Live & Love On Purpose – Expand Your Love Capacity Authentically

Are you ready to love yourself and others on a much larger scale? This is the year to do it, the stars are aligned. After January’s historic meet up of heavy weights Saturn and Pluto, the game has changed and you are truly in the command seat. Trouble is many of us are so used to auto pilot or passenger status! Don’t worry, with a little conscious effort you can break the equivalent of Olympic records when it comes to what’s possible now. Exciting, right? The question is, do you know how to add more love to your life?

Well, the key to access your upside potential is mapped out right there in your hands. Perhaps a little guidance can help you enjoy stretching your love power potential and enjoy doing the stretch, too. Keep in mind the unknown brings up our fear response, and we are definitely in unknown territory in the world today. The old structures are failing, the new isn’t set yet. Because YOU are meant to help set the new normal. Yes, you. How you do it matters. It matters a lot!

Just like the 60’s were known as the time of Free Love, we are in just such a period and your soul chose to be here. That means you have a role to play in what’s being created. All the intricate wishes, hopes and dreams that make up you have something to contribute to this world and what’s coming to be. The Free Love Era officially leaves the nest and becomes an adult – and who you are is shaping it. You matter.

What you create is part of a rich unfolding at an important time in history. Can you feel it? That is some of why it seems so crazy right now when you look at the news. Change brings up fear of the unknown. But the best antidote to that is right inside you. Your hands reveal where your strength is and where fear comes up, because fear always guards power.

When we create from love, even mistakes wind up feeling like a blessing. Plus it feels much better than creating from fear, where your nightmares rush into daylight to meet you. But fear has a job to do, too. Learning how to harness that particular body guard is part of what’s there in your hand. Your unique path out of fear and into love. Both are present in any moment, it’s a matter of training our brains how to navigate back to love as the creation point. We do that best in community! It takes our individual learning into quantum realms because we pick up more than what is said, we learn from each other.

Time for an adventure

I invite you to join me over the next few months while we explore where you want to go and how to get there bringing more love to the mix, in a way only you can do.

Each month we get together for two 75 minute calls. First you get the brain food which is basically the skeleton to hang those tender, newly discovered places on to dry. Then we have talk time. This is where you learn to share, risk, practice feeling whatever arises and taking good care of those emotions without shame or blame. We flesh out that skeleton of possibility with living breathing curves.

Think of the calls like an incubator to give you a safe, cozy place to get strong to go out into the world. These are recorded in case you miss one or like to listen again. It can be amazing to discover new delights in a previous talk or hear how far you’ve traveled month by month. We spend four calls on each area mapped in your hands and astrology, head, heart, mind and intuition. That’s eight months of time to build a platform for you to spend this Jupiter decade of expansion, mindfully creating what you love.

In between calls you have scheduled chat times, email support and brain retraining exercises that are fun and helpful to anchor those new habits that support YOU and your expanding capacity. We begin with your hands, your astrology and of course, you. All this included in the experience – the biggest view of the real YOU.

When you add new information and experiences into your body, heart, mind and spirit mix – it starts to brew. You select what resonates with you and discard what doesn’t. Refining your match with what’s being served up is a key part of the series. A new set of responses are possible, based on deeper feelings. Time to practice healthy yeses and no’s!

This is not a one size fits all adventure. You contribute your life lessons, disappointments and successes into the pot of shared experience to make it as rich as can be. It is experiential learning with some fun add ons you can choose to partake in, like an Equine Experience or a Sacred Circle. The menu of what you can enjoy along with the two monthly calls is sumptuous and yours to say yes or no to, as your Truth dictates.

My job is to be your Sherpa and Cruise Director rolled into one. I’ve traveled all over the globe, but my favorite adventures are still the ones I share when someone unlocks the biggest part of them to engage with life fully. If you and I aren’t well acquainted, you can find out more about me here, including what others who do know me have to say. You get the most out of something when you feel good good about beginning. We start the first week in March.

I’m possible…

Because I love this work and never want price to be a reason you don’t do what you love, there are three ways to go trekking into big love with me this year. Discovering your greatest capacity to love is the very best trip I can imagine, and you’re invited!

You walk away from the experience knowing your strengths (more than you think), understanding your shadow (less power than you realize) and feeling ON PURPOSE with each day. Here’s how to join me.

Bite Size – Pay a month at a time, under $100 for 2.5 hours a month of live quality time about YOU, email support, chat times and exercises.

Two Gulps – Two Payments two months apart. You receive the 2.5 hours of live quality time each month, email support, chat times and exercises plus a bonus live 15 minute call with Lisa before you begin.

The Whole Enchilada – One Payment and a bonus Life Purpose Guide for your additional insight into you and Loving On Purpose this year. You, of course, receive the 2.5 hours of live quality time each month, email support, chat times and exercises plus the bonus live 15 minute call to go over your love capacity with Lisa before you begin.

We begin the first week of March and have one weekend and one weekday time slot for when we do the calls. This way we have one of each so that you can be sure to get your interaction time on the Zoom calls.

If you still have questions, I am guest speaker on Best American Psychics Wednesday 2/5 at 9am pacific time and you are welcome to come hear more about Love Capacity versus Compatibility and see how your hands have valuable input for you. Tune in Here:

Looking forward to going on this journey with you if you feel the YES. I can hardly wait to dive in together…

Thank you with my whole heart and both hands,

Lisa Greenfield

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