Daily Tarot – Independence In Hand

Thank you for your patience, June was a lost month for me.  We have Mars, the planet that symbolizes how we give physical form to what’s inside of us retrograde as of last Tuesday until the end of August to help you find your own independence if you are ready.

I added a bonus on the end of the video for you about how to see what this retrograde means for you based on YOUR hand.  Yes Astrology maps out in your hand… and it’s included in this week’s forecast.  Due to an unusual injury that mangled my left thumb, typing is difficult so I recorded the transits and won’t write out the longer description.  Mars Retrograde arrives and here I am doing things differently.  I wish you an easier path to change than through pain.

This coming month brings a lot more inward reflection as the chaos in the world grows.  Be sure to take quiet time for you as a recipe to make your own best choices.

Thank you and talk with you more next week.  All the best until then,

Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week:  The Ancestor

One of the descriptions of this card in The Wildwood Tarot is ‘the pathfinder guide’.  With the two more challenging planets retrograde, Saturn and Mars, the way you do things has to expand to fit the new you.  Find your way one choice at a time.












Monday:  The Great Bear

Rapid transformation is in play today, observe your own behavior, edit and adjust to fit the whole you.  See the power you have now, regardless of how helpless you may have felt in the past.











Tuesday:  Ace of Arrows

You get a little extra clarity today on pesky habits that can be nudged out of main view and replaced with ones that feel better.  It’s work, but it brings some sweet rewards once you tackle it.










Wednesday:  Seven of Stones, Healing  (Happy Independence Day)

How appropriate that Chiron goes retrograde in Aries today.  Time to heal the wounded kid inside of you.  Start by witnessing what hurt, acknowledge the pain and then decide how to put it to good use.  You survived it, so now it’s time to get some good out of it.  Where were you stronger or braver than you gave yourself credit for, hmm?  Try seeing more of that and ‘let freedom ring’ as you free yourself from the helpless hurt of the past.









Thursday:  The Sun

Ah the most positive card in the deck, but today’s aspect carry a caution with them.  Watch for ego as a substitute backbone as you navigate new territory as the powerful adult you are.  The young part of you that stayed stuck in the old story may try to use bravado and pride to get you through.  A little is good, too much will cost you.  Fear is underneath the behavior so just stop and reassure yourself that you can make mistakes and recover from them.









Friday:  Ace of Vessels

This is the beginning of self love that ushers in a wellspring of belonging and connection.  The aspects are challenging today so if you find yourself stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.  Stop and give yourself a few minutes of quality time for what is underneath the mood.  You are worth your time and when you take care of you, others see how to treat you and learn to do the same.










Saturday:  Balance

Ah, harmony is always a breath or two away.  Breathe in and then breathe out.  It’s the perfect reminder when we feel pressured or rushed to make a decision or fix a problem that annoys.  With the Moon having a lot of support today you can see where you’ve been out of balance and gently or firmly course correct.  It feels so good when you do.










Sunday:  Nine of Stones, Tradition

We start the week with the card of inherited Tradition in the Ancestor and wrap it up the person traditions you are carving out now with a solid reminder in the Nine of Stones.  Today’s aspects are a cake walk so allow yourself to enjoy an easy day.  Let it be fun, rich and slower paced.  July kicked off with a bang, and you can use a little relaxation time.












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