Daily Tarot 7/23-29 Mercury Retrograde and Lunar Eclipse, Loss & Joy

You will feast at a banquet of celestial stand outs making an appearance this week.  It serves up opportunity (and a joyful one) disguised by loss.  In other words, you have to empty your hands in order to receive what’s coming.  I won’t make your eyes glaze over with the stack of aspects, instead I’ll highlight a couple to wade through the week. Do wade slowly, slowly, slowly to avoid accidents and clashes.  Speed is NOT your friend this week.

The Mars/South Node connection is a double whammy to separate you from sticky old patterns that are done but not gone.  There’s some real long term potential to take your dreams out of imagination and start to make them real but in order for them to get airborne you must cut loose the dead weight of the past.  Whether the separation is more mental, emotional, physical or spiritual depends on you.  Your personal journey is unique and if you want specific insight tune in to Facebook Live on Wednesday 7/25 from 9-10am Pacific time.  We will discuss where to see patterns revealed in your hands and how the eclipse Friday activates better behavior.

Responsibility for emotionally triggered actions is a big, big theme.  This is the ‘no blame’ zone.  Thanks to a sweet assist from Saturn there’s a window the next almost four months that gets you grounded.  Normally that’s not a sexy proposition, but in this case it can sure lead to a much more appealing outcome.  It’s likely that some disillusionment has gone on or will happen this week.  We can’t help but see where our heroes have clay feet, people behave in selfish or unkind ways, what you thought you could count on reveals an underwhelming reassurance.

The goal of this uncomfortable week is to discover which unappealing present places draw you to dig in and do the real work to change them into more of what does appeal to you.  It’s a place to line up your board of advisors and support.  Those who would rather feed your fear and doubts about what you can do aren’t going to decide what you do.  They are meant to inspire you to find others who do want to collaborate and achieve with you.  Watch for ego fueled communication.  Self righteous indignation is a red flag you are headed down a very unpleasant path.

Rather, allow others their points of view and simply align with those who share yours. Five of the seven cards this week are Major Arcana or if you don’t know the term, major life turning points.  When big internal changes are underway, a slow pace is kinder and gentler as the internal world shifts within you.   The Cards and the Stars will help…

Lisa Greenfield



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P.S.  I’ve set a new goal of being back ‘online’ with videos and write ups by Mercury Retrograde’s end.  Thank you for your patience.


Card of the Week:  Three of Vessels, Joy


Joy is not something that squashes hurt, disappointment or failures.  Instead it is what softens those painful moments when you realize you don’t have to be alone.  For those who feel they are alone, this is the point where you can see where you’ve contributed to that state and how to move past it and into healthier, happier connections.











Monday:  The Wanderer


Today it’s about your feminine or receptive nature and how you work with it.  Adjustment on a brave, new intuitive path is the theme so where you are too passive when you disagree or too insistent others feel as you do (Venus influence).  The goal is get comfortable and learn from different points of view and let those differences show you who works through the difficulties as a collaborator versus those who can collaborate as equals.












Tuesday:  Ten of Vessels


The path to true happiness and fulfillment with this beautiful Ten is when you look at what is real rather than what you wish is real and dig in to what you can do to make it a part of your life in improved form thanks to your contribution.  Personal responsibility is highlighted with Moon, Saturn and Chiron.  Don’t blame the wound for what is missing in your current reality when you can turn that grain of sand into a pearl and feel better about you in the process.










Wednesday:  The Hooded Man


Mercury is about to turn Retrograde and the Hooded Man says turn those eyes inward and do the inside clean up job, even if it’s humbling to take a closer look.  By evening the soul searching you do puts you out in front and quite likely in Role Model position when you are willing to look your own shortcomings in the eye without flinching or excusing.  Just clean it up with a next step.  One moment at a time it improves for the long haul.










Thursday:  Three of Arrows, Jealousy


The Moon joins Pluto and the Sun opposes Mars which means STOP long enough to do some healthy soul searching on any place you are jealous, envious or feeling ‘less than’.  When someone achieves something you long for your brain registers it as ‘possible’ and now you have information to help you get your own version of it.  Spend less time comparing yourself and more time daring yourself to harness all the punch of today.










Friday:  The Mirror


The Mirror is somewhat like the female version of the Hooded Man.  Internal reflection offers deep healing that may not be fully visible for up to six months as the longest Lunar Eclipse this century takes place today.  You must release what is done even if what you have to replace it doesn’t look like what you dreamed of yet.  Time is on your side, slowly the effects of this help you balance you as an individual who can plug in and enjoy a richer world than it appears now.











Saturday:  The Green Man


Ah, watch for ego fueled ambition today.  The separation energy of the Sun and South Node together is meant to give a hearty push to the places that ego driven fear has you so impatient for results you force your way.  Fear can’t wait for results, it needs a report card NOW.  Patience, today is not for external action but rather internal focus after yesterday’s reflection.  Be firm but generous if those around you push or control.  You decide your path, then integrate it with others.  Others are meant to illuminate your choices, not decide them.











Sunday:  The Seer


The Seer comes up as the Moon moves into mystical Pisces to waltz with the Great Awakener Uranus.  Your intuition is key today, it’s given you clues of all kinds lately.  Now a bigger picture emerges and your trust in how much insight you gain from your own inner knowing is front and center when you take a closer look.











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