Daily Tarot 7/9-15 Solar Eclipse & The Dark Side

The Shadow side of our nature is on view this week with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer opposite the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto.  Dark and light exist in partnership and we have to integrate both to live a whole hearted life.  How does one embrace the dark without getting lost in it?  Perspective is a really good place to start.  One single flame dispels darkness instantly, no matter how deep or wide the shadow may be.  It only takes a spark.  So to live in fear of the dark is to miss the power of your one bright moment.  The fuller range of who you are comes into view this week if you are open to it.

When you see and acknowledge your own swampy areas you bring healing sunlight in those moments of truth.  The good news is you are not alone.  The bad news is that most people prefer not to deal with the shadow in themselves so instead they see it magnified in others.  The people driving you crazy in your world offer you hard truths within that irritating scenario and it requires attention, adjustment and course correction if you wish to live your life as opposed to being highjacked by an agenda you don’t want.

This week, you will have a chance to see in yourself or others that which you can’t avoid dealing with much longer.  At least not if you wish to avoid a higher cost in personal suffering.  Ouch.  Find your people this week.  Be in conversation with people you trust to tell the truth without judging you for the perspectives you can’t see.  After all, no one is capable of both having a big picture view and remaining present to the moment.  By it’s very nature that mind distances us from what we feel, do and believe in order to make sense of it.

The benefit of this objective distance is best applied with people who can remind you that not everything has to make sense in the moment.  Understanding and connection does not require immediate solutions.  Don’t rush to do anything with Mars Retrograde right now.  Instead take inventory of what you do already and how well it works for you.  You’ve outgrown the way you bring change about and need to upgrade.  Collaboration, conversation, shared ideas strengthen any goal’s chance of being met so you will be forced to deal with others for good and bad to learn how to better collaborate and live in the world.  Do you do that without sacrificing your own wants and needs?  O do you do that by controlling and demanding that your needs be met?  The answers to those questions are where you play and win big this week.

Pluto has a treasure trove of riches when you face your fears and do the shadow work.  Find out what pot of gold is waiting for you when you make contact with your shadow in the fullness of its presence.  The Cards and Stars will help…

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week:  Eight of Arrows, Struggle


The Shadow is here and it must be incorporated into your life in order for you to live fully, richly and enjoy it more.  Interactions with others will give you clarifying feedback on how well you work with your shadow.  If you see it in another, you’ve got a part of that to be dealt with in you.













Monday:  Two of bows, Decision


Manage the exchanges between you and trusted friends and confidants.  How well do you speak your truth and how well do you listen to another without shadow running the show?










Tuesday:  Three of Stones, Creativity


Be willing to offer and receive good feedback in order to make your dreams real.  Constructive criticism can help you refine and grow when it is well offered.  Give and receive good feedback and you build on solid ground for bigger dreams.









Wednesday:  Four of Vessels, Boredom (Disengagement)


Watch for where you use old wounds and disappointments as an excuse to arm yourself and stay defended in relationships.  When you trust you can work with what you feel and engage with others feelings in both a compassionate and centered strength, good things come into being.









Thursday:  Six of Arrows, Transition (Partial Solar Eclipse)


Will you spend precious emotional time and energy on raging or trying to change others or will you harness all of that to change yourself?  Great transformation is available, who will you invest that power in – fruitless control scenarios with others or apply it to yourself.  Say yes or no to what is yours and be willing to adapt on how you then act on those answers.









Friday:  Knight of Stones


Winners never quit and quitters never win.  Choose your races and see them through the hard times.









Saturday:  Six of Bows, Abundance


Watch for over rationalization of what you want and need for protection as a way to justify getting your own way.  Compassionate listening and speaking benefits all.










Sunday:  Page of Bows 


Call pessimism what it is, defense mechanism and protection.  Believe and you will see…









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