Daily Tarot with TruthinHand Roller Coaster April Fool’s

April rolls in with plenty of twists and turns after a transformational Full Moon of the 31st ushering in a roller coaster April Fool’s Day.  That’s just the start of it and once again, better to buckle up buttercup.  A celestial storm of activity helps us to let go of planning our future away and instead learn to trust our choices moment by moment.  The old patterns and choices aren’t going to give you the results you want.  In fact trying to stay in them is more likely to get a reaction like poking a beehive.  There are twists and turns aplenty this next week accompanied by strong emotions.

Mars and Saturn team up ahead of Chiron’s roll into Aries to get you to answer this – where do you overreact to criticism, have an uncomfortable relationship with anger and mismanage asserting yourself?   When you let the wounded part of you decide your story, you  overreact to disagreements with an implosion or explosion.  Look at the people in your life, how do they handle anger and self assertion?  Too much or too little?  Find someone you feel does it well and feel what it is like to know your boundaries well enough to hold them without too much or too little self assertion.  Be honest with yourself about where you insist on being in control and what fear sits underneath that drive or where you feel controlled and what need made it a choice in the first place.  Fear of being helpless or unlovable is present in everyone.  Time to get clear on where these are the core beliefs that dictated coping skills whose time is over.

Guess what, you get to the Goldilocks moment of ‘just right’ for you when it comes to power, control, domination and motives through trial and error.  In other words, you are likely to over react and/or under react first this month.  Which is why slow is a travel speed that serves you very well indeed.  Slower, yet not inert, is the goal.  Feel what your own personal Yes to something is and where a healthy No shows up.  For those who live most of their life in their heads this can make April uncomfortable.  But it’s uncomfortable with a purpose.  You have a mind, heart, body and intuition(or spirit) that all help to make your best choices.  The mind is meant to be a bridge to connect where you are with where you wish to go but when it isn’t managed it just talks you out of what you long for with unpleasant consequences.

When you’ve thought what you ‘should’, or done what you are ‘supposed to’ for too long, you go numb to the rest of you.  April is Spring for the unattended parts of your decision making process.  So get ready to have plans shake, rattle and roll.  Instead stay minute by minute.  Because in this moment you have information, people, resources available that you couldn’t see from the place you like to plan from days, weeks or months in advance.  There is a rich bounty of possibility and to quote Auntie Mame, ‘Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving’.  Time to get off the bread lines and into the feast called life.

So prepare for the unexpected prepared to intuitively feel your way rather than think it, then mind and body to make it real.  The cards and the Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield



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Card of the Week:  Green Woman

Lush, fertile promise of Spring rests in this card.  The banquet that is life is before you.  Your opportunity this week is to trust the twists and turns and relax a bit into the ride, even when adrenaline flows freely.  Flow it will too, thanks to Jupiter and the Moon in close contact.  Jupiter dials up what it touches so there can be strong feelings surging.  Emotions take roughly ten minutes to travel our bodies.  So when the spike happens, grab your phone and give yourself ten minutes to really feel it – don’t act on those spikes.  Allow them.  Feel them.  Let some of the pent up feelings flow for ten minutes.  That beginning, middle and end helps to hold the deluge.  Emotions are represented by water and we know water takes the shape of it’s container.  Just this week I tried to freeze a bottle of water but left the cap on before it was frozen.  It split the bottle into pieces.  There are places in your life where your mind pulled back so far that what your heart wants has splintered, just like the bottle.  It shows up in reactive, sensitive, or raging behavior.  This doesn’t mean you’re wrong to feel this way, it means you want to heal it.  This is what happens when you give yourself your own attention to just what it is you feel without a rush to react, protect yourself of pay the other person back.  Spend some quality time on those trigger points with a container of time…  The gusher lessons and slows down when it’s given a chance to flow.









Monday:  Nine of Vessels

The influence of Mars and Saturn today starts things off.  Mars represents our actions, Saturn how we embody our lives within rules, limits and structures.  When they travel together in Capricorn it is time for a careful calibration of how well our actions serve us.  Because when we put solid thought and some understanding into what we do, those actions create the fabric of our lives.  Which means if you want a full life, see where you’ve traded opportunity for security.  The ongoing theme of what’s possible versus what’s valuable travels with this pair.  The Moon comes along and adds additional weight to that question.  Nine’s are always the completion of a cycle and this Nine represents wish fulfillment.  In other words, the Universe is a generous place where dreams do come true.  It just requires some assembly on your part.  Put it together well and you can enjoy it for a long, long time.  Rush and throw it together out of impatience and you may get injured then find out it cannot do what you want it to do because it’s badly assembled.  Let your feelings represented by those vessels help guide you towards a more careful, step by step progress forward.  This card and sweet Lunar aspects say your dreams really can come true and it’s up to you to participate.









Tuesday:  Two of Arrows (Reversed)

The Moon, which is what we love and fear lit plays ball with the heavy hitters today.  Both Pluto and Jupiter get into the mix to transform through expansion.  So be prepared for some emotional spikes today.  No accident this Two of Arrows is reversed, to underscore that the way to our dreams can’t be neatly planned.  It has to be lived.  This is a seismic shift internally today thanks to Pluto’s nudge to transform.   You may also feel some late day gratitude for triggering moments when you turn a corner late evening courtesy of Chiron.  It’s easier to see what we gained from our wounded past and how far we have traveled into strength and courage now.  In other words, those cutting grains of sand have become pearls thanks to your efforts.










Wednesday:  Ace of Stones

The nurturing mother, Ceres, squares off with Venus today to highlight the ongoing theme of where have you traded what you really want for what you can get.  The Ace is a fresh start and Stones represent the body and what we physically create for our lives.  So today you get to revisit what do you do to bring your closer to your heart’s desire.  How much time do you give those dreams?  The Moon is trine Mercury, how we see and say things.  So it’s a good day to put on a fresh pair of lenses to see your world.  What is valuable to you versus what is possible and present.  Are you willing to risk some of the pain that inevitably comes with the risk to go after our dreams?  Once you’ve taken inventory, then it’s time to take one concrete measurable step towards having those dreams.  Calculate your risk, there is no shame in that.  Then take the ones that are right for you in service of what makes life worth living, rather than just safe.









Thursday:  Nine of Stones

This is the second Nine and signals co-operative endings.  Which is perfect for theme of releasing the patterns that kept us safe but not so very happy.  Early morning is tense with adjustment but since it is sleep time (prior to 5:30am) for most, those adjustments may take the form of some wild dreams.  If you remember, great!  Dreams are one way your brain prepares to master new activities as they learn and process what you’ve already done.  Set the intention to remember what is helpful then let go of any expectations.  It’s the perfect way to harness the energy with less struggle and more support from the Universe.  Why not, right?  A sweet Trine between Sun and Moon once you wake up says integrating those unconscious offerings is done easily.  Then all you have to do is enjoy the shift in you today.  It can be your new foundation, your new tradition going forward.  Co-operative endings are not only possible, they can be common.










Friday:  Four of Vessels

While the Wildwood Tarot calls this card Boredom, mostly it is associated with defensiveness.  With all the emotional upheaval and triggers this week, It’s natural to have the defenses of the past pop up in our first reactions to difficult moments.  The Moon is in a tense relationship with Chiron, which means the place in you that feels young or powerless may want the driver’s seat today.  Ah, but here’s the saving grace, Uranus gives you some brilliant responses that help you put the young you in the back seat safely distracted so the wise adult you can take the wheel.  The Moon moves into Capricorn to further ground any prickly emotions.  Be willing to let others have their moment and their recovery while you tend to your priorities.  Be the example and you wind up with more adults in the room instead of wounded children.










Saturday:  Ace of Wands

Two Aces signal a union of some kind is at hand.  Considering that Moon is conjunct (united) with Saturn and also with Mars, it means you marry your intentions with your actions, your inner world with the outside world.  It really lands for you today the way you craft the life you want, moment by moment, choice by choice.  The changes you’ve made this week in your response pattern starts to feel more natural.  Thanks to Venus in an easy aspect with Saturn you can work with limitations and let them add dimension and texture to your dreams rather than feeling like you are delayed or denied when you don’t already have what you want the way you wish it to look.  Now it’s time to acknowledge that dreams, yours and other people’s, are not just valuable, but they are part of the treasure that makes us who we are.  That’s a marriage you can say yes to with a whole heart.










Sunday:  Nine of Bows


Wow, three Nines this week definitely underlines the completion of a process in your growth by the end of the week.  Three together signal correspondence and Jupiter hits Mercury, the Communication Planet, with some extra expansion as well.  So today what you write or what you read is significant.  The Moon stands next to Dark Lord Pluto and squares off with Venus, the planet that loves harmony.  So get ready to release the place in your that trades security for more of what you love.  It’s time to officially let go of that outdated conditioning so you can live the life you are here to live.  Pain and disappointment come with risk and you’ve lived through them before.  In some cases, you’ve even benefitted from those darkest and most difficult moments, even if it is just the knowledge of your own strength.  This card is respect in the Wildwood Tarot and in traditional Tarot means mental discipline.  The temptation to slip back into wounded or powerless viewpoints is always possible.  What makes it happen less and less is the choice and actions to come from a different creation point of view.  Each time you catch yourself and get back to an empowered you, the life you live gets bigger and more bountiful.



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