Daily Tarot July 16-22 Karma and Inherited Riches

This next few days is the space to move out of your inherited limits around success and riches and into a place where you feel more at home than you’ve been.  Does that sound tempting?  It is…  However it is an inside job before you see the results really show up outside of you.  Patience is part of the process.  After all, you don’t build a sky scraper overnight.  You’ve got to lay the groundwork for what comes next and once you do, your dreams can soar upward into reality.

First and foremost, this current moon cycle is messing with your friends and acquaintance circle.  How well do you match values with those around you?  Believe me, we pick up the energy from those we spend time with and you with up to five planets retrograde by this months’ end, it’s an internal review that has to happen if you want to enjoy what’s next.  This isn’t a dramatic ‘cut people out of your life’ scenario.  Instead this is more of ‘water seeks it’s own level’.  What’s your current level?  Does it feel abundant in quality time spent with people who make you feel good about yourself and what goes on between you?

We inherit limitations from the imprint we received as children.  Our families, friends and history all influence what we consider valuable or marks of success and this is what drives behavior.  It’s time to question those beliefs and the actions you have around them.  Rather than swapping people out of your life, get grounded on what you value most.  Where do you spend your time, energy and resources?  Are they simply the trappings of what you were taught as achievements that mark you worthy or are they the things you really love and would do no matter what?

An old cycle of inherited limits and the karma associated with it is done and you have a blank page in front of you shape by what you love and do.  Do you love what you do and do what you love?  Explore what it is about it that is so compelling, some things may still be in place simply because you do them well and it feels good to achieve that.  Do you still love it?  It feels chaotic to mess with what works, but it’s in service of living a life of abundance from more than merely head space or public approval.   It’s a bleak kind of poverty that keeps you in golden handcuffs doing what you can do well when you no longer really light up doing it.

The same goes for people.  We have a fear of not belonging that is survival instinct at its most primitive.  Your people are here for you.  There’s a richness to life when you see how true that is.   Rather than let go of the friends or colleagues that are long standing habits, instead spend quality time with people who feel like you do now.  When you love someone, how well do you express it, how do you express those feelings?  How well do you receive it when people share theirs with you?  Are you glad and grateful or uncomfortable, dismissive or too busy to receive it?   Most of us get caught in habits without realizing it.  Pay attention to yours.   The rest will fall into place day by day.  No dramatic action is called for, instead it’s a gradual shift towards what’s a match for you.  Now that’s wealth of immeasurable value to spend your days doing what you love with people you love being around.  Success by any standards… The Cards and Stars can help.

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week:  Ten of Stones, Home

Home is the hallmark of this empowered one to the tenth degree.  Have you made your life a safe place to call home no matter what rages in the world around you?  If it doesn’t look the way you want it to yet, that’s where you can start lining up more with the people, places and things that make you feel the most at home.  Yes, some people or things may fall away.  What you receive in their place will satisfy you far more than the familiar comfort of what’s familiar.  Rarely does this energy require you to go about cutting people.  This is more the slow progression of change that began with the Solar Eclipse over North America last year and is in full potency with the eclipse at the end of July as well as those in August.   Endings are here so that new beginnings can get underway.  You can’t know the timing, you can only live it.  All you have to do is check in with what you feel and what you want rather than do what you’ve always done, the way you’ve always done it.  In the places where you have to rationalize what you do or why you are doing it, through down a flag.  If you have to justify it, somethings out of whack.  Give a chance to show you what it is and the right actions comes in that moment, not from a planned or strategic thinking space.  Let what you do be hooked more closely to what you want to create rather than a rush of emotional reaction or a safe patterned response.



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