Daily Tarot May 14-20, Bend Or Break Time

The famous french poet Jean de la fontaine said, “I bend so I do not break”.  Those are good words to keep handy as we walk into a week with some sharp turns.  Both Mars and Uranus separate us, define and identify what is wanted from the unwanted.  This week they start the first of three challenging touches to address those spots in our lives where we have become fixed or dogmatic.  They will spotlight where beliefs or actions of habit have become so routine they are in muscle memory.  So the Universe serves up these jolts of adjustment that invite you to choose all over again, what you do and why you do it.

Expect to have routines break down or habits start to annoy you rather than soothe you.  Irritation or frustration are part of this, to serve a specific purpose.  See where you’ve been walking through your life rather than living it, moment by dynamic moment.  The freedom in the Uranian shift can feel oh so liberating once you get over the shock of change.  That shock will be smaller or larger based on how entrenched you are in your status quo.  Remember, nothing you let go of is lost, simply released from its current form so it can expand and fill a new place in your life.

Where fear tightens its grip, then the only thing left is a break.  Back to the choice you have, bend so you don’t break.  The words of Albert Camus may help if you find the young place in you fearful of the changes in front of you.  “Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they may never be broken”.  Soften the edges if you can’t yet surrender the whole habit or belief.  Try on a new possibility or an action just a little different then you normally do it.  You can crawl, then walk, and eventually run with the wind at your back.  You do have some power and influence over how this plays out.  Anchor in the truth that all things change, then work with what those changes look like for you.  The Cards and Stars will help.


Card of the Week:  The Seer

The Wildwood Tarot says of the Seer, “Many dreams or desires related to the creative or emotional process are ready to be applied to your day to day life and you must now give vent to those hidden or suppressed longings”.  Perfectly timed for this week, what has been denied or delayed has to claim its place in your life.  If you’ve been deeply out of touch with those longings, the shocks may increase to get them up to the surface.  Now is where the light goes on as to the things you’ve hungered for that haven’t happened worked to show you what was a whim versus what was a soul desire.  Delays discourage and dampen mere whims, while the true longing finds a way to creep into all kinds of places.  It can show up in rivalry, competition and feelings of lack.  All these point to where your dreams need your attention.  Let go of trying to force a fit where it doesn’t work so you can find the places where the key fits the perfect lock for your desires.  Trust, determination and a little optimism add wonderful flavor to the effort.  Let your soul guide you through your receptive nature.  What’s right for you will feel more expansive and even exciting.  Any place you feel contraction or discouragement, pull back.  Let more insight come to you to see if it is the wrong place or simply the wrong time.  Feel your way a moment at a time.  You can’t miss that way.









Monday:  Knight of Vessels

Heartfelt movement forward with a little push from Jupiter to Mars is in the cards and stars today.  You may feel a touch exposed but there is support for you when you risk telling the story of what you want in a way that includes more of you in it. It can be an invitation for others to support your dreams rather than any attempt to make them do so.   Passion for a dream or goal can lift and shift those around you into action, with your story shared from a place that doesn’t look for permission or affirmation.  Believe in your own dreams, reveal what feels right to share but stretch and reveal a little more than you normally would, then stand firm in your own backing.  This way when you do get feedback it only helps you rather than hurts you.  You’ll be able to see what your circle contributes in its own light rather than as authority that can green light or red light what you want to happen.  Pay attention to where fears pop up based on others contributions.  These are the places that need bending so you don’t break.  You get some nice ‘break’throughs by evening.









Tuesday:  The Wheel (New Moon in Taurus)

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016Ah, the turn of fate is wrapped up in the New Moon today.  One of the more fascinating things about today is the meetup between the Asteroid Eris in sweet combination with Venus and another Asteroid, Pallas Athene.  Okay, translation time.  Pallas is the place where we get in our heads to make a ‘rational’ choice.  Eris is the part of us we left out which therefore causes all kinds of trouble because of it.  Venus acts as glue to help bring to the surface those disowned heartfelt dreams that didn’t ‘make sense’ so you can start strategizing on new ways to add them back in to your life.  Your particular desires are your unique contribution to the world.  Who you are makes a difference.  Bring more of the real you out into the world, even if it upsets current routines (yours or another’s).  Those habits are going to be revisited for upgrades or endings the next seven years of Uranus in Taurus anyway.  Now you can make a conscious choice to shape your corner of of the world rather than being dragged into change at the mercy of life’s inevitable progress forward.  This momentum is like a hum you feel bubble through your veins and it whether it registers as anxiety or excitement hinges on the story you tell yourself of what it means.  You won’t lose anything that is valuable, but you will have to allow it to take on a different form from what it’s lived in up until now.  Why not be interactive and play an active part of what this upgrade looks like.








Wednesday:  Woodward

In the very early hours of the day Mars squares Uranus for the first of three times this coming summer.  So the Woodward shows up to give us inner strength to face the changes that lie ahead of us.  Key to working with what happens is your attitude.  The difference between and ordeal and an adventure is attitude.  If all you can think of is what you don’t want to lose or change, the next four months will frustrate and frighten you.  It’s normal for alarm to pop up with changes big and small.  Our survival brain wants the known, because it knows how to handle the current risks.  The unknown is far more unnerving for the ancient part of our minds and this is the part that wants a lot of attention and wants it now for those fears.   Bring it back down to breath.  The breath of love is an excellent way to help reset the alarm system and I recommend using it as often as needed each day.  After all, you retrain your brain while you oxygenate it and from there make much better decisions.  When you work bravely through those nerves, you can have a soothing effect on those around you rather than letting their fears fuel your own.  Breathe and remember you can handle this moment.  Each time you talk yourself off the ledge you make it the new pattern that allows the adventure to reveal itself for your pleasure.









Thursday:  Seven of Stones, Healing

Sweet is the meet up today between Venus, Pallas and the Moon.  It throws a nice cozy blanket on any lingering fears so we can start to see the fun in new possibilities ahead.  Some natural reserve or resistance to the ideas of change are present, the Stones represent body which takes the longest to integrate changes.  So allow yourself a slower pace today, some quiet time with your favorite foods or binge watching a familiar story is a kind choice.  Our mind has a hard time making sense out of more than three options at once so do some muscle testing whenever you find yourself with too many choices.  Write the name of your options, each on a separate piece of paper.  Then lay down, mix up the papers and pick on at a time.  The ones that feel good when you hold them put on the right side, the ones that don’t feel anything or feel more of a contraction you put on the left side.  When you are done, read which ones want your attention first.  The others need either more time to unfold or something is needed you don’t have yet.  Let it all come together as you feel your way forward.









Friday:  Seven of Bows, Clearance

Armed with more information about your priorities after yesterday and more courage after Wednesday, now it’s time to do some intuitive clean up.  The Moon is in an intense aspect with Saturn and the asteroid Juno.  This requires you look at equality in relationships.  Which of course means first you’ll notice what feels unequal.  Before you jump to action, Mercury square to Saturn says spend time looking at the situation.  You’ve contributed to the picture and can now add something different to get a better outcome.  Two seven’s back to back heralds an unexpected mental or spiritual aha today.  Thanks to the messenger Mercury also challenging the Moon’s nodes, suddenly it’s clearer where a simple addition or subtraction can have a very meaningful impact.  No brutal heavy lifting of mind, body, heart or spirit is required.  Just create more balance starting with that upgraded point of view that informs a fresh action or conversation.  Then watch it head in a much more appealing direction.









Saturday:  Eight of Bows, Hearthfire

Eights, the reminder that what we put out there comes back to us over and over again.  To quote Emily Trinkhaus on today’s mash up of planets, ‘today’s great challenges become tomorrow’s great gifts’.  If you feel less than equal to the task, the challenge or the changes step back and give yourself a pep talk.  From a place that validates and appreciates you and what you bring to anything you do, then step back in and see where the attitude adjustment inspires and elicits a better response from those around you.  It’s that simple, and that important.  Check yourself, get grounded, step in and watch how good the effect of that is on you.  It won’t take long for company to join you there.











Sunday:  Two of Vessels, Desire

Back to where we started the week with the Seer as a way to address the hidden or suppressed longings in you.  Your heart’s wish is not only possible, it’s necessary for your life to unfold.  The Moon touches on the North Node to reinforce that dreams can can true but only when you admit to them.  Friction or tension can dial up the desires and help you separate out what is real desire from impulse of the moment.  Where are you willing to rock the boat for what you want?  Where will you risk your dream?  Once you feel where and take a nibble at the edges if you aren’t ready to swallow, the intensity in your builds.  Desire has a magnetic attraction that is measurable in science.  The pull of that magnet starts to collect up resources in your vicinity to assist you in the dreams becoming real.  Which is why so many tense aspects today work to get you out of your comfort zone and into a little riskier place.  Take a step in that direction, more support will gather.  Desires are meant to be fulfilled, and will be, when you work with what shows up to shape it, refine it and play your creative role in it.




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