Love & Responsibility = Lasting Passion

We have a passionate Scorpio Moon in an easy dance with the Great Expander, Jupiter and in a cozy trine with Neptune tonight.  Deep waters of emotion indeed.  How well do you swim?  If you are not easily comfortable with strong emotions – your own or another’s, you may feel a bit off balance.  This is the place where we retreat to a young mindset that wants others be responsible for how we feel.

The blame game can be sly, worming its way in where you least expect it.  It judges a loved one for a choice you don’t agree with or like.  The sly part is those judgments cover up the place inside us that is frightened that we aren’t lovable.  So we pride ourselves on what we do well in contrast with where another fails.  For that moment we feel more lovable by comparison.  But comparison is also the thief of happiness.

Bring your executive brain back online when that primal fear of being unloved hits, it does help.  Check out the Breath of Love here.   Less than two full breaths worth to use your power, responsibly.   Use it to get back in command of your body when fear response floods it and drops you into unconscious patterns.  With just your breath you can safely navigate out of a triggered response and into a powerful one that gets you closer to results you will enjoy.  The signs show up in your body, notice and then just breath the specific one, two, three steps to a more loving and lovable choice.

Why am I talking fear brain when we have such soft aspects encouraging romance tonight?  Because joy can feel destabilizing.  It brings up a lot of fear.  What we love we fear losing.  All those doubts, worries, potential threats crowd in to make a great night more familiar even though it isn’t much fun.  Our fear brain prefers the familiar even if it’s uncomfortable.  With a little training you can change that pattern.  When you know how this happens, you can take responsibility for what you feel and what you do about it.  You don’t need to project it onto someone else.

You can also hold solid ground if someone does that to you.  That alone can change the course of an evening and possibly a life.  Because this is where passion moves from a momentary flare up or a six month chemistry bath into long term, sustainable passion.  All those who want that, say YES.  Once we move out of the young space where we are afraid of being hurt and into the responsible place that knows how to own what is ours to address without undue blame or shame, you have the winning hand in love.  Your love deepens because you aren’t in protection mode around what happens in connection with others.   You move away from battling each other and instead move into winning the war within us that keeps us from love.

We are responsible for what we feel, those stories, those interpretations.  Yet it takes practice to hold that belief when we get triggered.  Back to the breathing as a switch.   If someone’s behavior is troublesome, get curious, investigate your own response first.  There is wisdom in the pause to dig deeper on what you feel and why before you act or speak.  Once you understand what the feeling is and what you prefer to feel, you are back in the driver’s seat and can set about making it possible.

Go slowly.  Speed is NOT your friend this month and next.  Breathe your way into a bigger, more joyful place – it’s free, legal and portable. You can do it anywhere.  If you like learning about YOU and want more on how to expand into the unknown without self limiting triggers that keep you in places you know you’ve outgrown, I can help.

Join the community and retrain your brain, step by step this year to tap into your largest love capacity yet!  Learn about it Here.  It takes thinking, feeling and then acting on something  new at least 21 times to carve out a new little neural pathway in your brain.  Then you can build on it, reinforce it and watch the lines in your hand change as you do.

Because I never want price to be the reason you don’t get what you want and may need, there are options on how to participate that are budget friendly.  If you want to be with us on two 75 minute group calls that teach you what’s there in your hands and how to use it best with coaching and discussion, then we want you there too!  Join us and expand your love capacity in the way that is unique to you.  Your hands and stars shine light on the way…

Thank you and wishing you a LOVE FILLED VALENTINE’S DAY.

Lisa Greenfield

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