Daily Tarot 6/11-17 Emotional Intelligence Out of Bounds

Tread lightly and you can go far this week as the New Moon and Mercury team up to take you into uncharted territory of ‘what’s possible’ in your world.  To travel beyond the limits of what you live now, you have to put on the Emotional Intelligence goggles to see what’s been ‘out of bounds’ and add in those details as you paint a more vibrant technicolor future.  While you explore, responsibility for what you see and say has to be part of it.  This normally mentally-driven New Moon has people out of their comfort zone and highly reactive as feelings run high thanks to several other aspects rolled into the Gemini Moon.

Tread lightly as emotions show up everywhere like long toes you want to avoid carelessly stepping down on as you forge ahead on your exploration of possibilities.  If you find someone going off like a firecracker, take responsibility for what is yours and give the other person space to do the same.  It helps to know what lights your fuse as well.  Victims retreat and go numb or lash out helplessly, whereas the adult in you finds the courage to face the pain and do something different with it.  Something that allows for the other person to find their way to the adult space as well.  That is the promise of this New Moon and all that sensitivity.

There is a solution to the old suffering that is much better than any you’ve applied before now.  You have to feel your way there.  The pay off when you do is very satisfying.  In some cases it can be almost euphoric.  Which helps ensure you find your way back there again and again.  This is the answer to the chaos in the world right now, a better way to play with it.  There are some ‘Dare To Be Great’ moments waiting for you, this week is the preview of coming attractions.  So with your goggles on, your eyes peeled, you pick your way carefully through the swirl of events present to the power you have in each and every moment.  It feels better than you know.  The Cards and Stars will help show the way.


Lisa Greenfield





Card of the Week:  The King of Arrows

This highflying King is just the right match for the Gemini Moon and an out of bounds Mercury.  When a planet travels ‘out of bounds’ it takes us into new territory and this one is packed with some emotionally colored insights that are rich indeed.   Our mind, the realm of Arrows, is where we make sense of things, see the ‘big picture’.  Words and descriptions  are easily at hand with this King.  The mind is also what separates us from the sea of emotions.  It takes us up and out of the swirl so that we can comprehend it, interpret it and weave the present into the future.  This week it is important to release the past’s grip on us, which is why we go ‘out of bounds’ to take in fresh territory.  Insist on interpreting what you see and experience as you expand through the old lens and you miss the best part of the technicolor show the Universe has to offer.  Better instead to keep the perspective of this highflying King at the forefront to help remove the sticky strings of helplessness out of your travels.  You have all that you need to navigate and enjoy what unfolds.  If struggle pops up, use this wise bird to gather up new conversations, resources and moments to get you out of the past and into the landscape of now that begs you to play bigger.









Monday:  The World

Talk about playing bigger, the World echoes that sentiment whole heartedly when paired with the Card of the Week.  Both the Sun and Moon touch Pluto, and while the Sun hesitates a bit, the Moon falls into the arms of Transformation.  Let the dark shadows swirl, the light is but a hands distance away when you need it.  This push pull between the Sun and Moon with Pluto is called the Transformational Tension.  Whew.  The key to the balancing act today is in Venus, who joins up with the Moon to highlight where what we love can help to minimize the fears we have about unfamiliar territory.  When you feel drawn to something, desire something or long for an outcome the obstacles become one more confirmation of that choice.  Difficulties can’t discourage you, in fact you find you can turn any challenge into something that moves you closer to what you want.  Once you see how that plays out you can use it anywhere a challenge pops up.  What can that difficulty reveal about the strength of your love, your courage, your drive or your ambitions.  All these shape your world in unique form that you create one choice at a time.









Tuesday:  Three of Vessels, Joy

Mercury and Jupiter make an awkward bow to each other before Mercury moves into Cancer later today, which suggests you find joy in the imperfect communications offered up.  Feel what is said more than worry about how it comes packaged.  The emphasis is on more than a clever turn of phrase, it’s about feelings.  In fact, play with what cannot be said in words.  There are some emotions that words fall woefully short of expressing.  These feelings are too big to squeeze into a sentence or two.  As we travel out beyond the familiar, you can find layers and layers of meaning in what you feel in connection with another or in an experience of true beauty.  Three’s are about communication so let the whole world communicate joy to you today.  Look for it in simple moments, surprises and looks between loved ones.










Wednesday:  Six of Arrows, Transition

Ah, the healing power of Six applied to our Minds as we go journeying with today’s New Moon.  New Moon’s are always a good place to set an intention and then allow it to unfold the next 30 days of this Moon cycle.  Full Moon’s are the checkpoint to see how well you are on track in your creation.  This one invites a heartfelt stretch goal as the empowered adult you actually are.  Vesta, the asteroid of what you hold sacred, goes retrograde in Sagittarius to show us where our beliefs and actions are out of alignment.  Where they don’t line up, Chiron’s ensures we see that the wounded place in us that blames or hides rather than risk pain and disappointment involved in standing our sacred ground.  What do you value, where does that show up in your life?  You’ve put yourself at risk before, now it is time to up your game and take the trade off of greater risk for greater rewards.  Your unique mix of attributes, wishes and fears are important and necessary to the World at large.  See where you can bring more of that and bravely sail into calmer waters ahead.  Calm not because there is less risk, but calm because you know the risk is worth it for your dreams.








Thursday:  Four of Vessels, Boredom

For those who find themselves stuck safely at the dock rather than sailing out on the sea of fresh opportunity, your going to feel the gap today.  This Four requires an inventory of what you want and where you are willing to take a risk.  If you did sail off confidently only to find those pesky defensive traits pop up to keep danger at bay, then this emotional backwater helps encourage you to take the next step and risk again, risk more.  The Moon moves into Cancer, joins up briefly with Mercury only to then face off with Saturn over dueling pistols.  Watch your words today, or you wind up trading shots with those around you.  Sensitivity is at a high point and the likelihood of offense is assured.  Before you speak, make a conscious effort to feel how someone else is doing rather than shooting off your mouth.  Imagine you have a nice white shield around you to keep you from random shots from those around you.  Tread lightly through the day and by nightfall you get a clear choice to empathize with fellow travelers on the emotional tension of the day or shoot it out.  The latter is likely to leave both parties wounded, so I highly encourage the former.  Fours are always an invitation to put things on firm foundation.  This emotional four and increased empathy or understanding for irritating others is new territory indeed.









Friday:  Eight of Arrows, Struggle

Ouch, yesterday we dealt with the limits of our emotional capacity, today we struggle with the closed loop of fear and doubt in our minds.  Eights are always what you put out there comes back to you.  This eight reminds me of the Mary Poppins refrain, ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down’.  I’m not a fan of sugar, but that is another topic entirely.  Instead let’s stay with the fact that fear and doubt always guard power.  The Moon faces off opposite Pluto and Mercury stares down Saturn today, never a comfortable view.  But it is a powerful one.  Where do your fears keep you guarding against past hurts rather than being present for what you can create right now in this moment?  Fear in our brains overestimates the threat to you and underestimates you as a survival tactic.  This way you are always over prepared or you fail to act, which also safely keeps you in safe and familiar territory.  This week it’s about going where you haven’t gone before.  In the present moment today, where are you more powerful and ready to deal with whatever is in front of you and make something better out of it than you can imagine in your closed loop mind?  Ah, now you get it… go explore.









Saturday:  Ace of Arrows, The Breath of Life

Good job sailing into uncharted territory this week.  Now you can clearly see what ties keep you from venturing further into creation mode.  Cut those limiting beliefs with one clean thought today.  You can do this, you were made to do this and what’s more, you can enjoy doing this, whatever ‘this’ is for you.  It’s your life and those pockets where an unnamed outside authority wielded too much influence is being squeezed out to make room for your authentic desires and dreams.  Uranus, The Great Awakener, stirs up a little tension with Neptune, The Collective, to remind us that differences are normal, necessary and they add rich texture and vibrance that sameness never could.  While our brains gravitate to the safety of what’s familiar, our hearts call us to add our individual flavor to the world at large.  The Moon shakes hands with the North Node to emphasize that you add your individual piece for a very special reason and the status quo will adapt to it.  Moon opposite Mars does offer you a choice of the quiet revolution within or a bloody coup outside.  Be careful not to ride roughshod over others contribution in your haste to add yours.  There is room for everyone and force needs careful application to save unnecessary fighting.








Sunday:  The King of Stones

Big exhale of relief, you made it to Sunday.  The only aspect today is a soft one between the Sun and Moon.  Time to take stock of how well you traveled the unfamiliar and how brave you were this week.  Include the mistakes and the places you could do better.  You may well get a do over if you want it the coming week.  But most of all, see your power.  Enjoy the new possibilities you saw open up as the out of bounds became part of your new stomping ground.  You get to pick and choose where to spend more time in those frontiers as the next few weeks help to consolidate your authority in the unfamiliar landscape.











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