A Decade Dawns…

Tarot with TruthinHand 12/30/19 – 1/5/20

As we start a new decade this week the words from the end of The Matrix feel hauntingly accurate.

“You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.” Neo, The Matrix

Because the old structures are crumbling, we see the last grasp of the dying patriarchy played out across the globe. How power is used is at the core of what’s happening everywhere. Scarcity mentality and fear of the ‘other’ has people scrambling behind big mental and actual walls. But fear always guards power. This much fear indicates huge influence is possible when people of like mind gather and create from a unified place.

Which is why those who create with fear want a top down structure with clear rules and heavy punishment for transgressors. Those who create from love are willing to take it moment by moment so they gather resources and potential they may not see when the begin any journey. Creation rather than reaction allows for a constant information flow to sweeten whatever happens.

This is possible because rules and controls become an internal process, not an external one. What structure aligns with you, what feels right when you act upon it? Your personal integrity has a backbone to it that doesn’t need an outside stamp of approval. It is true to you, always has been and always will be. This decade includes expansion around this process. The more you embrace it, the taller you stand it your world. It’s an expansive decade ahead, shape where and what you expand thoughtfully.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week: The Blasted Oak

This card perfectly sums up the end of one decade and the dawn of a new one. Wildwood Tarot says, “What appears to be a random dissolution or destruction of your beliefs and relationships is timely and natural”. This is life’s cycle and we are part of it. We have our personal Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter each year that offers us a unique rhythm with which to create our life.

Each decade is a dance with Saturn and Jupiter, with contrasting expansion or contraction focus. We just ended our ten year contraction phase and roll into this generation’s roaring 20’s ahead. Both increase and decrease happen naturally in every decade. But one is at the forefront during each ten year block. Expansion is like betting on the future, contraction is like the bill that must be paid for that bet.

For example internet shopping increased capitalism around the globe, lifting people out of poverty these last ten years. That’s expansion. However it came at a brutal cost to our climate and natural resources as poor in some countries clear cut or burned irreplaceable natural resources to make a living in the moment. Survival doesn’t consider future generations or global impact. Growth happened with a staggering contractive cost attached.

As we move into the coming decade, we must be mindful of long term effects of whatever it is we expand. On an individual level, it’s as straightforward as being mindful of your choices on those around you. Weigh not just what you choose but how and when you will pay for it. Where can you make sustainable, mutually beneficial investments? Careful thought, inquiry and finally action are in order here. Begin this decade as you mean to go on is the invitation. What’s will you reply?

Monday: Seven of Arrows, Insecurity

Many of our worst decisions are those made from insecurity. We play small when we doubt ourselves. It’s easy to overestimate threats and underestimate yourself when you decide from that emotion. Today both Mercury and Uranus get together to turn the inner spotlight on where you’ve done that. Nothing like a bolt of insight to shift the mindset of playing small, when it’s not anywhere close to the Truth of you.

Once you’ve seen it, you can’t go back to operating blindly from insecurity. When you know it’s there, you consciously work around it and knock down your doubts one by one. Like pesky little whack-a-moles you can shine light on them each time they pop up and they drop down as soon as you do. Have some fun with it, who said change has to be all serious business. Let whacking your insecurities with light and laughter be the new game that you master with a little practice.

Tuesday: Page of Bows

Ah, this inner state of willing belief is such a good way to wrap up a decade, don’t you think? How much of what unfolded these last ten years did you plan for in advance? Right, exactly. Review all of the unexpected that came along with what you intended and add gratitude to the mix. Mercury and Neptune are in a magical position so that what you focus on expands. Gratitude soften and welcomes more unplanned good. When your fear brain points out the negative, bookend it with the best case scenario. Everything in life offered you something, see what it was.

When you practice this mindset you don’t stop your inner critic, you manage it. What a wonderful habit to carry into the expansion decade ahead. Pages are the inner state of being that precedes our actions shown by the Knights. This page represents Spirit or that which is beyond what we know with our senses. How better to begin then to believe that we create Magic with every breath, and the Universe stands ready and willing to collaborate. All that is required to begin is to believe things are possible. Start there…

Wednesday: The Wanderer Happy New Year 2020

Again, how perfect a card to begin not just a New Year but a new decade? The Wanderer is a fresh start, a leap of faith and our inner longing for life itself. It is the blank slate that promises you can rewrite past mistakes when you learn from them. Do it differently this time when presented with similar situations. Instead of being afraid the past is repeating itself, remember that you are different, so results shift as you’ve learned and can benefit from past mistakes. The Moon in Aries is a perfect symbol for that fresh start.

Fears are just a whack-a-mole moment where you shine the light of perspective on them and down they drop. That light shows you how tall you really stand in comparison with those challenges. You are definitely a match for anything on your path. Allow what shows up and learn from it. Discover and shape your unique reactions, choices, creative flow. Add your updated healthier boundaries that allow for more flow, less conflict.

After all, you have a heart, mind, body and Spirit. This decade you can use more of them in a balanced mix. Set that intention as you Wander and watch your enjoyment levels increase as your stress levels decrease. Even defeat can feel less overwhelming. Instead of failure being an ending, you can see how it merely reroutes you to a better path when you allow. Take a few more leaps, trust yourself and let the moments fill with the beauty of being alive and you.

Thursday: Seven of Stones, Healing

Patience is required both today and in life, my friend. This seven underlines that reality. Healing ourselves and the world is a process. One that requires tending. When we hurry to bite into a situation where we want results, we take too small a bite to really feed us. Or we tear off too much and waste time trying to chew an impossible goal. This seven says rest benefits you before action.

Your timing, aim and delivery improve with each strategic pause before you leap. To those who forever look without leaping, you are reminded that if you wish to live, you need to also leap. Where do we rush, where do we freeze and do we know why? These are good questions to savor today. Let the answers refine your creation skills and expand your choices. Understand yourself better, you are worth your time.

Friday: The Archer

This Friday, Mars our action nature moves into Sagittarius. With the Moon and Chiron in Aries, we have a choice to make. The Archer’s arrow can be a friend or a foe. When we consistently act on impulse, rush things or speak without thinking we shortchange ourselves so many potential outcomes. The ability to to hold our emotions, without judgment, and let them inform us more completely is the goal.

We are conditioned from childhood how to deal with our emotions. But we are in a transformational time and the tension is strength building. Hence the Archer. When She shows up it requires a ‘commitment from you to hunt a new life’, says the Wildwood Tarot. Emotions take roughly ten minutes to travel our nervous system and then like waves they recede. You may have been taught to feed them terrifying stories or immediately squish them out of sight.

Time for you to put together your own blueprint for how you wish your emotions to communicate more effectively with you. Think of it like designing your dashboard. Those emotions are dials and gauges. The gas is passion for life, your mind is the brakes. Fear and excitement are the electrical system. Decide how you want the insight to come through and then pay attention to that dash. Keep your eyes on the road, you don’t watch the dash full time. Your new life wants all of you to participate, not just the parts you were taught to share.

Saturday: Ten of Vessels, Fulfillment

Tens are one to the tenth degree and herald an up-leveling for you. This heart first ten, promises that when you let your heart choose and your mind refine it rather than veto or restrict it, you get your wish fulfillment. The Moon heads into Taurus to meet up with the liberating influences of Uranus before trining Jupiter tonight. What that means for you is you get to shed unnecessary limits and conditions on your desires that have stood in your way.

You actually see where you’ve had the ruby slippers all along Dorothy and can take yourself ‘home’ anytime you put your attention on it. It’s easier to understand how the things you’ve been through, the trials and tribulations fit into the big scheme of things and serve a purpose. You are freed of much fear the unknown used to hold for you. Which can be both exhilarating and a little unnerving at the same time. This unfamiliar place can become most comfortable, with a little time.

Your breath is a good nourishing place when things change quickly. After all, fear is just excitement without breath. Oxygenate your brain, take in a bigger better view and don’t let the unknown rattle you. You can do this, you are ready, you’ve got support and there is a wonderful world of what you love to explore. Put your attention there and see where it takes you.

Sunday: The Shaman, (Reversed)

Inaction due to fear loosens its grip on you today. This card combined with the Blasted Oak is about a lightening bolt of liberation from the constraint brought on because you underestimate yourself, overestimate the challenges or just don’t believe you deserve what you want. The elements all combine to turn up the heat suddenly so the hot water makes the frog jump out of the pot.

The good news is you aren’t going to be a boiled frog from inactivity. The bad news is your fear brain needs managing in this fresh life beyond the pot. All the celestial help is almost an overload for someone used to gutting it out or struggling. When you flow with circumstances, ease is a natural effect. Even challenging tasks can cost less effort when you align with that natural direction.

Back to your breath. The more you can breathe into the good, the better your body gets at feeling home here. It takes practice to stay open to new opportunities, easier pathways, more joyful exchanges. We get conditioned to a level of abundance and it takes measured effort to expand it without our fear brain getting bunched up. This is one reason for paralysis. Breath into your emotions today. Let the inform you and go from there. Remember, you can’t get it wrong. Let it go right and let that be the new normal.

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Using the straightforward insights from the readings allow you to navigate with more grace and ease thank you Lisa for sharing this with us.

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