New Moon Rising Fame or Fall From Grace

Sunday’s New Moon serves up light, electricity and the magic of poetry in motion.  When you capture the shine in this New Moon and apply it to your dreams, an empowering Mars aspect makes your efforts rise to a greater level of achievement.  It feels like your Star is on the rise.  There’s a catch to this good news, of course.  What you long for must factor in what it brings to others.  If it is fueled primarily by the drive to best or to dominate another than you may succeed only to fall from grace by the end of March.

This isn’t a long season of enjoyment.  So consider what you can include that brings others something they want as well.  Hint, that means you actually take time to check on what they want rather than assume you know.  These are chaotic times and change is a daily occurrence.  Still there is a thread of congruent action emerging that slowly moves you out of the status quo and into fresh ground with each new situation.

This New Moon is not only in an easy aspect with Mars but also with Uranus, which means we can break habits that hold us back.   The promise is there to be collected on, when you show up for your dreams, they show up for you.  Investment is required.  Time to trade in any Piscean martyrdom for deliberate choice of where to plant in order to harvest.  Effort is required.  The actions required to make your dreams come true mean that you prioritize what is important to you and how you show up for it.

But the pay off is, when you put your money where your mouth is, for the greater good, you get astronomical assistance to light it up out of the ordinary results and into the ‘Star’ category.  You really can look back over your shoulder in years to come and see the turning point this year.  This months energy brings one of the four archangel fixed stars into play.  Gabriel, who is linked to the fixed star Fomalhaut, is conjunct the New Moon, Sun and Mercury!  There is a divine message for you, if you tune in and listen.

Again, those messages aren’t just for your glorification, there are to benefit all those around you as you act on them.  There’s a balancing act to knowing your inspired desires are part of the grand plan without being sidelined into a messiah complex.  That may be a bit strong, yet it’s important to manage expectations.  How you shine brightest and contribute at the top level is what’s up this Moon cycle.  Use it wisely and you stand center stage in your life to more applause than jeers.  Let ego drive the bus and the fall is going to hurt.

Big dreams, ideas, desires can be planted in fertile soil.  Then the next step is to act on them.  Where do you need to speak up, take a step in faith without a guarantee of success.  The little sidesteps or reroutes are only there to refine your ultimate goal and show you where your dreams are worth being brave for.  Tapping into that courage alone is a great start.  The Cards and the Stars will help.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield




Card for the New Moon Cycle: Five of vessels

This ambivalent card is perfect to kick off this New Moon Cycle. Pisces is known both for the compassion of the sign but also the suffering of it. Out of pain arises the common bond we all share, our humanity. When you willingly sacrifice one thing for another, it is elevated out of victimhood and into nobility. Sacrifice must be made willingly or it is of little value. It costs more than it returns. This cycle you must ask and answer, ‘what matters to you’, with your actions, not just your words, thoughts or dreams.

Failure to act on your dreams leaves you languishing in the place where you are forever at a loss. It is hard, there is risk, there is fear of failure to contend with when you do act. Be kind to yourself, soothe yourself. Find pep talks that inspire you, friends who encourage you. How you get to the place of action is part of your transformation. This isn’t a black and white you either do it or you don’t. Rather, it’s a process by which you move out of the fear of failure or risk place and into the ‘worth the risk’ place. By all means call up past successes to boost your confidence.

Results don’t define you, not at this point. The effort does. When you make the effort on your behalf you are in creation mode, which the fives symbolize. The Five of Vessels is creative or heartfelt potency. Yet it’s good to keep in mind that water rises and falls, so don’t judge too quickly how well you are doing. Remember, this is for the long haul. Mars is in Capricorn so these are actions that you can refine and use for a long time to come. Find which actions feel best for you, like a good pair of running shoes and break them in a situation at a time. This race is not to the swift but rather to the sure. If your actions fit you without trampling others, you are on the right path.

Sunday 2.23.20 Three of arrows, New Moon

Both the aspects and the cards point the same direction, to personal responsibility. There is a place in each one of us that can hide out, jealous of those who have something we want, but that we won’t take the risk to find our version of it. It’s easier to stand behind excuses, justifications and resentment instead of look at what blocks us from the risks we want. We’ve all done it. This Moon Cycle invites you to release the pattern of jealousy in favor of one that takes appropriate steps to make a dream come true. It roles out the red carpet even. So get dressed to impress and take a walk.

Our mind has a built in survival system that likes the status quo because it knows how to survive it, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Include a system that honors those survival fears without being held hostage to them. Jealousy is almost always linked to fear of loss. Which means it locks you into scarcity mentality. Put a small shift into place when those feelings come up. I call it the ‘compare and dare’ activation. When we see others doing something we want, our brain knows it is possible. So hold the belief that your version of whatever you see is going to be as good or better than what prompted your jealousy. Then be willing to commit to doing what it takes over time to get to your destination.

What’s yours in this life cannot be missed. It’s part of the Divine Plan. We can squeeze it down into small, tight space by insisting it look one certain way. This cycle invites you to open up to a thousand, ten thousand different ways it can come to you when you practice trust. Take small steps in a direction towards what you want and stay open to what you discover along the way. Rushing is likely to take you back into familiar patterns and miss present options that aren’t as familiar. This abundant Universe and all the Stars in the Sky want you to know the joy of fulfillment, when you let go of what it ‘should’ look like and trust.

Monday: 2.24.20 Six of bows, Abundance

All the aspects join in the chorus, there is a world of opportunity around you, take a bite and chew. Fiery Bows are Spirit so you may not have tangible proof but you can sense it, imagine it and feel some of the richness in the world around you today. Savor it. Don’t grab after results, instead fuel the fire with appreciation and curiosity. Anything that adds to your intuitive or Spiritual side helps. Select what appeals most to you.

Be willing to go a step beyond your comfort zone to of possibilities. Courage bubbles up today, use yours for expanding your trust muscle in the Universe rather than forcing results in the day to day world. The more consistently you exercise a bigger belief system, the stronger it grows. That’s good use of today’s energy, muscling up your belief in an abundant, generous world. The Sixes represent wholeness, healing, internal integrity or soundness. The Fire Six says put your energy into Spiritual operating system that is sustainable for the years ahead, one that has generous abundance at the heart of it.

Tuesday: 2.25.20 Three of bows, Fulfillment

What fulfills you? That’s the question today. Of course, there’s a bit of a plot twist with this Mercury Retrograde sitting so close to the Sun. You could get the answer in the form of results that don’t fulfill if you get them by doing what you’ve always done. Results by themselves can help you feel your impact on the world, but you have so many different ways to express your power beyond what you already know. Are you willing to risk not being perfect yet at something new, that is today’s challenge.

The Moon moves into Aries the sign of youth and optimism today. It’s also the sign of impatience. As it meets up with Chiron it uses impatience to move us through our fear of failure into premature action as a way to bring down anxiety. Being able to hold what’s possible without acting on it yet produces real strength. It’s called transformational tension. When our desire for something grows, our fear of loss or failure increases, which has you acting impulsively or compulsively. The more you learn to manage that tension rather than it driving decisions, the stronger you are.

Be patient with the growth process. This Mercury Retrograde helps us dial up a better world for each of us. It simply takes time to learn how to act on it from a core strength and not the wound that seeks reassurance rather than fulfillment. Mars meets up with South Node, which is where we can be blind to the impact of our actions. So if you catch yourself doing the same old, same old, get curious, gather information about YOU. The Stars help clarify some breakthrough moments by evening.

WednesdAY: 2.26.20 Nine of bows, respect

This week starts off with a 6,3,9 of bows configuration, interestingly enough. A great representation of the illogical Mercury in Pisces, retrograde with a planetary pile up in regimental Capricorn. When these two work well together, it’s possible to make impossible dreams turn into reality over time. When they don’t play nice, the twists and turns in life are seen as the enemy of rigid structure. The difference between the shadow and light expression comes down to respect.

Feelings don’t listen to logic because it can actually separate us from what we love. Sometimes a healthy perspective does exactly that. It gives us enough distance to make a conscious choice about how to work with the love to our benefit rather than our loss. You have to learn how to discern that for yourself. You live the longest with your decisions, so they must begin by being a benefit to both your heart and your head. Those collaborations are possible, just too infrequent for most people, sadly.

When you learn how to manage a successful collaborative effort between your own head and heart you increase your capacity to do the same with others, even when you strongly disagree. Once again we are in the Fire realm, so this is the visionary explorer in you being called on to expand your horizons. Slowly, slowly, incorporate a fresh action with a new thought. Feel your way and watch for signs. Spirit loves to play with those signs if you are willing to tune in and notice. Have some fun with it, they can show up in hilarious ways.

Thursday: 2.27.20 Two of vessels, attraction

The Moon in Aries catches Venus today and sparks fly. Impulses abound and chemistry cooks through much of the day before it meets up with the heavy hitters Pluto and Saturn. Today you get to look at where you are powerful in what you love and where you’ve suffered over a lack of wanted results. It may look like a play even to see a fresh attraction flare up and you move toward satisfying that desire, or do you?

How do you go about fulfilling what you want in life? What’s your story about your track record? We learn when we are young how it feels to want something and achieve results there. We have patterns set up on how we handle disappointments, too. How well do you know yours and how well do they work for you? Time to revisit, rework and redo them. Because obstacles can actually help you see what you really want as opposed to a passing fancy that isn’t worth the effort.

Then there is also self esteem that goes with overcoming obstacles to achieve a dream. This is another place where you can upgrade your beliefs about worthiness and abundance. It is a process and not just an idea that works here. You want structure in place that consistently builds self esteem so you can risk and learn as things twist and turn. The path to success is rarely ever a straight line, so the more you believe you can achieve happiness, the more of it you achieve. Check out this program if you want personalized structure that comes from your hands and chart. Even selecting the structure that suits you is good practice. You can’t get it wrong, you benefit from all that comes your way.

Friday: 2.28.20 Ace of bows

The Moon moves into Taurus and meets up with the Great Awakener shakes things up. What do you really want and what will you do to make it real? Don’t act on it yet, weigh it all out and sift through the old stories and habits that stand in the way of you and what you can imagine. This is not just a new idea wrapped in habits and thoughts of the past. It takes a little applied effort to shed those patterned ways of being. It’s almost like being reprogrammed but much more fun that that sounds.

This is about the power of one spark of a new idea, followed by one emotional response that feels good or enticing, followed by imagining a few different ways that could happen. Try on those possible scenarios like clothes. Imagine yourself in the scene and notice how it feels. Good. Now imagine something you don’t expect happens. See yourself responding like a superb athlete and stepping left or right to adapt to unforeseen change. Respond like a Ninja to whatever life serves up to you and you feel powerful handling the changes.

This kind of visualization helps prepare you for real life eventualities. It’s a great practice run to make the risk of the unknown less frightening. It is an excellent thing to do this Mercury Retrograde. Don’t be shy about it, it’s easy and fun. The goal is to reinforce the understanding that it isn’t what happens that matters, it’s how you respond to it. Picture yourself doing it well and growing more adept with each situation you imagine. Your brain can’t tell the difference between imagining and real life, so it helps retrain it to feel more excitement and less fear. This kind of retrained brain sees life as the adventure it is, so why not try it.

Saturday: 2.29.20 Five of stones, endurance

This Five reminds us that what you really love is worth your time, today on Leap Day. When we jump to conclusions or rush to decisions we often cut short what else is possible. Delays help clarify what matters most as what you originally wished for matures into more than a fleeting impulse. As you continue on past obstacles in pursuit of a goal you build strength and resilience. When this card shows up, expect detours, reroutes, disappointment and discouragement. These are part of the theater of life. The Universe wants you work with all emotions to get to the place where they are textures in the fabric of life, not a defeat of it.

Today the planets are in an easy aspect that sweetens the inspiration to hold the course on what you wish. The delicious longing tempts you to risk the uncertainty along the path. Don’t let the tension tip you into throwing action at what hasn’t happened yet in order to speed it up. The slow and steady way has far less allure but is infinitely more rewarding at present. Emotions are the multi-colored crayons in the crayola box. They all have something to add.

The Moon and Neptune meet gracefully to seduce you with what you can’t see but you can sense. Feel it, shape it, work with whatever comes up and like the sculptor, cut away what does not belong. You can’t get it wrong, you can only contract the moment down into its smallest form with fear. Each time you move past fear into what wants to exist on the other side of the shadows, you gain in strength to create the life you love to inhabit.

Sunday: 3.1 The Hooded Man

The luminaries add shine to personal inventory today. We are learning how to make new dreams come true down unfamiliar pathways. A healthy pause and investigation into the inner state of balance is wise indeed. Know thyself was the counsel of ancient Greece. It’s advice that stands the test of time. If you had to draw a chart on how much input each of your guidance systems contribute to decisions, what would it look like? Most people in the Western World have the mind deciding at least 75% of the time even though it is 25% of your resources.

Today is a good day to explore how the information from your emotions, intuition and your body show up. The Wildwood Tarot counsels withdrawal and rest. Take some time away from busy activities to check in on you. What does your body say, your heart, your intuitive voice? Spirit shows when you land in exactly the right place at the right time for something unexpected to happen. Look, too, for those fun signs like a billboard that answers the random question you had floating across your mind. When you pause, you may feel the exhaustion in your body, like a teenager on a growth spurt. You’ve changed and continue to change. Be sure to recharge on a regular basis with a bit of quiet. The Hooded Man promises inner light when you stop long enough to see it.

Monday: 3.2 The Knight of Bows

Courage rides in with this fiery Knight. So does impatience. Today is NOT a good day to rush into anything however. We have multiple aspects that confuse information. It’s all to easy to wind up on the wrong battlefield with the wrong weapons today. Instead apply bravery to letting yourself sit with “I don’t know yet”. This is where your best efforts can be rewarded . This Knight highlights the gift of being able to creatively release the old and embrace the new with curiosity more than fear. Tap into the investigator in you today and whatever situation presents itself, dig deeper.

The shadow side is the rush to react, the gift is to creatively explore. You may experience both and that’s all good practice too. Remember you can pull a ‘do over’ if you don’t like the response you have first time around. We forget that very few things are truly unworkable. Right now we have a higher than average level of intuitive information in the pipeline, the Sun in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde keep trying to make sense out of things that don’t logically apply. Yet. The key to this is to let it all unfold and show you the connections. That’s always the key to Spirit, it plays in the infinite realm where as we live in the finite one. So give it time, there is more logic here than you can see in the short run. Stay curious and play.

Tuesday: 3.3 Seven of arrows, insecurity

Saturn steps in to challenge our self esteem today as it squares up the Sun and Venus all before breakfast is over. This is the conditioned response to our history that believes that past performance guarantees future results. This is what makes us avoid taking some risks and locks us into behavior that has worked before. Except these are changing times. What worked before won’t necessarily get you expected results. Then too, trying something that failed in the past may be exactly what’s needed to show you that it was a timing and setting issue, not a failure inside of you.

Life comes with risk. We are wired to avoid pain. Those two sentences drive a whole lot of behavior that does not serve your growth and enjoyment of life. Rather it is deciding which disappointments you are willing to risk in order to connect with those heartfelt desires. Reasses your current situation. Give yourself a highlight reel of where you have risked and won, or at least tried and benefitted from the effort more than you suffered from the outcome. Saturn promises longevity over time as you practice talking back to the mental chatter without judging it or letting it steer you in a direction that doesn’t feel good.

Be your own coach or grab a trusted friend to help you. Insecurity is a misplaced sense of protection that is not suited to who you are now. You are capable of learning from your past. You survived it and that means you have strength. Use those stepping stones to move past the fear and into recognition that insecurity always shows up when expansion is at hand. Step into it with a helpful mental attitude that embraces the fears but isn’t driven by them. Good… there’s more life waiting for your yes.

Wednesday: 3.4 Queen of bows

There is a flow to the day that starts out easy, hits a few snags and moves us back into flow by evening. This fiery Queen is the one who has both home and work dialed in for magnetic success. Your job is to fuel the fire. The mind offers us a big picture view of what we fear and where it handicaps us as well as where it serves us. Yes, it does both. It just requires a healthy manager to make the most of it, and this Queen intuitively looks for the ideas that catch fire in a way that benefits all. Look for the good in others, call out where someone has contributed to your well being in a way that feels good.

The more you can stoke the fire authentically in others, the brighter you shine today. The late day hiccup is when the Moon opposes the stubborn Capricorn Mars. Watch for self righteous indignation, it’s almost always a sign of projection. Those tender childhood spots of powerlessness can have people reacting rather than hearing or seeing the whole picture. Find your compassion for whoever needs it and know this too will pass, and quickly if you let it.

With Fire as the suit of the day, imagine a better outcome or see yourself as a Magician waving a wand that changes people’s fear factor and see what happens. Be mindful using visualization to dictate what you want them to do. Control traps you as much as it does another. Instead see the fear in all shrinking down to the size of a shadow under your feet as you shine the brightest light of compassion, truth and curiosity on any situation.

Thursday: 3.5 The Woodward

We need to call on our inner strength today, as the sensitive Cancer Moon opposes the planetary line up in Capricorn. Opposites bring us lessons through others that we then internally process as our way to understanding. What threatens your sense of security? It may feel the ground tremble today. Keep in mind, even joyful expansion is destabilizing. Which is why our fear brain likes to keep doing what it knows, plus an inch of unfamiliar territory at a time. This limited growth doesn’t threaten the survivable status quo.

You decide what challenges are worth facing as you try new things, meet new people, head a different direction. In the banquet of life, wander over to a new station and eat a dish you haven’t sampled before. Now is the time. It’s how you learn to trust your navigation system beyond what just your mind would choose as survivable. To quote Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” Let today be the day you decide where to expand your horizons if life doesn’t bring it to you. You have the strength, the Woodward says. Call on it and enjoy the unfamiliar.

Eight of bows: 3.6 Eight of bows, hearthfire

This card and the aspects today underscore abundance mentality. This eight is the reminder that what you put out there, comes back to you in Spirit. It’s also the place where we all need to shine, perfect for the Lunar move into Leo. We are wired as humans with two competing needs. First we have to know we belong in order to survive. We are helpless infants and without care givers, we die. So the drive to belong is survival strong and deep. But once we know we belong the next need emerges, the need to stand out and be unique.

Today requires you honor the place in you that wants to shine, be seen and also give that to others. When each of us fuel our tribe when and where we can do so honestly, then the fire of belonging as the individuals we are burns brightest. Check in on any place in you that withholds praise or recognition. This is the scarcity mentality, and it’s common, so don’t waste to much time judging yourself. Instead you can fuel your own fire by recognizing your own gifts if you feel a lack of appreciation there. Our inability to give comes from a fear there isn’t enough for us.

Counter that with solid proof there is. Go get in front of a mirror, give yourself an honest compliment, one that you want to hear. Say it, see it and hear it. The Great Awakener, Uranus can help you break the limits on what you felt was possible and do it with lasting results. So why not fuel your fire and throw a little help the way of your tribe. Everyone benefits in the warmth of that fire.

Saturday: 3.7 Knight of stones

We have just a couple easy aspects today to give yourself time to ground the shifts and changes of this past week. This Knight is the slowest moving but offers you great security. What you do pays off, and with increasing value over time. The tip is to persevere. Take a look back at what you’ve done differently the last two weeks, pay attention to details. Even little changes add up when this Knight is at hand.

Slowly and surely you expand what you can do without tripping the breaker circuit of fear. This is one reason that speed is not your friend right now. Less speed slides past the defenses because it allows you time to respond to the unfamiliar. It’s also a chance to broaden your palate of what you want to sample in life. Tastes change, new things tempt you that might not have before. Curiosity is a fantastic traveling companion. Take it with you anywhere you go. Then feel which experiences tug at you, tantalize you. Nibble around the edges and see what happens. Adjust as needed and enjoy.

Sunday: 3.8 Seven of Bows, clearance

What would you want if you didn’t know what you want? There is a shocking level of freedom available today, so you can open up to the unexpected. Imagine yourself as newly arrived on planet Earth and all the potential delights are here for you. Where would you begin? Now clear away any part of you that struggles with that question. All the shoulds, everything you know about yourself and what you like. Look at things with fresh eyes and feel whether they are a yes or a no for you by how they land in your body, not your mind.

A yes in our body always feels like an open or expansive response. Shoulders go back, head comes up, belly softens or relaxes. Whereas a no in our body feels like contraction. The shoulders tighten up and can head towards our ears or roll inward to protect the chest. Your belly feels tight and your chin comes down to protect your throat. It can be subtle but the tells are there. How well do you speak your body language, hmm? Today is a great day to get curious. With abundant opportunities flowing, notice how things land for you – expansion or contraction.

Sometimes a no is merely a ‘not now’. It’s only over time you can determine whether it moves into the yes region. Let your body be the tour guide as you clear away whatever stands between you and listening to your bodies input and wisdom. Our bodies have a much harder time lying to us than our mind does. Our mind will lovingly lie to you to keep you in ‘safe’ space. It overestimates threats and underestimates you. Listen to your body to move those cobwebby falsehoods to one side and get a better read on what’s a fit for you. When you have clear communication from this quarter you are really ready to enjoy what’s on offer.

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