Daily Tarot March 6-12th, Full Moon Cardinal Cross & Relationship Revolution

Last week’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition means we are feeling our way through relationships.  Next Sunday’s full moon line up wants you to answer the question where do you trust yourself enough to let go of control?  This week is a big step forward in knowing yourself, really getting a better look at what goes into the decisions and patterns you’ve got cooking especially when it comes to relationships.

People and situations are going to show you where you’ve tried to think your way through when you are meant to feel your way a bit more.  Or where you have been heavily defended,  You know that place, the one where even after you’ve finished the conversation and walked away you are replaying it in your head and adding winning details that prove your point.

We have our original loss of love from birth in the stars and cards with a chance to help heal those deep rooted fears that keep us so guarded.  To be part of a good partnership you have to begin with who you are alone.  Ready to see what that means?

The cards have some insight for you.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to see yourself and others with kinder eyes this week.  Feel how good it is to soften without as much fear.



Card of the Week:  The Hooded Man

Our relationship with others begins and finishes with how well you relate to yourself.  Take a good look at your criticism of those closest to you and be open to see where you have your own piece of whatever bothers you most.  Nothing less than honest, loving eyes will reveal the limits you’ve set for how much love and belonging are possible for you when you are willing to see yourself deeply – in all your wonder along with your human moments.  Courage is required but the pay off is huge!  No matter what happens this week, use it to take a good look at yourself with an eye towards freeing yourself to love more deeply and be loved that way in return.









Day One:  Four of Vessels

With the Moon in Cancer and joined by Mercury this four asks you to take a good look at your defenses.  When you feel strongly that you want someone else to share your point of view, or try to get those you love or connect with to want what you do you are defending yourself or your viewpoint rather than relating.  Boundaries are healthy, defenses are lonely and as this card reminds us, boring too.  You learn more about which is which this week when you catch yourself reacting and instead get curious about your underlying beliefs.  Let those home truths help you ensure your own needs are spoken for then you can stay open to how they get fulfilled.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what happens when you share.

Take Action:  Catch yourself if you are arguing with another in your head after the actual conversation is long over.  This is a great place to see where you are defended,  Then lovingly get to what the fear is underneath it all.








Day Two:  Forest Lovers

Today’s Cardinal Cross really brings the theme of who you are as a child/parent/sibling/partner front and center.  The limits of your relationship with your family of origin are worth spending a little time on today.  How were needs expressed and met in your family growing up?  What was your tolerance for intimacy and how have you gone beyond it?  Where are you still operating within those limits.  Today you can consciously take back the survival instinct that gets triggered when we fear losing something we love and choose to risk anyway.  It’s time to see that you have far more power to take care of yourself then you did as an infant and go beyond survival programming in relationships.  As an adult you have a multitude of ways to connect, love and belong to your community.  You will not die with a loss, but the unconscious can often feel that way.  Notice where fear of loss has kept you in safe space.  Bring compassion and then strength to those fears.  It opens up a whole new world when you do.

Take Action:  Look at one place you are afraid to lose in relationships and choose a trusted buddy to reveal that to today.  Practice, practice, practice taking care of yourself while you do freeing them up to handle your confidence in whatever way they can.





Day Three:  King of Stones

With Moon square Mars early in the day it can bring a vague feeling of tension you wake up to if you are an early riser.   We still feel the shock waves from the Cardinal Cross yesterday and it’s a slow and steady pace required when stones are in the cards.  This King says take a good look at what is happening now versus what you wish would happen and start course correcting your actions to line up with your heart.  You bring things into physical form one action at a time.  That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the domino effect.  One small action by you can tip a chain of events into play.  So focus, see how much influence you have, take stock of all your resources and shift.  You are the master of your fate.

Take Action:  Make a list of all the resources you have to support you in your life right now.  Get expansive, list as many as you can think of.  If you get stuck, ask a friend and be sure to list them as one resource.







Day Four:  Shaman

Ah with the Sun sextile Dark Lord Pluto, today’s the day to feel your power.  Do be careful though with this aspect not to lord it over another.  The effects can backfire on you later this week when you misuse power.  Instead of applying it to get someone else to do what you want, use it to make Magic happen inside of you.  With the Leo moon trine Venus it’s a great day to use visualization techniques to help form a better outcome.  This is not picturing someone else doing what you want, but instead picture how you will feel, what will you say, where will you be when what you really, really long for comes to you?  Get detailed my friend.  Then watch and see what unfolds.

Take Action:  Visualize, visualize, visualize today.  Go to Youtube and get help if you need it, but try it and watch the magic happen.  Practice and build some manifesting muscle…






Day Five:  Queen of Arrows

This quick witted, sharp tongued queen aligns with a Leo Moon trine Saturn first then Mars to remind you just how good you are at defending yourself with words, shoulds, criticism.  You are almost always right, something that doesn’t actually do you as much good as you may think.  So today with Mercury conjunct Chiron see where being right is a shield against feeling alone and unloved.  Your head is meant to help you balance out the swim of emotions and give you perspective to help you connect with what you want.  Not to shame or blame you for wanting something impractical or risky.  Visit that place today and get ready to see your defenses for what they are.

Take Action:  Look at where being right in an argument recently cost you.  See how much it cost you.  Bring some tenderness to the wound that makes you put your verbal shield up.






Day Six:  King of Arrows

Fascinating this King follows the Queen of Arrows yesterday.  These are the only pairs in Tarot that don’t stand for a happy couple.  Instead it’s about the two determinedly single individuals acting as a couple but strictly from a mental place.  Where have you met your partnership needs from an intellectual pairing without risking your heart?  With Venus semi sextile Neptune, use this information to make adjustments.  Realize how much protection went into those carefully constructed partnerships.  With Moon opposite Neptune it reminds us that our original loss of safety and connection in mother’s womb is NOT what’s at stake for us now.  You survived being born and that original loss, you can survive more risk now as an adult.  This King also signals a wise counselor.  If your fear is strong enough, get some professional support.  It’s important and helps as the Relationship Revolution continues.

Take Action:  Assess your fear of loss and see where it keeps you from risking more connection with another.  Get wise counsel to help you talk through your fear with compassion.




Day Seven:  Six of Vessels (Reversed)

Interestingly enough, this card signals childhood or mothers in traditional Tarot.  With it turned upside down, welcome to the Adult world my friend.  This full moon has a mass of stellar activity, including some heavier Saturn ties that can ground the shift you go through from child to adult this week.  Use your mind to make sense of what those patterns from childhood taught you and how you can rewrite the rules for yourself now as an adult.  In order to partner up in a healthy way with anyone, you must first let go of mother.  If you have a tense or difficult relationship, you may look bewildered and state you are not close to Mom at all.  But even that distance has ties that bind, if only to keep you reacting to her rather than making peace with her.  Everyone suffers a crisis at birth, the original loss of love and connection of the womb.  Understand how that first loss weaves into our fear and belonging needs so it factors heavily in our defenses against loss as an adult.  No need to shame, no blame, just recognize what’s there.  Then step in as your own loving, nurturing source and commit to yourself this full moon.  All other commitments flow outward from here.

Take Action:  Seriously, rock yourself today.  If it feels silly or you don’t have a rocking chair handy try a swing.  Go ahead, it’s primal soothing and helps.

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