.  By all means set goals but with this sweet heartfelt Nine you have the promise of dreams come true if you will only surrender that tight grip on making things happen.  The Universe wants to dazzle you if you let it.  When you don’t try to dictate what happens, when it happens, how it happens, there is a fabulous buffet offered if only you are open to receive it.  Take a good look at what some of your deepest wishes are.  Then look around you at what is on offer with eyes tuned to see how all of it has there roots in those wishes.  It’s unexpected and probably more delightful than you know if you are willing to surrender what you thought it should look like and see what it is.

Take Action:  Review your big wishes from last Christmas or New Year’s and look to see where there is unexpected evidence of it being present in your life.  It’s there if you look with eyes to see…






Sunday:  The Archer

Today’s New Moon with the Archer is a provocative invitation to step into your authority and make a brave leap into the very center of your life.  It’s so easy to think of progress as linear and want to feel like we get somewhere better with each passing day.  We humans measure our traction and progression to be sure we upwardly mobile. Today the invitation is to realize that perhaps some of what you let go of this week was a need for a straight line between what you want and where you are now.  What if circling back to your heart’s desire is the way to achieve what you want?  What if life is a dance with forward and backward movement all the time that isn’t a sign of failure or retreat but instead it’s only the motion of an exquisite rhythm filled with beauty and purpose beyond a straight line measured by how much you move past?  Play with that today and then as the Wildwood Tarot instructs, “be bold and commit to the hunting of a new life and a better relationship with the world as the fulfillment of wholesome ambition”.  The invitation is to be present and let go of the timeline and measured progress.  Instead enjoy the music and dance…

Take Action:  View any setbacks in your life, any roadblocks as part of an intricate dance pattern you are doing with life itself.

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