Daily Tarot with TruthinHand 5/21-27 The Cost of A Controlling Mind

When you don’t see your own power and choices in any given situation, the mind’s defense mechanism is often control.  The controlling mind goes to work editing what you say, what you think, and/or what you feel to create the outcome you wish.  If you are frightened enough you widen your efforts and work to impose control on those around you.  You want them to behave differently, think differently or feel differently than they do.  Whatever is ‘foreign’ or at odds with your goal becomes your opposition.

A friend of mine from out of town didn’t want to stop at a particular gas station because she said it didn’t feel safe to her.  It was one I frequently visit and never felt a moment’s alarm, so it surprised me.  As a witness it was easier to see how her automatic responses kicked in rather than being present to feel whether something was safe or not.  How many times have I done that…hmmm.

We have a built in security system that alerts us to danger wired into our body.  However, it’s easy to go numb to it in today’s frantic world and news that comes in an extreme pace, most of it quite troubling.  You simply can’t function on high alert all the time and our mind sees danger in too many headlines.  Instead, you go numb or self medicate.

So how do you move out from brittle control to the space where you and your body are like long time travel buddies that know each other’s rhythm?  Start with breath.  It really is key and yet we forget to give it much attention.  Stress makes you breath in the top half of your lungs rather than the full deep breath.   So start with a long exhale.  Here’s a little three step process called Breath of Love to help in case you need additional support for the numbness or anxiety.  These two responses play out in the body and shut down the dialogue between your mind and the rest of you.

Watch the places your mind jumps in to edit, control or even repress what goes on around you this week.  Then like a martial artist, breathe and work with whatever is presented you and suddenly aren’t where any dangerous blow lands or you know easily disarm it as it comes in to connect.  Creation versus reaction starts as a small refusal to let your mind control an experience that has more to offer you than a perceived threat that most likely is not real.  Play with this possibility the next few days.  The Cards and Stars will help…


Lisa Greenfield


P.S.  This Uranus shift hit me strongly in my energy level so you have a recording this week.  That way I can get you the information without exhausting too much energy.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Card of the Week:  The Guardian

Ah, the Devil we know and the Devil we don’t know.  This card is the ‘Lord of the Underworld’ in Wildwood Tarot.  The trickster that will let you believe you are in control when in actuality, control has YOU in it’s grip.  Watch for his sneaky misinformation campaign the next few days…take command of the Truth you tell yourself.











Monday:  Eight of Vessels, Rebirth


Rebirth and the cyclical nature of life itself highlights different ways you have to do whatever needs doing today so you get results that please you.   Difficulties slip into something more appealing easily when you apply strategic thinking that seems to pop up out of nowhere.  Enjoy and count your blessings…










Tuesday:  Eight of Stones, Skill


Two eights in a row means there is a development not expected.  Where might the tangible rewards of your labors come back to you and inspire a new level of confidence in your ability to handle moment to moment without such a tight grip?










Wednesday:  Queen of Stones (Reversed)


Ah, when this proud lady goes upside down it’s time to check where you give to get rather than from a secure space of abundance.  It also reminds you to let others take responsibility for themselves.  You do them no favors when you save them from the consequences of their own unfortunate choices.  Indeed those consequences help them make a better choice next time.










Thursday:  The World

This card shows up on a day that has both the easy and challenging aspects to the transits.  We learn by contrast and when we own our power, some struggles go with this bigger arena.  So do the bigger rewards.  If you want one, you have to allow for the other.











Friday:  Queen of Arrows

This Queen offers points out when you take knowledge up to a higher level than critical thinking you get not only wisdom but influence that serves you and the world around you.  Notice where the inner critic points out the negative and instead of that being the story, use it to create a more empowered version of what you see.











Saturday:  King of Arrows

This high flying King asks you to ‘find your way through chaos with calm clarity’ and chaos is present today.  The combined energy of the World, Queen of Arrows and the King highlights influence of true wisdom when it’s integrated through your heart space.  Any place you find the critic, the heart is muffled.  Discernment must be paired with compassion to achieve outstanding results.











Sunday:  The Green Woman

The Moon conjunct Jupiter pairs up beautifully with the abundance of the Green Woman.  There are more options than you realize which is a truth that sets you free when you embrace it.  Where ever you feel challenged today, try seeing it for the first time with all the options on the table for what comes next.  With the Green Woman and Jupiter in the mix, the outcome when you do this may exceed your imagination.












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