Daily Tarot 4/30-5/6 Communicate Through Chaos

Mercury comes out from the shadow of this retrograde mid week, so where has your point of view changed and on what since March 22nd?  I doubt things are completely clear yet, because we have the feminine chaos ruling us for a while longer.  This serves to deepen and expand the potential of what you want to create.  Much like a baby in a mother’s womb, what is coming to be needs just a little more nurturing before the world gets to see it.  Almost there…

Meanwhile, things continue to stretch us, invite growth, shake us up and challenge us.  Where we have a lot of power is in how we interpret each thing that happens.  Does the interpretation make you feel better or worse?  If it’s the latter, start clearing out any beliefs that choke off a view of something that appeals along side of what ever threatens.  Instead find your way through the thicket or confusion to what lands as your authentic yes or your authentic no, without it being twisted by what might happen because of it.

In other words, stop trying to get results with the right answers and instead find your answers then see where they plug in to get you to the right place for YOU.  If you are racing for an outcome, stop.  Don’t give up the goal, just get there a different way.  One very solid, real choice of yours at a time.  It may take you down a different path than you envisioned, which isn’t going to be a bad thing.  Your fear brain may try to shout that Truth down, but it isn’t accurate.  It may look chaotic and creation is just that.

Each situation and every single day offers you another opportunity to strengthen what you know about you as you are now.  The adult, empowered, creative being that you are.  Keep your eyes on that reality and the choices get clearer and clearer.  The Cards and the Stars will help.




Card of the Week:  Three of Stones

Oddly enough, despite all the shuffling we wound up with the same card in the same position for a second week.  This means we aren’t done with this theme yet.  Here’s the recap for you.  This three in Wildwood Tarot references the fact that ‘the artist energy must be refined and focused for effective and meaningful achievement’.  Three’s rule communication and thought  which emphasizes the Mercury square to Saturn we’ve just passed through.  These two planets connected first on the 10th of March and then the 5th of April.  These dates gives you a progress report and this week it is time to put the expanded understanding to work.  Ideas entertain but they accomplish more when paired with emotions and actions.  What will you do with any new views about you and the life you lead?  Find ways to integrate them into your life, of course.  Communication is both give and receive, so practice active listening for the best results this week.










Monday:  Four of Stones, Protection

We follow the creativity of the Three with this solid Four of Stones.  Ah, but there is a note of caution with today’s aspects.  Since the Sun squares the Nodes it requires and adjustment to what actually is protection and what is just misplaced defensiveness.  The Moon, what we love and fear losing gets help from Jupiter, Pluto and Mars today to make it easier to see where you’ve got some wasted walls standing between you and the big wide world.  Shelter is well and good but a fortress means you don’t trust your own power now as an adult.  Feel your way through and if you over react or armor up, you can quietly catch yourself and take it down a notch or two.  You’ve likely overestimated the threat and underestimated you.  Adjust your actions according to a more realistic assessment of your strength and you really are on firm ground now…









Tuesday:  The Forest Lovers 

The quality of love depends entirely on the contribution of those engaged in loving.  Today is a test of what you want the quality of love to be for you.  With challenging aspects to Eris, those unclaimed and often unwanted parts of us have to be added into the equation somehow.  Eris, the goddess of discord behaved badly because she felt unwanted and unseen.  If you won’t claim the difficult parts of you, they often show up to ruin the party when you least expect it.  The other side of this is that your fears of being flawed or of failure often keep you from risking your heart.  If you don’t risk you won’t fail, but you also miss the biggest part of life, loving and being loved.  This goes for a person, a job, a home or anything that moves you and stirs your heart.  What will you risk in order to gain, this is the question that begs and answer today.  Find yours…









Wednesday:  The Knight of Arrows

While this swiftest of Knight is quick to respond, today’s aspects say the shadow side says don’t rush to action or jump to conclusions.  Something needs clarity and while you may think you have it, your first impression doesn’t hold all you require.  The Moon opposes the cool logic of Pallas and the airy Knight wants to make sense of it all, but emotions don’t listen to logic and they certainly don’t obey it.  Sort and separate all you want to, the emotions are going to creep in and blur those boundaries.  So instead use your actions to help you make sense out of what feels right to you.  Do it, don’t do it – trust your instincts not your mind as the last word.









Thursday:  Pole Star

Both Venus and the Moon offer up sweet support to surrender to a wider threshold of good feelings and help heal old family wounds.  Creative solutions are within reach today and a shiny, almost electric inspiration and vitality hum through it all with a little help from the Sagittarius Moon trine illuminating Uranus.  The Pole Star reminds us that we are made of the same stuff the stars are made of and we have our unique place in the world.  What do you want and where does your efforts each day reflect that priority.  In fact, today is a great day to do a priority check!  What are those things most important to you and does your day to day routine reflect those things?  Week to week?  The promise with this card is that when you invest in your dreams you get to see them realized.  The shadow says that without effort you won’t see the results you wish for.  Time to align your inner world, actions and community.  The world is waiting for exactly what you have to offer.









Friday:  Two of Bows, Decision

You choose which path you take today, emotional maturity or detached and impersonal rules.  With this fiery two and a little help from Vesta who as Kim Gould says, “renews the connection between everyday life and the sacred, especially through sex”.  Sex is just one expression of the creative function and the heat of these two bows reminds us to bring passion to more of our choices, not just to the bedroom.  As we find that spark and share it with others ideas catch fire and informations spreads the joy of creation.  What can you bring your inspired glow to today and share it with someone who helps feed the flame?







Saturday:  The Wanderer

Get ready to take a leap of faith today.  How big a leap is entirely dependent on you and what you have going on right now, but it is going to stretch you out of your comfort zone.  The aspects almost all point to adjustment, adjustment, adjustment.  The Wildwood Tarot cautions, “Remember your wisdom, strength and whatever personal experiences and skills you may have will not help you,”.  Instead what is required that you trust all of what has gone before has prepared you for what comes next, you just can’t try to manage it with your mind to fit old patterns.  It won’t fit.  If you try to make it do so, you rob yourself of the adventure, the gifts and the expansion that is yours to enjoy.  So take a deep breath, stay present, find your authentic yes or no that isn’t dictated to by fears and go for it.










Sunday:  Nine of Arrows, Dedication

After yesterday’s expansion, the mind is getting all thingy and clingy and trying to scare you back into familiar territory.  See it for what it is, needless worry, and share your fears with a loved one.  It helps to talk it out with supportive people today thanks to a Sun/Neptune trine.  Be sure to choose people who encourage your growth rather than feed your fears.  Your creation team needs people who evaluate risks to help minimize or eliminate them not to dial them up or catastrophize them.  It’s a good time to take a look at who you have that belongs on the expansion team and who belongs on your contraction team.  There’s nothing wrong with having people who see the problems first.  It’s more of an issue if that is what they spend most of their energy on looking for.  The people around you reflect your current vantage point.  What is it?









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