This Week Of Historical Signifance

Tarot with TruthinHand for Jan. 6-12th, 2020

We have the first brushing glance of a triple meet up between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter this week with the Lunar Eclipse on Friday. Saturn and Pluto meet up and usher in stress induced change points. The growth their meetup represents is not so painful, but resistance to growth is. Where you’ve resisted change is going to meet with growing pressure.

The constellations involve have to do with Power. The last time these three heavy weight planets met up in this constellation was in 1894 BC. Did you catch the BC. Almost 4,000 years ago was the last point. That marked the establishment of the city of Hammurabi. Most people always think of Hammurabi as simply ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. He actually standardized and to some degree equalized crime and punishment.

He strove to establish the principle that might does not make one right. Instead it must be ‘might for right’ regardless of status. In other words, people matter, not just the ones with the most influence. This balance of power gets adjusted each century as those who win in any particular system, be it political, religious or economical, try to change the system to keep on winning. The problem is it never works for long and the more skewed they rig it in their favor, the harsher the reaction of the general population.

We are in those times now. Our individual efforts inform the world we live in and what we see around us is a reflection of the collective energy present today. It comes down to personal power and responsibility for how we use it. How we do conflict is up for transformation. Where does it show up in your world and how do you handle it?

When it appears, it’s time to adjust and express your own balance of power with those you disagree with – either personally or generally. How you do so, who you align with and how the group expresses power shapes our emerging world.

You live in interesting times because you have something unique to contribute. Every bit of you adds to what’s unfolding when you bring your power to each decision, reward those who share and respect power. Doing this, you make a big difference like a drop of water flowing into a stream, and then into the ocean.

Big changes begin with small moments like that drop of water. The Cards and Stars will help. Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

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Card of the Week: Balance

Great change is rarely held in a single moment. At least not one that we recognize in that moment. More often it is in hindsight that we look back and recognize those pivotal cross sections, choices, conversations. This week is likely to have several that won’t really reveal themselves until time passes. One of the hallmarks of this card is a ‘balance of power’. How appropriate, right?

Who and what has power in your life? Is it balanced? If it isn’t, how then can you make adjustments that can make it more so? The Wildwood Tarot counsels, “the time is right to rest and contemplate all the factors of your existence”. If that sounds overwhelming, let me simplify it for you. Take a look at how much your mind, body, heart and Spirit factor in to your day to day world.

Too often in the Western World we are mind heavy. To equalize things you can add play, physical expression and things that aren’t so result driven. What do you love doing, just to do it? Why not make sure some of that is part of each day. A balance of power between all the different elements of you is a great place to bring an inner balance to the outer world.

Imagine if everyone found something silly to do daily. How threatened would we feel if we saw our imagined enemy playing? Or how threatening would we appear if they saw us having fun and laughing. Our laughter equalizes. It also improves our day. Look to see where you can bring more of it to this moment.

Monday: The Forrest Lovers

The transits are easy today with the only aspects a building tension into evening that can bring passion or power plays into sight. This Mars linked tension is a perfect place to practice little changes that make a big difference. When there is disagreement, or conflicting paths will you let it inspire you or does it merely trigger defensive reactions.

Defensiveness always comes from a place of misjudgment of our own power. When you don’t realize you how much effect you have on situations and people you react out of proportion to what’s happening. If you catch yourself triggered, pause. Imagine you can change the outcome, even if it’s just by refusing to over react to something this evening. Instead let any conflict fuel your passion in what you believe, want or seek to accomplish.

This way you use aggravation as fuel for a fresh approach that isn’t just opposition. Rather it can help you gain yardage on change that satisfies. One of the keys to the Forrest Lovers is to be whole. We cannot love truly unless we accept all of ourselves. From this acceptance we can more graciously allow others to be their imperfect selves. When whole person meets whole person the collision gives birth to new worlds. Meet others from your whole self tonight.

Tuesday: The Wanderer

The aspects are fairly quiet today which leaves us with the card for new beginnings. We live in a time that is pivotal in the World. All you have to do is look at the news to know that the world needs a collective effort to ensure life can continue in a productive or meaningful way. Who you are, at your core, adds something significant to the World we live in today.

When you know that, it brings up the importance of who you are. What you feel, what you think and do matter. Is it the best version of you or are you still dragging a mismatched view of yourself with you. It’s a new decade, not just a new year. The Wanderer signifies an innocent beginning that allows us to see the World with fresh eyes.

See whatever happens today as if you were seeing it for the first time, including yourself. When you look in the mirror today, take yourself in – full view. Allow the impact you have on your world to float into view. Then imagine what you want to create. Now add joy as a requirement. What can you do to inject some light into whatever you do today. Laughter is always available. Invite it in and give it space to land. It brightens from the inside out and is contagious.

Wednesday: The Knight of Vessels

After an inspired leap of faith on seeing the World with fresh eyes yesterday, we get more forward movement today with this sweet Knight. The Wildwood Tarot calls this Knight’s talents as ‘discovering how to merge with a concept or find accord’. What better reminder to welcome the unfamiliar with a friendlier gaze. This requires a drop in defensiveness. Time to trade it in for curiosity.

Jupiter meets up with the South Node in Capricorn, where all the cool planets are hanging out together. When Jupiter meets up with the South Node it expands how easily we shed what no longer serves us. Sweet progress indeed. The shadow side of this is when we blindly defend old mindsets that no longer fit. So you get to decide. Can you let go of the past failures and try again?

Because when you do, Saturn and Pluto are in the constellation that rewards brave, persistent effort to grow. Venus wants to help us move in a direction that promises to fulfill our heart’s desires when we stay open and less defended. The Moon opposes Pallas, which says you can’t win thinking your feelings. You have to feel your way.

This happens when you acknowledge what you want and let the ‘how’ it all comes together unfold a step at a time. Just commit to an abundance mentality that realizes what’s yours can never go to someone else. If you must compare, then be sure to compare and dare rather than compare and despair. Your version of whatever you see can happen when you let your heart lead and act with integrity.

Thursday: Three of Vessels, Joy

We have contrast served up today. It begins with a Cancer Moon to soothe and nourish ourselves. But the power to manifest, that is Cancer’s gift comes with great defenses. As it heads toward major oppositions on approach to the eclipse Friday, both expansiveness and contraction are on view. This three can sometimes symbolize a lover’s triangle, or the original fear in a child that the parent loves the other parent more than the child.

We cannot surrender to adult love without facing this original fear. As an infant we die without parenting care. So loss of love drives survival instincts and some of the worst survival behavior. No matter how intelligent you may be, when love is threatened (or we fear love is threatened) the reaction can be primal.

So the Universe in its wisdom is going to dial up that fear so you can see it in action. Watch for triggers to build. Be vigilant on your own behalf and parent your own responses. As a baby, or child you were never a partner for your parent, you never could be even if there was emotional enmeshment. You simply didn’t have the capacity of equals.

Time to adjust your love expectations and fears. Nurture yourself in whatever comes up and reassure yourself that what is yours cannot be lost or go to someone else. Your only job is to be ready and open to surrender to love when what is yours appears. There is more to that than you may realize. This year is a chance to repattern those places that require expansion. The good news is you can tailor love to suit your heart – with a little instruction from the Universe and Joy is your reward.

Friday: Seven of Arrows, Insecurity Cancer Lunar Eclipse

This is an intense eclipse today because the Moon faces off opposite so many planets. Rarely do we see such a compelling pivot point to face our fears. When we do, we emerge victorious just for having done it. We have a sweet Moon Neptune trine to give you moral support as you stare into your own personal abyss. You are not alone in the effort, even if it is a solitary task.

The Sun and Mercury meet up in a constellation that reminds us that no matter the insecurity you carry, their is a place inside of you that is unconquered. When you remember the truth of that, the Truth of who you are then you can adjust your actions accordingly. This eclipse is the mirror to the one last July. Do a check on where you were and what you were doing then. Where have you come full circle?

Change is in effect. You can engage with it consciously or you can be born by those winds of change. But you cannot remain the same. Where the eclipse takes place happens to remind us that no matter how unstable the world may be, no matter how little we believe our efforts matter on a big scale, we have a unique place in this world and that is protected both by nature and if you choose, by you.

Accept what happens and then shape it rather than fighting or resisting it. When you do that, you are fluid and will be carried to exactly what you are here to fulfill, with all your desires as a key part of what shapes all you do. Remember the Card of the Week. Breathe in, breathe out, let it all unfold and work with what is to affect what will be. You came here to do just that and have more help than you realize.

Saturday: The Mirror

Ah we have a conscious surrender of the will to the forces that play out around us. A sweet trine between the Moon and Chiron offers a kiss to the wound that we can use to motivate us to change what hurts. Like a grain of sand that irritates us into creating a pearl, let that original sore spot become a thing of beauty when you deliberately choose to make beautiful what once hurt.

This inner journey is one that yields insight and wisdom. It also renders you master of whatever life offers up. You are never lost when you know how to take what disappoints and fails and use it as a starter pistol to create something new out of it. The new beginning doesn’t erase the failure, it transforms it. This feminine alchemy is possible within each individual. We just began a new decade of expansion that waits for whatever you plant in it.

Don’t fear your shadow when it comes to planting. Those seeds need to hold all of you in them. The dark and light together are what create the richest blossoms. These intense oppositions and change cycles in the Universe serve us. The change isn’t what causes so much suffering. Rather it’s the fear and resistance of it. Embrace it all, including any resistance. Your acceptance of it helps it transform too.

Sunday: The Hooded Man

Yesterday we had the conscious surrender of the will to the process of change. Today we add the willful withdrawal from outside influence as our deciding factor in life. You require both to fully live and create in life. This card is the hallmark of turning within ourselves for the light of inner knowing. Nothing outside of us has any authority over what’s inside of us. Instead that outside authority is the structure with which to leverage and shape on those inner promptings.

We have a planetary line up in the constellation that heralds early success. No matter how helpless you may have felt in childhood to impact what you did or didn’t like in life, something of you is there, undefeated within you. There is conditioning, scars and patterns you carry, and they are malleable. They can and do shift and change with your conscious application of will.

Now is the time to decide to take back the authority and end the blame game once and for all. Regardless of what happened, who did what – you are the captain of your fate now. The person who decides what you do with whatever life serves up is YOU. When you can’t control what happens, you absolutely can command what you do with it.

All of your emotions have both constructive and destructive elements to how you express them. Time to steer your behavior in a way the serves both you and the world you live in today. Reflection, inner exploration and a reset serve you well. Take time for that today. Don’t worry about ‘how’ to do it. Find the way that best serves you and create knowing you can’t get it wrong. Information simply helps you tailor any process to be more well suited to who you are now, not who you were told to be.

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