Daily Tarot 5/28-63 R.E.S.P.E.C.T is the name of the Game

I can hear Aretha singing as I type R.E.S.P.E.C.T… You’ll want to keep that song handy as the astrological landscape turns the heat up this coming week.  The heart of the Scorpion is active this week with the Full Moon and arrogance will meet with a swift and final punishment.  If you wish to avoid the deadly sting of justice served, then mind your integrity and show others respect even when you disagree.  One point of view is not superior to another.  That may be hard for some to swallow, but there it is.

Even at odds with another, you are far better served to share what you understand as an attractive addition to their world.  Odds are better for others to be open to include bits of your perspective to their own next week if you care to share it in a more tempting manner.  Serve up righteous indignation and you are liable to have it served back at you with added force.  Fair warning, it’s especially intense the coming week.

Frustrations, resentments from old wounds can add up to a lot of simmering anger in anyone.  Best to find a safe outlet, let it fly and clear out those old pockets as they get triggered this week.  The emphasis here is SAFE outlet.  Vent to a trusted friend, an advisor and not the person who hits your red button.  At least not yet.  It’s too easy to make the person in front of you pay the $100 fine for a ten dollar offense and this is not the week to do that.  The charge headed back your way could drop you to your knees.

So back to where we started.  Respect your emotions, all of them.  Don’t muzzle them, don’t squash them or judge them.  Feel them, give them a good container and then address whatever the issues are from a grounded stance.  Respect other people who may not do that so well and trust they will get their bill served up, you don’t need to be judge and jury.  In fact, watch out for judgment as it’s sibling arrogance is often close at hand and that pesky emotion is really troublesome the next few days.

If all this becomes noise, just put on Aretha to remind you and dance.  The Cards and Stars will help.

Lisa Greenfield



Card of the Week:  Nine of Bows, Respect

Told you that was the theme this week, and here it is.  Antares, and it’s opposite Aldebaran serve up a closer look at the light and shadow of envy, competition and rivalry.  Our brains are wired with Mirror Neurons that help us evolve by seeing what others do so we know it’s safe to do it too.  I call this the ‘compare and dare’ effect.  When you let fear run the show, hello Antares shadow, suddenly you see life through the ‘compare and despair’ lens.  This implodes into depression and inability to attempt something new, feeling unworthy because you don’t have what another has.  Or it explodes into jealousy, envy, rivalry and competition with a nasty shadow that hopes for another’s misfortune so you can feel better about yourself.   La Rochefoucault pointed out the unpleasant thought that too often occurs from the dark side of humanity when he said, “It is not enough that I succeed; my best friend must also fail.”  Watch for those thoughts this week…weed them out and respect you’ve been caught being human.  Plant healthy reminders to compare and dare and try again.  You’ll see the rewards.










Monday:   Three of Arrows, Jealousy

Here is the green eyed monster associated with the Full Moon at 9 degrees of Sagittarius.  The theme of the week is loud, proud and strong today.  The Moon opposes Mercury so rational thought can be elusive in the wash of triggered despair before it moves into a better space.  The Moon meets up kindly with Chiron to remind you that the bell may have rung but it’s only the first round.  Find the effort inside you to fight those feelings of inadequacy or rage that erupt today.  Both the Sun and Mercury step into the ring with you to give some tips on how to best defeat the green eyed monster and instead call out what is noble and strong within you.  So don’t fear if you stumble in the first round or two.  Keep going, keep the goal in sight.  You gain the world when you let go of scarcity mentality.  You cannot lose what is meant to be yours, it merely hides from view with fear in the way.









Tuesday:  Page of Stones, Full Sagittarius Moon

Ah, the inner state of security that precedes action.  What a wonderful card to build on this Full Moon.  We have a grand trine (flow of intuitive inspiration) available between the Moon, the North Node and Chiron.  This Page symbolizes the freedom we enjoy when we take care of our own wounds, trust what’s meant for us will come and work to find a bigger meaning in events than a mere cause and effect.  This simple and challenging trifecta offers the promise of real personal power that creates the life you only dreamed of living.  The Stones represent the physical world so this calm center in a storm lets you weather whatever comes your way without losing sleep or vitality over the tempests around you.  Saturn is in a most powerful position today and serves up consequences both satisfying and restrictive in accordance with your actions.  The wisest of us will trust that not all obstacles were unkind, they may be the very thing that trained you to persevere.  Great are the rewards for those who paid their Saturn dues this week.  Grace is a generous gift to offer those still paying theirs.









Wednesday:  The Stag

You have the Strength within you to have the difficult conversations today.  The Stag brings a softer mood and a persuasive tone so you can exchange points of view from an adult point of view.  Two aspects, the nurturing mother within represented by Ceres joins forces with the Moon and the Messenger Mercury assist the wounded healer in us to pour oil on any troubled waters.  Resolution is not only possible, it’s desirable to almost everybody.  Who doesn’t like feeling better?  Those unpleasant Truths don’t need to be repressed, instead they can come out in the light of day and discover they’re heard, seen and acknowledged.  Even if agreement is not easily available, it is within sight.  Collaboration is the name of the game, not compromise.  Compromise means each party gives up something.  Collaboration says each one contribute something and the two parts can add up to a greater whole.  Look for those opportunities today.









Thursday:  Journey

Ah, the traditional ‘endings’ card.  For some it’s the end of the myth of perfection.  Anyone’s perfection is an illusion, including your own.  We simply can’t get there in human form.  Face this hard truth and the leap into the void offers a rich blessing.  You are blessed with the courage to begin something and not demand it meet unreal expectations.  I always think of my colleague Rhonda Brittan when I hear the word ‘expectations’.  She calls those just premeditated resentments.  Instead set your intentions, celebrate what you alone bring to whatever you create, be open to all the resources from collaboration and Leap.  Nothing less than a real view of you to accompany your voyage will do or you get caught between worlds.  That tug of war causes migraines, high anxiety, rage and fear.  So we go back to the release of unrealistic expectations of you and what you truly value.  The Moon and Uranus help you shake off old patterns with ease, it’s no fun to stay stuck in the old limited space.  This also can’t be logically arrived at, instead you have to find what is sacred, special to you and let the magic of that call out more than your practical mind can envision.  What you do today can have long lasting payoffs thanks to an assist from Saturn.  Choose wisely and Leap.








Friday:  Two of Stones

Both the aspects and the card today highlight adversity and competition.  Time to transform scarcity mentality and your relationships will give you an opportunity to do just that.  See where others are afraid when they grab for a bigger piece of the pie.  Remember the ‘compare and despair’ analogy and learn from their choices rather than battling for scarce resources.  Show them what it feels like to trust there is more than enough for everyone.  It helps to self acknowledge if you don’t feel it from those around you.  Don’t wait for them to sing your praises, feel good about your contribution and give yourself the pat on the back.  You get help from Mercury and Mars so your actions of secure and centered abundance calms the herd rather than joining in  a stampede over the cliff of scarcity.









Saturday:  Ten of Arrows, Instruction

This whole week led up to today, the ending of one chapter of your life.  As children we were at the mercy of what was done to and around us.  Whether you learned how to powerfully interact with anything or whether you were taught a less satisfying way of responding, you are now an adult and your choices are your responsibility.  That means that if you have a pattern in your life that is unsatisfying, unhappy or unfulfilling, the first place you go to change it is you.  The Moon square Uranus says it’s time to be your own parents and both nurture yourself and challenge yourself in equal measure.  Pain is the risk of a life well lived.  Suffering is when we get caught in a trauma loop and stay there.  We all require help to get unstuck, so no one is to blame for being traumatized.  The issue is when you choose to spend a life there blaming something or someone for chances not taken.  Tune in and Venus, the Goddess of desires is in a sweet aspect with intuitive Neptune who rules the collective and the right resources, tools and support are there in your life.  Say yes to at least one of them and take a step away from suffering and into the freedom of your life.  This is one ending you’ll be grateful happened.








Seven of Vessels, Mourning

Ah, this Seven serves up compassion as the watchword today.  Be gentle with the tender places that face hard truths this week, surrendered control so that you could own your own power.  There is a lot of support in the heavens thanks to the Moon, our inner emotional state and both the Messenger, Mercury and our essential self, the Sun, all teamed up to move forward after a proper goodbye to what ended this week.  With Ceres in the picture there are mother associations that are key to how you move forward.  Instead of trying repeat or replace what you received from your mother, it’s time to find your own way of nurturing you.  What makes you feel good about you?  I recommend checking into the Five Love Languages, as outlined by Dr. Gary Chapman.  Do you feel the most loved when someone praises you, physically comforts you, gives you gifts, makes quality time for you or does acts of service for you?  If you had to rank those in order, what would it be.  Or find your own version of discovery.  Today it’s about what makes you feel loved and then connect with where and who feeds that for you.  That is the way to nurture you with compassion.









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