Tarot With TruthinHand 11/12-18 Venus Direct & IOU’S

Venus wants to add harmony and abundance to your life through the attraction force.  She goes direct this week as does Neptune, so along with abundance comes its pesky shadow of scarcity.  Scarcity fears often have us in action rather than attraction.  To switch gears and reap (attract rather than react) depends entirely on how you see and interpret the story.  To do that it’s time to clear out your bag of IOU’s.  Mercury goes retrograde to give you a wider sweep on the clearing.

In preparation for the big shift at month’s end we have a chance to re-envision all your stories.  Time to shower, change your sheets and get a new pair of tennis shoes in your relationships.  Think of your exchanges with those around you in this manner to dump the ‘you owe me’ mentality.

How silly would it be to think that the shower owed you a particular length of time before you needed to shower again?  The same goes for your sheets or shoes.  Your actions impact when there is renewal or reapplication required.  When you give or receive, be fully present to the exchange in that moment.  People who give thinking ‘they owe me’ show a young form of attachment.  It means you don’t trust the flow of abundance Venus brings.  Rather they use transaction to keep people connected to them rather than choice.

I’ve seen those recovering from trauma stack up emotional IOU’s as one way to assure themselves they will be safe in the future.  But that sense of obligation operates like the rush of air when you grab at a feather.  It pushes away the very thing you grasp.  Instead the big shake up that comes by month’s end is about giving because it aligns with you and feels right.  Drop the place that gives in order to get something back.  You become a storehouse of resentment.  Instead dig deeper on where your fear of scarcity runs your choices.

Conversely learn to receive without fear of being manipulated by anyone’s sense of entitlement.  If you can’t receive because then you ‘owe’ the person – you don’t have an equal exchange.  Time to let go.  Have compassion for stacked up self-righteous resentment against payments that felt coerced. The only thing anyone owes another, ever, is to be their self.  Forgive yourself as well as them for the fear that drives a bad bargain.

Emotional debt is something within you that decides the value of actions, events, exchanges.  Nobody can put you into emotional debt but you.  You are always the captain of what you value and how you demonstrate that to another.  Watch for where we miss that we’ve been repaid with something more valuable than our original idea of what is ‘owed’ because it doesn’t look as expected.  It’s the worst kind of poverty because you stand in the banquet hall of life crying over a missing waffle while they cook more rather than sampling other delights in the meantime.  That’s what holding IOU’s does to you.  You starve at a banquet while others eat, but you do it to yourself.

So empty the bag.  Discover how to value your own offering and see a broader range of value in others.  It doesn’t mean you have to settle for what you don’t want, merely open up to delights you may not have known about yet.  You may not ultimately agree on equal value, but that doesn’t mean anyone is wrong.  It’s just not a match.  By November 30th you want to be ready with a clean slate on those old imbalances. The Cards and the Stars add support, with nothing required in exchange but that you receive and create from abundance rather than scarcity.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week:  Three of Arrows, Jealousy

Oh how this card fits this week’s unfolding.  Scarcity mentality is always laced with jealousy and envy.  It’s the place that fears you will lose something you have and want.  We are in the Morning Star time of Venus Michael R. Meyer calls the “gradual refinement of goals and values, as well as a more deliberate and confident approach to relationships”.  This makes it easier to dump the IOU’s out, confident that there is more than enough of what you love to fill your life up.  Let the reassurance of what is coming help soothe the fears there won’t be enough for you.

It’s time to deal with the places you tend to fear or anticipate future emotional hurt and use that as an excuse for poor relationship habits.  That means you will see them pop up this week.  But remember, you have an easier time jettisoning the baggage.  Whew, right?  See it, bless the revelation and let it all go.  Keep cleaning the slate.  It’s going to be a whole new ball game so the score on what’s gone before doesn’t matter.  In fact it jams up the fresh start if you don’t release the previous scorecard.  So breathe deeply, let the momentum carry you along and clean emotional house.  You’ll be so glad you did.







Monday:  Five of Cups

Ouch, this card in traditional Tarot is the heartbreak card.  However the switch in Wildwood Tarot is it symbolizes the ability to create ecstasy out of any disappointment.  Five is the symbol of creation, so the stories you tell yourself determine your level of joy or unhappiness.  With the Sun, Moon and Pluto all in contact watch for entitlement.  Any place you feel ‘owed’ something is going to produce heartbreak and disappointment.  Watch for where you want to change ‘other’s’ behavior rather than your own.  That’s a recipe for explosions, implosions and failure, especially this month.

Instead turn your attention to your self and harness a profound capacity for self expression and shift.  Whole-hearted transformation is easier this week, like drafting on a bicycle to cut the wind resistance.  Be brave, look at where your fear of loss cripples you and let go.  Rituals are good, so is EFT, also known as tapping.  Anything that anchors the shift in your body strengthens the power of the shift.  You are worth your time…







Tuesday:  Eight of Vessels, Rebirth

Today the Cards and Stars both shout relief from the old trauma loops.  Patterns are more easily recognized and the flaws in old interpretations stand out like flies on a white wall.  Too small, too small, too small is how the old stories feel today.  You simply can’t squeeze back down into a helpless or wounded space without real discomfort.  Thank goodness!  Time to step forward from an empowered place that trusts your heart’s desire is there for you when you open up to how it looks and arrives.

We get some shocking help from Uranus, the Great Awakener, who may zap limitations with a single bolt of lightening understanding.  The South Node and the Moon get jolted, to end suffering over your suffering and being stuck in the state of longing rather than standing open to what you receive.  You may not be familiar with abundance, so take another look.  If you like what you see, invite it in to visit.








Wednesday:  King of Vessels

This King is the junior version of the Magician.  The feminine vessels combine with the masculine King like a man plus woman can equal a baby.  Suddenly instead of one plus one equaling two, it becomes a three.  So look for your gains and traction to add up today as you empty all the lacking places and the bad behavior that went with it.  Don’t worry if you find yourself a bit blind to what actually happens, it becomes clearer by later this evening.

With Mercury in the picture you can suddenly make sense of a better way to tell your story.  One that sees the power you hold right now in any situation.  You don’t have to rely on past performance or fear past failures.  Remember, you have complete command of how you react to whatever happens even when it’s not what you want to happen.  Interact with it as it is and make it into something else.  You are the catalyst.  You are the magic.







Thursday:  Four of Arrows, Rest

You’ve been doing more than you realize when it comes to deep internal shifts, so your mind could use a break today.  Don’t rush to make sense of everything or you could cook those little neurons in your brain, like a 120 watt bulb in a 60 watt socket.  Rest, relax, don’t overthink it.  Remind your mind it’s only responsible for doing 25% of the work.  Your body, heart and intuition all help carry the load.

Moon shadow fears may want you to do, do, do more and yet when you rest, the doing gets done with more ease. Watch for transactional conversations.  No ‘give to get’ today.  Let space and time catch up to the perfect intersection as you rest.  Don’t rush to conclusions.  The firm mental foundation will float like a butterfly, with no stinging bee in sight.  Abundance is flow, not fight.  Rest…









Friday:  Two of Stones, Challenge

Venus goes direct today as Mercury goes Retrograde.  This Two reminds you that growth is a balancing act.  The proverbial ‘two steps forward’ goes with an occasional step backwards. Don’t fight against the retreat.  Instead observe, notice the pattern and path you take so you can move forward in time with ease.  Reroutes are part of life.  This Mercury retrograde starts with reviewing the fears that drive the stories you told yourself.

Once you know the motivations, you can address those needs.  When you do that, the old patterns more easily slip away.  You don’t need to bargain, threaten or beg for love and belonging. No one owes you and you own no one. Instead it’s a feeling that has no end, merely different containers and shapes.  So challenge yourself to observe your actions, stones are always physical form.  Then get to know what’s underneath the reaction patterns to help get to that clean slate next week.  You’ve got more help than you realize, look around.








Saturday:  The Sun

The Sun opposes Juno today to remind this harried, jealous Goddess that there is enough to go around.  It does require an adjustment though.  Pluto steps in to the picture to remind us that the person is always acceptable, but the behavior may need to change.  Powerful change happens when you come clean about the bargains you’ve made that allow bad behavior in order to hang on to relationships.  You must speak the Truth if you want things to improve.

If you settle for bad behavior, you are in scarcity mode and fear your ‘no’ will leave you with nothing.  You may have to live without for a while before the new comes in to play.  This is resilience and strength building at its best.  It can only bring you true abundance.  But it is frightening to hold the space of “no” to what you don’t want and let go of the unsatisfying before you have something else in hand.

Your option is to do it and take the risk.  It’s the adult place to live and love.  Then the whole Universe is at your disposal when you play in this space…






Sunday:  The Moon On Water

Impatience will tie you up in knots every time.  After the brave steps forward this week, the shadow creeps in to make you measure every trade off and each inch of progress.  If it’s not enough progress now, then the dark doubts loom.  The Moon is what we love and fear losing.  That fear of loss drives many a hasty reaction or should I say, over reaction.  Breathe.  It’s too soon for a fair progress report just yet.  We are building towards a pretty powerful Full Moon next week and a transformational shift on the 30th.

So the drumbeat of change, change, change has engines revving.  Stop.  Put your mind in neutral.  It’s not time yet and this isn’t a sprint.  This is change for the long haul.  That’s incremental, like the Sun yesterday.  We gain daylight on those fears one measured day at a time.  Soothe yourself, be kind to those fears and park them in the place they belong.  That isn’t behind the wheel, no matter how much Fear wants to sit there.  The daylight will come again as surely as Day follows Night.  Follow your intuition and not your fears to get the gentle luminosity of this brilliant Moon.










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