This Week’s Tarot 4/16-22 Heal A Troubled Soul

Mercury is direct but Saturn and Pluto go Retrograde this week all in service of a better story of your life.  It’s time to heal a troubled soul.  Wherever the wound dictates your story it places limits a fuller expression of you.  So this week the theme is self forgiveness first and foremost.  The aspects add an interesting twist to how this happens and it’s about abundance.  Because your abundance is served up in a way that invites you to make deep transformation fun, playful, joyful even.  Or you can just sink into indulgence and waste the energy of on the binge of your choice.

I highly recommend the former for more long lasting benefits.  There is incredible power to make important internal shifts one layer at a time the next few days.

Venus, Saturn and Pluto all figure prominently this week, so the question is where have you let the desires of the moment take control of you?  It happens to most of us, an impulse dictates a moment, the moment becomes a choice, the action on that choice becomes a habit and pretty soon you are merely a collection of momentary impulses that don’t really get you anything more than immediate gratification.  Like a snack with no real food value, you can starve to death on momentary whims indulged over a lifetime.

Or the flip side of this is where you deny your impulses, refuse to give in to pleasure and instead build a life that is controlled and safe but lacking any real joy or fun in your overall life.  This soul is as troubled as the impulse-ruled one.  Either extreme robs you of a richly textured life that the Venus side of life brings.  Now it’s up to you, which side of the equation requires you to balance it.  Start by coming clean about it and then forgive yourself.  You’ve been caught being human.  What comes next is where the real difference is.

Do you shrug your shoulders and keep doing what you’ve done?  To stay stuck is to begin to die in nature.  Ouch…  Or adjust your actions, even one percent, and pick up momentum that expands your power.  This cracks open fresh abundance mentioned at the start today.  Find a friend and share the story to lighten the load and provide a laugh or two while you do.  While this is an important change, it doesn’t have to be grim.  In fact it’s vital to find a way to make it something other than grim… because this is part of the bounty you get to harvest through this change.

The Cards and the Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week:  The Seven of Stones, Healing

The rich feminine sits in front of the flattened masculine in this card as a reminder to pull first from the feminine before leaping into action.  The last few months held a fair share of shock and change and right now you need to integrate what’s different before you act on your dreams and desires.  The Wildwood Tarot says after a wounding of any kind ‘a time of inner rest and rejuvenation is required’.  With two big retrogrades  (Saturn & Pluto) it is definitely a time to turn inward.  The story you have about what happened and your role in it needs a visit.  Where can you forgive yourself, or forgive another, so you can let go of the past and begin a new story?  Forgiveness doesn’t pass on permission for the behavior that was problematic.  Instead it acknowledges that we are all human.  Find the places where genuine willingness to do it differently can make space for forgiveness.  You may be surprised at how willing the other person is to make a better choice.  That’s healing, too.











Monday:  Six of Stones

Ah, we begin with what’s out of balance today, with a little help from this Six.  The Moon moves into Taurus and Venus opposes Jupiter, to sensually stimulating events.  See which side of the spectrum requires your attention, impulse control or denial especially when it comes to relationships highlighted by Moon and Saturn.  Long term change is required for your greatest benefit.  With this Six excess on the impulse driven side of life is the theme most likely to get kicked front and center.  Unexpected consequences (Saturn) are likely if you aren’t willing to find a balance between desire and sustainability.  While this is no ‘ant and grasshopper’ story there are some echoes of the morality lesson.  We can’t forever go on taking what we want in the moment with no awareness of what that means for our future.  Instead of being punishing with this Six, instead it’s about restoring harmony in relationships damaged by too much immediate gratification with no thought to the price paid for the indulgence.  To live and love in a healthy environment, care must be taken for both your needs and the way those needs are fulfilled through the world around you.  Both needs required attention and respect.  In this way you heal you and all you relate to in life.









Tuesday:  The Blasted Oak

Chiron moves into Aries today where it will dance in and out of through the end of the year before staying there for the next almost nine years.  The Blasted Oak is a great visual for this energy, since Chiron in Aries brings a resilience to our healing.  The fire of Aries burns off the lingering effects of the old wounds so you can ‘shake it off’ and start over again.  Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn to add to the strength of the day, while Venus leans on Pluto to change up those longings to a more beneficial form.  It is a time of transition and the Moon highlights the many moods of the process throughout the day.  Watch for temper flair ups and use them instead to apply to changes you want to make for yourself rather than get into power struggles.  Trust timing… patience helps.  If you don’t have any yourself, ask a friend or loved one for a little perspective.  Most of all, be the change you wish to see in your world today.  Little choices create new habits, those build your character in ways that pay off for you in the years ahead.










Wednesday:  Ten of Stones, Home

The Sun and Uranus meet up today at the very end of Aries to throw light on what you really call home.  You have a home within you and when it is well tended and furnished you share rich space between you and those you love.  Your core self is a place that is undeniably attractive and the world steps up to confirm this for you.  The only big problem is when Uranus is in the picture, insight into the reality of that world is blindingly clear.  You aren’t going to be able to unsee the Truth.  So where does your inner world need healing from old wounds that leave trash littered all over your ‘home’ in the form of fears, doubts, defensiveness and pessimism?  Time for mental Spring cleaning and you get some strategic help from Pallas Athene by nightfall with her brand of impartial wisdom.  Ten is an empowered one, which means time to take a good hard look at your inner reality and deal with what is.  Pick yourself up from any lingering shock waves of yesterday and ‘shake it off’.  You’ve got a lot of life waiting for you to sink your teeth into it rather than lamenting over past injustices.  Trust time will balance the important scales as you choose your life a moment at a time with you heart, head, spirit and body united.









Thursday:  King of Vessels

Ah, this card is a magician of sorts because it draws from both the feminine receptive and the masculine active to quickly turn events into something quite a bit more than they first appear.  Fears and scarcity can’t mentality highjack you when you remember that magic can happen today – all it requires is your willingness to participate in it.  With Venus and Mercury active today but in fluctuating form, time to revisit what you love, what you want and the price you pay for it.  Is it still worth the cost or have things shifted?  What are you core values and how does all the time you spend going through your day line up with what’s really valuable to you?  Where you find inconsistencies and gaps, just notice for now.  Then one decision at a time choose in a way that moves those values up the scale until they are at the top.  A life lived more in line with your core values is what truly brings you ‘home’.










Friday:  The Shaman

After the minor magic of yesterday we graduate to the big magic today with the Shaman card.  Lucky you, because you have some work to do.  After this week’s Sun Uranus lightning bolts, the ugly truth about compromises that aren’t sustainable litter your mind like trash after a parade.  Time to take out the trash my friend.  Not that this is much heavy lifting for the Shaman, but the trick rests in remembering all the benefits of the parade rather than just cursing what’s left behind for clean up.  Each desire, relationship, compromise started out as something you celebrated in some form.  While the benefit has worn off, the pleasure it gave you in the moment or the relief it brought were part of your powerful creation talent.  See what you’ve accomplished as well as where you fell short in what you wanted to achieve.  It helps you fine tune the desires of your heart and where to invest your efforts next.  What’s next?  Ponder that and let the light go on like magic.











Saturday:  Queen of Bows

Ah the fiery flush of glory with the Queen of Bows fits perfectly with the Moon Mars conjunction today.  The downsize could be more impulsive urges at the forefront, but the upside is you have collective support for a new pattern from your community.  The Wildwood Tarot asks you with this card, “How do you influence those around you”?  Moon Mars will reveal you where you may bully, charmingly, but bully nevertheless.  In some cases there is some urgency or necessity behind the pressure, but do check in to see and decide again whether this is a long term strategy that serves you well.  In a few instances it does, in most it does not.  No matter how appealingly a heavy demand is served up, it still lands hard.  Think back to where you’ve been on the receiving end and where in your life you asked a question without allowing for an honest no from others.  Good to investigate the places in you that doesn’t trust the abundant flow of life and options so instead you pressure and push your way through.  Once you review it, understand better what drove it and forgive yourself, watch for the magnetism of this Queen to start calling the resources to you to show you how much easier it can be to do it this way.










Sunday:  The World

Sweet this card and in this particular position, too!  The build up of the Shaman, Queen of Bows with the World following it means you have the ability to inspire and invite others into the world of your imagination to help make your dreams come true.  The old win/lose dynamic is harsh and wildly unproductive in the long run thanks to all the side effects that come with fierce avoidance of the ‘lose’ side of the equation.  So today with Pluto going Retrograde moving through the middle degrees of Capricorn until September, time to revamp your view of the power structures in your life.  How do you display power, who were your role models and are they the same ones you look up to now?  Invitation opens far more doors than demands do.  Being persuaded to join someone is much more appealing that a demand that you follow.  When you are brave enough to look at the real truth of how you get things done and how others get you to do them then you can upgrade the efforts for a lot more fun and results.  It opens doors, it opens whole Worlds of possibility.  As the Moon moves into Leo it reminds you to shine, take those sunny feelings and shine a light on others.  The World is richer with your shared experiences.









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