Full Moon March 9th – Time for Effort and Error

What a potent Super Moon we have Monday the 9th of March.  Thanks to a triple threat of planets in Earth signs, we have an easier time making things come to life.  Yet there are a few challenges to tempt us to commit extra effort to what really matters to us.  Because when we meet obstacles, it sorts out what you really want from what you merely liked as an idea.  What things matter enough to go over, under, around whatever blocks you?  You can uncover longings that require you commit to continued investment from you to meet them.

One of my favorite quotes is from The Wind and the Lion, when the Raisuli says to his servant, ‘is there not one thing in your life worth risking everything for?”.  This Full Moon lights up the place in you to have a desire so deep that you would risk everything for it.  Or to have your ‘something’ along those lines.  Once you feel that shake your comfortable boundaries and familiar landscape, it encourages you to take steps in that direction.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag, though.  While you have easy progress the results may be confusing.

Some things just won’t turn out as expected.  We are in the in between place where what we know how to do doesn’t work the same way it used to do.  So going on auto pilot isn’t a good option.  You are far too likely to crash if you try it that way.  This frees us up from conditioned wants and situations to find a current place to engage.  One you want and need to be present for to feel what wants to happen in this particular moment. Then try that on and see where it takes you.

It’s like learning how to walk as a child.  You’ve got a fresh start in front of you.  That’s why you don’t want to drag old stories of what mistakes mean into the present.  Missteps are a part of refining your new operating system.  Don’t waste a whole lot of fear seeking perfection – in yourself or others.  This Full Moon highlights the gift of effort not reaching the results just yet.  

When those results you hope for elude you, be patient.  You are in the midst of disassembling old habits and finding new ones.  There’s going to be trial and error.  It’s part of the experience of it all.  The good news is you can look around and see others fumbling too.  Or they may just be scrambling to hide the fumble.  Beware of too many perfect shots on Instagram – those are advertising more than accuracy.  I know, because I talk to a lot of people and those pretty pictures don’t come close to telling the whole story.

Which is why you can go enjoy yours.  Bring a good sense of humor along for the ride.  When you can laugh at yourself and the absurdity of life it enriches everything.  Generous laughter brings light to the biggest stumbles.  Shout ‘Ta Da’ to the Universe and take a bow when you trip over your own feet.  You’ll have a lot more fun finding your way forward and you will get where you are going.   This way you are guaranteed some good laughs along the way.  

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Moon Cycle: Page of vessels

The two sides of this card are a match for the energy of this cycle. The bright side of this page is building trust. The shadow of it is living only in our imagination. When we forget that creativity is a process we often prefer imagination to reality because you can imagine perfection more easily than you live it.

This is a time to learn how to take the imperfections and trust they are perfectly designed to show you where your gifts and talents are needed. They are necessary to work with what is to make things closer to what you wish for or imagine as possible. Retrain your brain to trust this moment has all the ingredients, no matter what they look like to make the most delicious meal for you and those around you. Because we don’t create in isolation.

This is where the twists and turns really benefit us. They open us up to new meetings, conversations and connections in order to navigate the unexpected. When you stay present to the wonder of this moment, infinite doors appear. Then it’s up to you to choose which ones you want to open and possibly walk through into the vistas that tempt you.

Where perfection is necessary is in perfecting how well you understand your own creation process. That includes where your fears want to stamp on the brakes of expansion. It also includes where fear of failure or the unknown has you flooring it to speed past the threats. Notice it all. Be curious about you. Let those around you help you know the new you. Any contrast, opposition or collaboration offer rich insight into you. Trust it is all unfolding perfectly and study how creation pours through you when you know to let that happen.

Full Moon Monday 3.9 Two of arrows, injustice

This Virgo Moon pulls on the perfectionism of Capricorn to justify self righteous indignation if you aren’t careful. Instead of sitting in judgement on what fails to measure up, where can you do something that is uniquely yours to offer to balance the scales? Can you illustrate a broader point of view from a neutral point of view? What we see that bothers us is a beginning point. See where it teaches you more about what you value, what matters and how you act on those feelings in a way that benefits you and the community.

Demands for perfection are a way to limit or duck the creation process because it fails to measure up. Instead, use the places that felt off balance to inform you about what really matters to you most. Let what matters to you shape the creation that pours through you. Rather than using the wound as a justification for punishment or payback, create what does include you being fairly represented. It’s too easy to squeeze creativity down into tight, small space of paying back old injustices instead of applying the lessons to what you prefer to create now. The Sun with Neptune can create some self righteous indignation that can tip the boat trying to right old wrongs.

Thanks to a help from a meet up between Venus and Uranus we can free ourselves from the view of what’s possible only seen from a rear view mirror. Looking back offers a limited scope on what to do about righting past wrongs. But when you apply those lessons to the present you understand where your power has grown. You see where you added courage, strength and resilience in overcoming past hurts then you are ready to make your life feel much more like what you wish it to be.

There is great expansion possible with this Full Moon Cycle, it’s a wishing moon that can make dreams come true if you put the effort into what is real. Or you can hang out measuring ‘what is’ against the imagined dreams and past disappointments looking for potential threats. What you focus on plants seeds.

Be mindful what you wish to harvest and manage the fear brain. It’s okay to have those fears, just don’t let them drive the car. They work for you and they are healthy when used well. So let past injustice inform where you want to create a level playing field now. Be willing to work with what is and know you can walk away if needed. But start where you are and move forward and look for what lights you up, instead of planning around where you don’t want the darkness.

Tuesday: 3.10 The Sun, Mercury Goes Direct

The Sun is the most positive card in the entire deck, and promises gradual improvement of any situation. Growth comes slowly like the days gain daylight a few minutes each 24 hour cycle. Patience is required. This Mercury Retrograde cycle offered some deep dives and a chance to integrate the emotional longings with practical expressions for the feelings. We still have another three weeks for you to put those insights into motion in your life. Today’s cycle offers intuitive flashes that light you up on where you feel most like you, and it isn’t in the same old, same old spaces.

We’ve moved out of the sturdy structures that promised three steps to success on this or that. This is uncharted territory where you can try the same thing but do it differently and watch while magic happens. The Moon moves into Libra today and opposes Chiron. We can only create to the extent that we take responsibility for our feelings and actions now. In other words, you can’t expect those around you to pay the price for past injustices. Too often we saddle present relationship connections with fears, wounds and imbalances of the past we want those in our present to pay for now.

While those around us can be supportive, kind and caring when those triggered moments happen, they aren’t to blame and they can’t fix it. It’s ours to address and choose to trust, care and be vulnerable with better people now. Even then they may make mistakes. It isn’t perfection we can look for but willingness to be equally responsible for their words and actions without carrying our projections or asking us to carry theirs.

Rather, when it happens, can we recognize the people we care about now will appear to trip those old wounds. How we handle it now is what matters. Drop back into ‘what do I feel and what does that feeling need’. Once you’ve asked and answered that for yourself then open up to sharing those feelings and needs with trusted others. Have patience if they get defensive, but don’t go there with them. Stay with what you feel and need. Find your way to have it and give people a chance to get onboard that train with you. Practice can perfect. Over time you will see who can be in that with you and who can’t.

Wednesday: 3.11 The Moon

We have the Sun followed by the Moon this week, another indication of contrast as part of creativity. Success and failure are all part of a day’s cycle like dark and light. The Sun is in easy aspect to Jupiter today helping you see where the shadows play an important role in all that we do. We learn by contrast. Like day and night, what works and what doesn’t is equally important for us to know about ourselves. Time to let what failed be more of a lesson in contrast than a statement of our worth.

The Moon urges you to tune in to the inner knowing. Like our Moon, which waxes and wanes based on how much light it receives, so does our intuition. The more we tune into it, the more it lights our pathway. The more fear you feed it, the darker the way ahead. You are in charge of how much fear you let block the way. You are in charge, not the person, place or thing that frightens you.

When you work with that, really dig into that, the fear contraction eases up. You start to see where you can affect whatever situation you are in that brought up the fear. It isn’t the enemy, it’s information. Use it, work with it and learn to command it. Then your intuition is more accessible, can offer you guidance. Watch out for perfectionism. Just because you don’t get the results you expect or want doesn’t mean your intuition was wrong. You must build trust in your guidance system. Give it time to show you the wisdom of the path you choose.

Thursday: 3.12 Page of bows

This is the second of the Pages this week. The caution with these young internal states is that we take full responsibility for what we think feel and do. The Fire realm of Spirit can see what’s possible but the shadow side is you want others to do what you think needs to be done to bring about the vision. When others don’t easily fall in with your view it’s easy to get irritated or want to tell them what to do and how to do it.

If that’s not you, then you may wind up on the receiving end of this treatment. Keep in mind this is a learning curve. The Pages are our internal state of being, so it is a personal clean up job. Others are going to bring up what you need to deal with in order to better learn how to manage the inside dialogue. Watch for gossip and triangulation. These are immature ways of building a power base with others against a common target. It’s the smallest expression of power and creates an environment where you know that others could turn on you just as you’ve turned on the current common enemy.

Better to call on like minded others to see a way to sharing power, knowledge, points of view towards finding a common ground. This way you can use disagreements to deepen your commitment to what’s right for you while expanding your view of the world. Different points of view can add to your life, even if you don’t agree or share them. Allow that today and find how good it feels to create an environment that feels safer and more supportive even in conflict.

Friday: 3.13 eight of bows, hearthfire

Oh how good it feels to take responsibility for our lives and see it pay off. Sweet feedback is available today to show you what’s possible when you put yourself out there with a little more confidence and optimism and a little less fear and protection. Take baby steps, mind you. Take baby steps, especially if the fears are long standing.

Courage gets a helping hand today with the Sun and Moon working together to help you see how to see past the fears and tap your intuition. They work together brilliantly and what you put out there comes back to you. This is always the message when an eight appears. This eight promises there is strength in community, especially one of shared ideals.

This is actually a lucky Friday the 13th for many with a lot of help from the Good Luck planet Jupiter and a cosmic kiss from Pluto. Transformation feels less frightening and more like a thrill ride with a sexy kicker. When we let go of what we think we want and really engage with what the Universe has in front of us, we are often pleasantly surprised how much it has to offer. Let that be your guide today and enjoy what comes to you, refine what you don’t like as well.

Saturday: 3.14. Seven of stones, healing

There is strong medicine at work today, especially when it comes to living our passion. A wise teacher explained that anger can be turned into passion when it is harnessed by a responsible person. In a world seething with anger, what might it look like if it became a passion for a cause that mattered? Where can you turn the anger in your life into a passion that serves?

That fiery energy, the hum of life force is there in the creation of everything. When you take a desire and turn up the heat you get passion. Those who are seething with misplaced anger today can be redirected into creation of something powerful if they know how. This is where healing needs to take place. Wherever there is too much or too little anger in your life you benefit from a healthy redirection into what you are passionate about in life.

Mars is in an transformative gentling dance with the heavy weights of Jupiter and Neptune today to give us the ability to find, connect and direct our anger into passion. Look to what irritates you, or where injustice makes steam come out of your ears. Start with what you have and move outward from there.

To feel the emotion and still be in command of what you do with it is powerful in the extreme. Then you are never at the mercy of your own emotions, let alone someone else’s. Suddenly you can see where others are off balance when they attack instead of just feeling vulnerable. Once you see that, you will never feel quite so helpless again. Now that’s healing.

Sunday: 3.15 Knight of arrows

A speedy turn of events is possible with this swiftest of Knights. It also pays to watch out for where your mind jumps to separate you from what you love. With the Moon square Neptune it can tip either way. When we rush to decide what something means we often sell ourselves or the situation short. Today is a good day to discover where your mind looks out for you by criticizing, judging and separating you from opportunities when they don’t look ‘perfect’.

This is not to be confuses with when you get a strong gut feeling that something is off. By all means, listen to those. This Knight is different and it’s where we tend to make sweeping judgements of something from a remote place that is logical but not feeling. Emotions don’t listen to logic. Which is why our mind gets so good at talking you out of what you feel. Because when you are deep in feeling territory, logic can’t penetrate.

But our deep emotions are where water can wear down a stone. Things can change, albeit slowly. This is where the mind does you a disservice when it rushes to decide something on too little evidence. Patience is required in this seed planting year. How ridiculous is it to plant a seed, water it and expect to walk out and pick fruit off a tree tomorrow. Remind yourself of this if you find yourself in separation mode today. Unless of course you are separating from the pattern of judging too soon or on too little evidence. Allow feelings, intuition and body wisdom to add to what the mind sees before you decide anything today.

Monday: 3.16 Nine of stones, tradition

Ah, we’ve moved from the Seven of Stones just a couple days ago up to the Nine today. Well done you! You want to bring the wisdom you’ve accumulated to the day because you have choices to make. It’s time do things a bit differently and you are ready for it. Even when things look like they have in the past, don’t make the mistake of thinking it will turn out the same way. That works for good or bad results you may hope for.

Instead take the landscape, work with it from what you know now. Bring your heart and your gut to whatever comes up with a pause to let all the parts of you chime in before you act. Slowly, feel what it’s like to pull from all the different aspects of you to decide something instead of just your mind racing ahead to the same conclusions. Don’t worry, your mind will still have a job to do, but a different one. Now it’s work is to figure out how to synthesize all the different inputs into an action plan you can work with sustainably.

Tuesday: 3.17 Knight of bows

This Knight always highlights your inner courage. Mars meets up with Pallas to give us both wisdom and impact. This St. Patrick’s Day can be a good day to bravely figure out how to restructure how you act in favor of your dreams. Is a bold step called for here? Or perhaps a vulnerable one. The first one to lay down a weapon in armed conflict faces the fear the other will simply attack now that they are unarmed. Or can you inspire another to lay down their arms as well and negotiate your way forward rather than battle?

You are more than prepared if you need to stand up for yourself. However, try a new way of doing this that isn’t head to head or hand to hand combat. Find the win/win and you may inspire a wave of change with far reaching impact. You have that much ability to move forward bravely, confidently and successfully when you feel your way forward using what you’ve learned so far. Connect with others from the heart, seek inspired solutions and then use your brain to figure out the win/win. Finally, you act on it with an integrated you that is almost unstoppable.

Wednesday: 3.18 The blasted oak

Well, you’ve done it. You’ve gone beyond where you’ve been before and there is no going back. Like Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile, you know it’s possible to break old habits and limits. You can feel what it’s like in this brave New World of you. The old ways of being and doing just can’t stand up to the new facts, you are more than you were and life as you know it is changed. What will you do with your power?

It’s normal to feel fear at the unknown. In fact fear is always equal to the power you have to expand your life and therefore incur new risks. Which is why the fear brain goes haywire when you expand. It will try all it’s tricks to frighten you back into safe space – including overestimating threats while underestimating you. Don’t be intimidated back into smaller space. You not only can do this, you are better at it than you know.

Push back on the fear when it comes up. Fear works for you as a safety mechanism but that doesn’t mean it’s telling you the Truth. Doubt your doubts. Breathe into the fear and take it a step at a time. Go back over the successes, like rosary beads or a mandala, call to mind each time you made progress and surprised yourself lately. It’s real and you did it. See yourself accurately and not through fear lens. If you need help, call a trusted friend and know that you are on a good path. You can’t get it wrong, you either live your life or you don’t. Choose living, no matter how imperfectly you do it, it beats the alternative.

Thursday: 3.19 The seer

Spring arrives and with it the inner vision that guides your choices this year. When this wise woman shows up, you can trust your inner knowing. Not because you have a map to prove your direction is correct, but rather because your choices create an adventure that may need a long road to get where you are going. Maps can show you the straightest distance, but the Seer says, trust how you choose to get there.

This is a year of seed planting and Spring is the beginning of the cycle. What thoughts do you want to nurture and grow? What relationships do you want to harvest from this year? Okay, now that you are heading in that direction, what kind of tools do you have to help these things come to full bloom? This is a time to trust your instinctive self and what pulls you in one direction or another. It may not make sense to your mind but you need to trust your wiser self.

This isn’t a year of straight paths and predictable results. It’s a growth year where you discover what you can do and how in the world to play with delight rather than drive for outcomes. The outcomes can exceed expectations when you let yourself walk a different path than the strictly straight and narrow. It requires you trust yourself and the Universe more. You’ve been practicing for this. You are ready. You arrived here with everything, really everything you need to do this and you didn’t even know it was here you would land. Spring is here after a long, long winter, and you are ready to bloom.

Friday: 3.20 The Great bear

Ah, the rapid transformation card arrives just as Mars meets up with Jupiter in Capricorn. This marks the completion of one cycle and the beginning of a new 12 year cycle of actions. Our actions are how we meet the world. The rest of us, thoughts, feelings and inspiration can’t be experienced by others unless we act on them. We have to give them words, behavior that demonstrates those other unseen parts of us to those around us. How we behave is not the sum total of us but it is what is visible.

Now that you know that, you can check to see how well your words and actions express who you are. Is your opinion about things truly your own – does it resonate deep within you? Or is it the restatement of what you were born hearing. This is a great time to see if what you do is the best expression of who you truly are. Alignment is achieved through all kinds of adjustments. From little to big this is an ongoing adjustment phase that really kicks in starting now.

Why not make it a habit to check in with yourself on a regular basis to see if your response is the fullest expression of what you think, feel and believe as a responsible adult. It’s easy to go on auto pilot from a mindset that was established in childhood that is no longer appropriate. Instead, be willing to move off that into an empowered place that fits you much better, if you are willing to dress up for the present occasion. The Great Bear reminds us the only constant is change, so be in command of the changes unfolding as you integrate your actions with your heart, head and beliefs.

Saturday: 3.21 The Archer

The Moon moves into Pisces and Saturn moves into Aquarius and the Archer encourages us to commit and hunt a better relationship with the world as it is. With Mercury in Pisces in easy aspect with the North Node you get intuitive guidance on where you are meant to go or the next step for you. Since the water element is strong, the visibility is not good. But water is one of the best conductors of electricity. Follow the feel good hum…

It takes courage to navigate without being able to see the far future, without predictable landmarks in view. The Archer encourages us to focus on the excitement more than the fear. Remember how much you’ve learned and grown throughout your life. Tally up the list of your strengths, your courage, your abilities as part of your tool kit for whatever happens. You are primed and ready for what’s unfolding and it has moments of wonder and brilliance that more than outweigh the challenges that accompany life.

In the absence of a certain destiny, how can what you long for come together in unexpectedly delightful ways? I quote Albert Einstein here, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Be willing to look for the miracle that is there if only you will see it.

Sunday: 3.22 Eight of vessels, rebirth

As the second eight in this Moon cycle you can expect the unexpected today. With the aspects all dancing merrily including Mercury in a two step with Uranus, breakthroughs are easily achieved. Like leaping tall buildings in a single thought your mind soars to new heights of understanding only to meet up with a passionate Mars ready to put those ideas into action.

Venus has soft contact with Neptune and the Moon to make it easy to picture what we want before Mars meets up with Pluto to transform how we achieve them. A passionate creation point is available here and now. Instead of the battering ram, sweet seduction has the upper hand. We can be charmed into leaving our comfort zone and be rewarded when we do. Or you can do the charming.

Either way what you put out there returns to you with unexpected results. Play with the feedback. Shape it. Warm up what feels good to you and chill out what doesn’t. It’s a good day to expand how you work with your own power in connection with others. We don’t need to force people to play our way. This eight encourages us to learn from past mistakes and let them bless us with insight rather than force us into defense. Whatever comes your way today, you can breathe new life into it and begin all over again.

monday: 3.23 The journey

The Aries Sun squares up the North and South Node today to bring you to the crossroads of ego and destiny. What one wants isn’t always what one needs. Our ego has a hard time letting go of the surface expression of our desires. What we can be blind to is that our Destiny gives us a richer, three dimensional version of it when we let go of that imagined path. We truly lose nothing but the ego’s attachment to a particular appearance of success.

When you release what you think something ‘should be’ you live into what is, and I promise you it is more satisfying than the should when you surrender. The Journey exacts a price in the form of a timer. All things end. We must accept the ending of some things in order for the new to begin. Just like Winter ends the year, so to does the Journey card mark a finish line of sorts for you. You can’t drag the past with you into the future without seriously limiting your life.

Time to trust the present and yourself in it. One choice at a time, one situation at a time, one conversation at a time the new life emerges out of the old. You will recognize a few things that make the transition, however they may look differently than they have in the past. Nothing that is yours can be lost except what must be released to make room for the new. Don’t rush to decide, just let go gracefully as you can. Rituals can be helpful to say goodbye when needed. Then stay centered and let what is being born through you emerge.

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Hi Lisa, I’m so grateful to read what you wrote. Its always useful and helpful. And there is usually a 360 degree feel to so much of what you offer. I did some deep breathing as I read. I look forward to an in person visit soon.
As Ever, Brian

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