Tarot With TruthinHand, Nov. 19-25 Mighty Mercury Retrograde & Wishcraft

Mighty Mercury Retrograde figures heavily this Full Moon and demands you live up to the big dreams ‘out there in the future or trade them in for one you can actually live now.  Time to sort out the promises we made ourselves and then never acted on when it came down to it.  Oddly though it’s not a time for a big action push.  Rather it’s the place where you match the dreams up with the action you take today to move you closer.

Mars is a player this next week through tense aspects.  Adjustment to your actions is required.  The watery Pisces is an uncomfortable place for hard-charging Mars.  It can get weave spectacular dreams of ‘what can be’ then never take a single step to make it real.  If you want to live what you imagine, movement is required.  This Mercury Retrograde is time to do an integrity check.  Do your words and actions line up? Examine where you spend the bulk of your time, because this is what you’ve made your priority.

The next few days some startling clarity is there for you to dig deeply and cut out the places where fear motivates your choice or holds you back from acting on it.  There is emotional courage in this retrograde period.  How you use it determines your outcome.  If you use it to weave even larger dreams without understanding what holds you back, it’s a missed opportunity.  This Full Moon has an ending and new beginning in it.  We just wrapped up the 40 day Venus Retrograde to help you see and shed outdated relationship patterns.

Time to break up with the pattern.  That’s the tension of this week.  For example, I’ve had at least three people in love triangles talk with me this week.  For one person the rival is her boyfriend’s business.  There are no good guys and bad guys, there is just a pattern.  When we finished talking it through she saw her fear of true connection as an adult, one with real risk of loving and losing, that drove her choices.  The relationship kept her stuck in a safe uncomfortable pattern.

There is no quick fix, although when Mars moves into Aries by the end of December the need for change builds pressure.  Action will happen, but for now, refine what actions line up with your desires.  Get clear on where you feel you’re caught in Groundhog’s Day.  If you are sick enough of the same story, break up with it.  Tell yourself a different story.  It really is that simple, and that hard to do.  After all, we get so attached to our stories.  Look at the same situation and ask to see it from the best possible point of view.

Then beam away the clouds in the picture with light focused on appropriate actions to move you forward.  Don’t rush to act this week.  Instead allow the moment to present itself and make the most authentic and conscious choice of what to do.  Keep in mind what your goals are, so the choice either moves you in that direction or not. If you catch yourself repeating old stories and choices, rewind and do it over.  Let it be that clear.  The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you for sharing my love of community through these sacred symbols.  I am grateful for YOU.

Lisa Greenfield



Card of the Week:  Nine of Vessels

This is the wish come true card in traditional Tarot.  Light a candle, make a wish and within nine months it can come true.  How perfect for this week’s energy.  First clear the mental decks of lingering fears and failures.  That way you don’t have a wish that hangs out there unfulfilled or unsatisfactory because it’s caught in old trauma loops.  Rather, you commit to a dream, align with it then picture how you want to show up for it in body, mind, heart and spirit.  When you do that, you are the Magic that makes the dream real by partnering with a vast Universe.  There are endless ways to get what you want.  We are the ones who foolishly insist on rigid guidelines for what it looks like.

Vessels are the watery emotional element.  One that dissolves all boundaries and Neptune goes direct this week as well.  Time to let the desires of your heart, (Venus) flow into the collective, Neptune, to find true partnership.  You’ll know it by the feeling, not the thought.  This is the power of Mighty Mercury Retrograde with a push from this Full Moon on Thanksgiving.  So much to be thankful for…   Do your part, refine your goals, clarify what actions are authentic and move you a step at a time in that direction.  It picks up speed by the end of December and when you stay the course, you start to see the Magic in your Wish as it comes true.  In technicolor even…







Monday:  Seven of Vessels, Mourning

Mercury backs up over old hurts and meets the Moon, which stands for what we love and fear losing.  Today requires a container for the pain you’ve felt in the past.  Pain needs a witness.  Be your own witness today and find a way to give your grief an outlet.  Whatever the grieving process, loss of innocence, loss of love, loss of opportunity or friends, honor it.  When we don’t let ourselves feel and move it through our system, it gets jammed up into a trauma loop.  That loop can scar tissue over the place in us that knew how to wish big.  Instead you drop into familiar stories and stay stuck.

Watch for impulsive reactions.  Or should I say over reactions today.  The heavy weight planets add extra push to the Moon and Mars so long emotional toes are everywhere, including your own.  The barista says something and it steps on that toe.  The car in front of you is less than polite, sets you off.  Anger consolidates us and helps us be brave.  Whether you are on the give or receive side today, find the courage beneath the anger.  Emotional courage chooses a different interpretation for why anything happens the way it does.  Flip it around and after you react to what doesn’t work, discover how that helps you get to what will work.  Then move in that direction.








Tuesday:  The Mirror

“It is through pain and endurance of the wounding that wisdom comes” says the Wildwood Tarot with this card.  After yesterday’s mourning, we walk into a celestial storm of aspects designed to drive that point home.  See the wisdom you’ve gained through all you’ve lived.  Your pain is part of life, your life, and adds a rich texture when you weave it into the story as the strength and wisdom builder.  It turns whatever happened into an opportunity to trust you’re somehow the better for it, no matter what, that you’re ready for almost anything.

Rather than defend against old hurtful happenings you fear may repeat, know you can have a different outcome because you are no longer the same person.  After surviving what happened, you’ve learned, you’ve grown.  It just requires you see it and then insight is yours.  That growth is there, hidden by the scar tissue you lead with when things look uncomfortably similar to the past.  Rather than your scar as a boundary, see it as a mark of courage but be sure your wisdom stands next to, not behind it.  That simple commitment to the wisdom born of pain (to quote Helen Reddy) is already a good start on a new story.








Wednesday:  Knight of Arrows

Ah, the pressure builds and impulses break free today if you aren’t vigilant.  Quickly retool on any ‘dare to be great moments’ before they see daylight.  The Sun is in tense aspect with Uranus, the Great Awakener so our ego drive for dazzling needs a hip check.  Once you do that you may find your true contribution, although more modest than originally planned, is gratefully received.   This swiftest of Knights adds real perspective to any situation when applied with right timing.

This is also the Knight best known for separating people, places, things.  So it underlines the need to keep momentum going as you break up with old patterns where you’ve been stuck.   Last week was time for IOU clean out, this week – jettison the grudges.  Let them go.  They serve no good purpose as baggage.  If one really sticks in your throat, what’s your story around what happened?  Take it apart and get to the core need you didn’t have met.  Then decide if you can get to a neutral enough place with those you trust to ask for that need to be seen in the present.

If you can’t or you think they can’t get to safe middle ground, then instead you can picture it in your head.  Play it out there and then let it go.  At least for now.  You can always dig it up later if you really feel the need.  You move more effectively without the weight of all those grudges.








Thursday:  Ace of Stones – The Foundation of Life  HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Such a good card match to today’s transformational Full Moon.  The Moon in Gemini has all the facts, the Sun with Jupiter in Sagittarius want to weave those facts together to make a new ‘whole’ out of those building block factoids.  Perfect tools to fulfill the ‘wish come true’ Card of the Week.  You can take all the bits and parts of your life and put them together to understand a much more complete you.  The You that acknowledges all the disparate parts of you gives weight and power to who you are.  Next, what are you going to create with all that you have?

This Full Moon encourages you to dream minus delusions of grandeur, to wish and then invest in what you will do differently to make it real.  Integrity is key and being an authentic you is a good start on this firm foundation.  Mental Mercury is out ahead of the Sun but heading back to meet up with it.  So watch for overpromising or inflated dreams as an escape mechanism.  Better to bite off what you want and can chew.  To make your wishes real you have to eat that elephant one bite at a time.  The Cards and Stars will help as you picture your authentic dream, clear out obstacles and let your actions be your investment in making your life a dream come true.  The Universe will meet you there with abundance beyond your imaginings.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all… may your blessings be too many to count as the Turkey coma descends.








Friday:  Two of Vessels, Desire

And we’re back to the Venus portion of those wishes again.  The Moon opposes Mercury and has a dust up with Neptune which means lusting after something can cloud our judgement.  If it does, you refuse to listen to feedback and insist you want it your way.  However, when you know to check impulsive actions, a bonus emerges.  It’s a great day to talk, listen, share with one another and be heard.  Really profoundly heard and witnessed.  What greater gift is there to give or receive than to fully met, as you are, in the moment.

Lay down old meanings and interpretations to see the present Truth of those around you.  Let them see more of you.  When you do that the creation possibilities are endless.  What is the Universe except an explosion of matching desires that expand in all directions.  All you have to do is look at nature to see where the bee plus flower equals honey.  “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.”  Rumi









Saturday:  Ace of Bows, Spirit of Life

This is the second Ace this week and helps to breath more light and life into whatever the Ace of pentacles started.  Two aces signal union, yesterday’s Two of Vessels echoed the theme.  Connect with your heart’s desire, let the flame burn.  Then find the right action, not impulsive or hasty reaction, and add that to the mix.  You have heartfelt motivation, right action then add some logic to help bridge any gaps between the present and the future.  Be mindful not to overdo the logic.  Just a touch goes a long way with this burning Ace, not more than 25% mind is a healthy mix.

Now add spirit, the element of magic and the unknown.  Open your picture of what you want up to the bounty of all that is.  I like to add the phrase ‘or something better for me’ whenever I make a wish, to keep that abundant doorway in view.  Hold your wish, feel it, ‘trust the strange pull of what you really love’ and breathe it out into being.  Neptune goes direct to add soft focus on forward movement, but soft edges have a purpose, even if you can’t understand it yet.  Spirit always asks you to take a leap of faith.  Here’s to light feet true vision and a brave heart.







Sunday:  Eight of Arrows, Struggle

This eight always signals trauma loop to me.  It’s the thought pattern we are in that curls back on itself to endlessly circle around to where it began.  There is a lot of celestial help to get you off the hamster wheel.  It simply requires your consent to head in a new direction.  The consent must be based on trust that every single choice you’ve made up until now was the best choice for you.  Full stop.  If you chose it, it was the correct option even if you don’t like the results.  We automatically assume that when we don’t get the results we want, we’ve made a bad choice.  Not true, not true, not true.

If you could see the whole playing field start to finish, you would see where some of those unhappy outcomes shaved years off a struggle to break free some place else.  Like a bandaid ripped off fast, you took the shock of pain.  When you see it this way, you learn to Trust yourself and your choices.  Life holds pain and disappointment, no matter how brilliantly you map your way.  So flip the trauma pattern around and embrace self respect for those hard choices.  See where you were brave, strong, stubborn, blind, determined or any number of attitudes.  Learn from them with the full view of you before and after the choice.  Then bathe yourself in love for exactly who you are now because of it all.  Doing that releases tension around those old dark spots and frees you up to move onto greener pastures with the present choices.







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