Daily Tarot May 7-13th Blast Off

The Earth speaks to us with the volume turned up when we fail to listen.  It isn’t punishment, it is a conversation.  This blast off dialogue is going to go up a few decibels the the next little while, like the volcano in Hawaii upping awareness, earthquakes here in California have been closer together, while still on the reasonable side.  One a personal scale, this is  how your body wants to talk to you.  How well do you converse?  Is it a friendly dialogue or is a migraine, sprain or nasty cold the way your body has to get your attention?

Rather than seeing this as a threat if you don’t listen, understand it is cause and effect.  The less we listen, the more unprepared we are for the responses needed to anticipate change.   Pluto in the gate of Truth says we simply can’t ignore what happens in us and around us.  If we do turn a blind eye the imbalance builds pressure to normalize, equalize or otherwise make corrections.

Tune in to your body this week, notice which places make you feel energized, which ones make you feel drained.  Apply that curiosity to the people in your life, too.  Do you have a good mix?  People who challenge us aren’t necessarily bad for us.  Our response to it and how we understand our interactions is ta good place to start when it comes to necessary adjustments.  Where you overestimate another’s threat to you and underestimate your ability to work with it – there’s your starting line.

Hurt or anger that your feelings and wants weren’t considered, means time to check in and make sure you offer what you ask of others.  If you have and they still can’t meet you there, then there’s the inequity.  Patterns are shifting in weather, politics, in finance and in religion.  You have your own personal version of each of these systems.  Time to shape the arenas where you and life itself dance together rather than being at the mercy of whatever happens.

Creation point is at hand, and you don’t want to be left reacting to a threat that is not longer a threat.  This next few days will serve up places to engage with your life in a much more interactive way.  Try to play with it like Play-doh or Legos, use your beginner’s mind.  If you were just seeing what is in front of you for the very first time, what would you do with what’s at hand?   The Cards and the Stars can help.


Card of the Week:  The Blasted Oak

How well does this card suit the shift about to happen with the Lightning Bolt Uranus set to shift into Taurus, right?  The Wildwood Tarot calls this the “Fire of Creation” and the “Curative Destruction”.  Before you panic at the thought of carnage, allow for the curative destruction to be aimed at outdated patterns that fit you about as well as your baby shoes would at this point in your life.  Where did your mind go first when you heard ‘destruction’?  That’s the really interesting place to play.  Because the things we most fear losing are where we wrap the most control around to protect against the loss.  Best to take some quality time with you and get to know your operating system.  I guarantee there are updates available and much like software upgrades, these really can help against those bugs that irritate and annoy you.  So see through that lens day by day.  What needs an attitude, belief or perspective upgrade?









Monday:  The Great Bear

This card heralds a big breakthrough, right on track with Mercury square to Pluto.  So these two in hard aspect gives you two alternate paths to walk today.  The first path is into deep insight that yields riches when you see an old pattern and give yourself a completely fresh start on how you interpret it.  View situations and others as they really are, without either the rose colored glasses or heavy judgement on their behavior.  When you do, it gives you a new approach to your life that feels achievable and soul satisfying.  You may find some rather quick payoffs on this road, at least there will be measurable results to satisfy in a lasting way even if you don’t get to the finish line in one week.   The second path is the long road, where you obsess about a situation or a person to try to figure out how to get them to do what you want the way you want so you don’t have to face your fears or responsibilities.  It’s the place that doesn’t trust the Universe will be benevolent or generous with you.    This path may figure it out in the short run on how to gain quick advantage through overt manipulation and passive aggressive positions, but the odds are against anything more than short term results that then require a much greater level of plotting on your part going forward for diminishing return.  You choose…








Tuesday:  Six of Bows, Abundance

Again the theme of duality pops up today with a Sun Jupiter opposition that can help or hurt.  The straight path says that there is vitality, credit, good fortune enough for all when we collaborate to find  what benefits all rather than just a few.  The longer path (although it often appears like a short cut) is a sense of entitlement that justifies taking more than a fair share because you can and feel it’s only fair to do so.  Mercury is in close contact with Eris, the Goddess of Discord that shows up around the parts of us that feel unseen and uninvited to the party.  This is the place that uses past hurt to rationalize taking all you can in the moment, without recognition that you just did to someone else what was done to you.  What is at stake is the power to create a more balanced world for you versus getting ‘even’ in the present which actually tips the scales out of true balance.  Instead come from a place that celebrates a more equitable exchange today, with your active contribution.  This then creates a flow that carries you and others along into a richer, sweeter day.  Celebration indeed.









Wednesday:  Four of Arrows, Rest

This Four invites you to put your thoughts on firm foundation today and park them there as much as possible.  The mind has had plenty to race back and forth on already this week, so today with just a couple of aspects, you have a chance to ground yourself, your thoughts and your body for a well deserved down time.  It’s a good time to reflect on your inherited parental patterns of punishment or neglect and bring a mature wisdom to your own needs.  Call on your own inner ‘good’ Mother and Father to give yourself that solid basis from which to assess anything that needs your attention.  Compassion and Strength are required – give it to yourself.  Don’t wait for another’s validation. Be your own highest authority and best support.  You believe in you, first.  Well done.  Now do it again, why don’t you…especially when it feels so soothing.  Anything that needs to be discussed with another can expand your point of view, but first start by knowing your own.










Thursday:  Two of Arrows (Reversed) Injustice

Yesterday’s Four of Arrows gives way to the Two.  A discussion can help end confusion although you still may not see eye to eye.   Agreement is not the goal today.  Instead it is for you to find new ways to appreciate everyone’s differences first and then with respect for all, see what can be accomplished from a more inclusive beginning.  You don’t need to persuade each other or anyone else to agree.  Since Pluto and the Moon sit close together, it’s too likely to come off as coercion rather than collaboration, no matter how well intended.  Instead look for goal or result that includes a wider perspective – one where each has contributed something and feels seen or valued.  The Sun and Moon play nicely to help you accomplish that.  Justice is closer at hand when everyone has a seat at the table and is seen.  Contributions from each one will vary situation by situation.  Don’t try so hard to keep everything ‘even’ in the short run, just commit to the goal of that over the long haul.










Friday:  Six of Stones, Exploitation

Careful, careful today that the Ego doesn’t step in and highjack any progress made earlier this week.  Everyone has and Ego and it has a healthy role to play, the key word being healthy.  So with Pluto in play, time to acknowledge to places where you’ve felt powerless and have overcompensated in some self-satisfying ways that won’t sustain you long term.  Best to start with any rationalizations or justifications your mind offers up hastily today.  Thanks to revealing light from Moon, Venus and Pluto in various combinations secret places where you long to connect also pull back the curtain so you see the nasty barbed wire that often defends the need.  This is where it can be easiest to take more than your share for past starvation. Sixes represent the healing energy of Virgo, know you are whole and intact just as you are.  The recognition that you are enough, you have enough is there for you today.  Sit down with it and let it fill up those gaps from the past with the sweet recognition of the present moment you give to yourself.









Saturday:  Queen of Vessels

Wow, again with the choices of how you do today.  Do you start seeing the abundance available to you?  Much more of this is ahead of you.  If you show up as the adult in your own power you have a deeply transformative, emotionally satisfying day where the healing power of love can work true magic.  See your actions from the viewpoint of the powerful adult you are rather than a reactive, passive aggressive young place.  Then you can choose what to do from the powerful present moment, not the past.  If you instead try to balance past injustice today you could find yourself in a painful loop of old trauma patterns.  This is not the day, not the time.  Own your part in anything that happens, this is your creation point.  Adjust in the moment with all viewpoints equally relevant, equally considered and see how quickly things can change.  By evening the Moon and Venus meet up sweetly to help you feel both satisfied and safe when you take the mantle of responsibility for your own feelings without disowning another’s.









Sunday:  The Archer

In traditional Tarot this is the Chariot or ‘Success’ Card.  Combined with the Blasted Tower it’s time to examine where you work your will in your life and what imbalances are there.  Mercury and Uranus get together to send your mind down all kinds of interesting new paths.  Moon and Mars in a challenge aspect want you to spend time on the subject of bullying.  Where have you felt it, where have you done it?  I promise you, both are there in your life somewhere.  It’s a human condition.  It may be quite innocently and sweetly coated but it is still the place where you want the results and will try almost anything to get them.  No shame, no blame.  It’s just time to make corrections, because in the life you have in front of you doesn’t improve with this unconscious pattern running.  The more conscious you are of when and why it happens, the less power it has for a sneak attack with unpleasant repercussions.  Whether you apply pressure or receive it, update how it works in your life so you move to the high ground that trusts your needs will be met when you open up to how, when, where and who will meet them.  This self awareness and empowerment allows for a real flow of abundance to you and from you.  The sky is the limit…

















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