Daily Tarot Forecast 4/23-29-Duality And Destruction

This week ahead is one of the most pivotal all year.  It signals a corner turned and you decide which way you wish to go.  Will it be into profound change or destruction?  Actually both serve you, but one is more pleasant.  However if you insist on keeping your eyes searching way ahead, anxious for signs of the results you long for, you lose sight of the present moment that brings you those cherished dreams.  This path is one of destruction.  Because the future is only ever created in this moment.  It is time to embrace the duality of holding a goal without staying fixed on some future perfection as opposed to the chaos of the present.

For those who are uncomfortable in this moment, who instead switch focus between past struggles and future threats, you actually need some destruction.  Because it robs you of the power you have right now as you anxiously swing between the past and future.  When you train your eye on either of those destinations you lose the moment.  So you have a chance to do it differently this week.  Choice by choice, moment by moment you learn to keep your eyes on where you are right now and let the future be a picture you tune in and refine now and then rather than anxiously watch to see if it will come about.

Don’t let obstacles side track you or frighten you that you will not get to the destination you want.  Marcus Aurelius said it best almost 2,000 years ago, “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”  Embrace each thing you have in front of you as something that can move you closer to your future.  Observe the obstacles not for the irritation they offer you but instead as the way shower.

When you do that this week, you harness all the best of the elements to help you Spring Clean that which no longer serves you.  Mars and Pluto get together to give transformation a big step up or a fast step down into destruction.  Each moment you are really present for whatever happens this week reprograms waves to your body that carry you into the future, armed and deliciously creative for more of what you want.  Are you ready for it?  The Cards and the Stars can help…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week:  Three of Stones

This three in Wildwood Tarot references the fact that ‘the artist energy must be refined and focused for effective and meaningful achievement’.  Three’s rule communication and thought  which pairs nicely with our final Mercury square to Saturn in the Mercury Retrograde dance that happens today.  These two planets connected first on the 10th of March and then the 5th of April.  These dates gives you a progress report for what is being refined in you for more meaningful achievement.  Review what you’ve discovered, listen to your instinct about the message, add it to those cues and signals you receive from the world around you.  This week is like a final exam on ‘being present’ for what you feel and need so you can plug it into the world around you more effectively and joyfully.  That’s called creation.  Reactions are likely this week, if only to show you through contrast how much better creation feels.  Let the obstacles be a gift, trust each step and watch how options open up that you couldn’t see when you had your eyes focused too far ahead.  There is meaningful achievement for you at stake.








Monday:  The Guardian (Reversed)  

This card reversed invites you to examine what got you into the present predicament?  It’s highly likely that the motivation that landed you in the current situation is an important part of what evolves this week.  Was the focus more on what you could build or what suffering you could avoid?  This one combined with our Card of the Week says you take the necessary steps to break free from outdated patterns as Pluto goes retrograde.  The Moon meets up with the North Node in Leo to stoke the fires of individuality.  Uranus throws in bolts of insight, but it requires you rely less on intellect and more on feelings as it tweaks Pallas’s Athene’s cool head.  Then we have a sweet set up from Mars and Jupiter to help nudge you in the right direction for which action best serves you in this moment.   Or it throws napalm on things if you simply repeat past mistakes.  You decide.  There’s a tailwind of change you can ride in the present and from there create a much more appealing future.  Try it…










Tuesday:  Queen of Vessels

The Moon meets up with Uranus today to help soften the harsh light of reality, all in service of you knowing yourself better.  This emotional Queen highlights the importance of what we love and what price we pay to keep what we love safe.  You are meant to see that where you choose to keep the peace rather than speak your truth – everybody loses.  The price is too high and will always be too high.  Time to learn how to embrace disagreement or conflict if it’s a natural by product when you honor your authentic heart.  Instead of giving up what we want for the sake of peace, we have to find a way to get to peace when you hold true to core desires.  Venus and Chiron sandwich the place where you doubt yourself or others and so you played small.  You don’t have to go nuclear to get change, rather it’s one focused moment of clarity at a time that does the trick.  Don’t even get too distracted by what is the the action required.  Instead stay clear on what you feel, what you need and from there the right action lines up.   Good, now you’ve got the rhythm.









Wednesday:  Eight of Stones, Skill

Time to hone your skill with this eight, right in line with the third pass of Mercury and Saturn.  While you may have more clarity, a tense aspect between the Moon and Pallas illustrates that fear doesn’t listen to logic.  You have to soothe the place in you that is frightened of loss or pain before you can move into the creation space.  Ignore the need and it will only go underground and leak into everything you try to do.  The Moon opposite Neptune means our fears can run away with us on very little evidence.  So harness the wild horses of imagination and instead of the worst case scenario as your focal point, bookend it with the best case scenario.  The best case is every bit as possible as the worst you can imagine.  Reassure yourself that whether you see immediate proof or not, there is progress being made.  By late evening you get sweet relief through those new stories you feed yourself and may even get solid confirmation your fears were mostly groundless.










Thursday:  Four of Stones, Protection

Mars and Pluto meet up today while the Moon moves into Libra and quickly stands opposite the wound.  Defensiveness is the shadow side of today’s energy and you want to go back to moment by moment awareness.  When fear crops ask yourself if it’s true?  Is it really, really true?  How do you know it’s true and not just your story?  Because I can almost guarantee there is a lot more fear in your first conclusions then there is accuracy.  To follow fear is to head for destruction.  So breathe.  In fact today is a great day to practice the Breath of Love brain game if anxiety pops up.  Use this breathing technique to knock fear down like Wack-A-Mole.  Because on the other side of a knee-jerk fear response is the real power to make transformational shifts in what you do.  This isn’t ‘think your way through’, rather it’s being intensely here, now, for as much of the day as you can.  Don’t spend too much effort on making anything happen.  Instead breathe into and let all the information of the moment help you decide what the next right step for you is in service of your dreams.  Remember ‘what stands in the way is the way’ to get to what you want.  So let each detour, irritant, block be one more thing that advances your dreams as you harness the ‘now’.








Friday:  The Archer

‘The dawn of a new adventure’ is ushered in this morning with the Archer, according to Wildwood Tarot.  The promise of a well used Archer is supreme success.  The caution is you use the Mars/Pluto conjunction to ride roughshod over others to get your way.  One will serve you, the other will cost you.  It’s a day for real progress with minimal force.  The effort needs to be around change of mind.  It may happen more than once today with the Moon opposite Mercury.  You may find that first you see things from one perspective, only to have another one pop up shortly after.  Your work is to sort through which thoughts make you feel lighter, more expansive and which thoughts make you feel tighter and more contracted.  The first is a yes or take the next step.  The second is a no or not yet, you need to learn more before you move.  Thanks to a little help from Mercury and the Leo North Node, you see what really matters to you and it’s easier to take action from this vantage point.  Action that is both informed and aligned with more of you, that’s a win, every time.









Saturday:  Four of Arrows, Rest (Reversed)

Ah, the second four this week points to evidence of strong relationships being an important part of this week’s transformational tension.  Moon square Pluto echoes that as our shadow squares off with deep transformation.  Suddenly you can see where your fears box you in through impulsive words and actions or paralyzed inaction.  Fours alway put things on a firm foundation and this one reversed shows you how to break free of mental exhaustion that comes of too much defense.  Our brain overestimates the threat as a survival tactic.  The Moon square Mars and opposite Neptune reveals we aren’t quite comfortable with new actions that rattle the status quo, but this is a healthy discomfort.  Until you’ve had some practice the new normal feels a bit odd, like new shoes.  So reassure yourself this is just unfamiliarity and not an indication of disaster, especially when you got here without steamrolling others.  You have far more support when you enlist like minds to join you.  There’s strength in numbers and there are those around you who would love to join in the effort.









Sunday:  Five of Vessels, Ecstasy (Reversed)  Full Scorpio Moon

This is that tricky card that means the opposite in the Wildwood Tarot as it does in traditional tarot.  The way to read this card with the Card of the Week is to leverage the success you’ve had in one arena to help build your confidence to overcome obstacles in other places of your life.  This Full Moon stirs up the depths of shadow so you can bring the new skill where you stay present to move past old sorrows and losses with new strength.  See the pain, struggle and failures of the past as part of what gets you to a destination even more generous than your first wish may have been.  Your pain carved out a wider range in your emotional palette.  Failure gave you a chance to see your strength and learn resilience.  See the path you’ve walked through a broader vision, one that weaves every moment together into a cloth of extraordinary beauty not in spite of the disappointments but with them as part of the light and shadow.  This then allows you to trust each moment’s offering instead of tensing up when you get what you didn’t want.  Give it time to become all that it really can be, inch by inch.  With Saturn so prominently factored now, these changes set the stage for years of benefit from your evolution.









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