New Moon, New World & Your Place In It

Much has changed for so many in this last two weeks.  Yet everything you require to live your best life is there within you.  It’s easy to focus on what’s happening and feel fear, shock and uncertainty.  There is no clear guidance anywhere.  Stories abound, and you can drown in all the media surrounding what’s going on globally.  Yet these unprecedented times of chaos and change are leveling the playing field for your unique self to emerge more clearly.  Many are home, some are lucky enough to be working from home.  So it’s normal to focus on what doesn’t feel right because it’s not our normal.  Our brain does that naturally to help us close the gap between what is familiar and what’s new.

Once you acknowledge what ‘isn’t’ normal, then focus on what the landscape offers you to create a new normal.  The Cards and Stars all point to creativity spikes in people.  We have a decentralized operating system about this crisis because we are in unfamiliar territory.  No one has established a ‘right way’ to do it.  Which means you can contribute your point of view, talents and interests to what unfolds.  It’s going to be a bit of a seesaw between uncertainty and creativity.  That comes from so long working under an existing system.  How you manage your brain’s survival alert response to the threats unrecognized landmarks is key.

This New Moon Cycle emphasizes where we want something or someone outside of us to take responsibility for what’s happening.  It’s easy to fall into blame and rage when we are frightened for our lives and want someone or something to protect us.  Yet personal responsibility is key to moving forward safely.  This virus is jacketed and relatively easy to kill if you understand what’s happening.  Washing your hands, washing your clothes if you’ve been out in public, covering your mouth and nose, keeping safe physical distance from one another are all things within easy reach.  The more you practice small acts of self care, personal responsibility and ask others to do the same, the faster things evolve out of life and death.

Then it’s about creating an atmosphere that moves away from blame, which solves nothing in the moment, and into a place of accountability.  How we each use the power we have is vital to our evolution.  We need to ask for what we want and be willing to support those in positions to help bring those requests about.  They are going to make mistakes, too.  Spend less time judging them and more time urging them to learn from the mistakes to do better next time.  People achieve the impossible when motivated and supported.  Maintaining life is a pretty strong motivation, then it comes down to feeling supported.

Your contribution matters.  It doesn’t help to blindly follow or to fiercely resist leaders.  Corrections right now need to be continuous.  History shows us extreme contraction or expansion won’t hold up.  Slow, steady, adjusting change is what happens now that the landscape has changed so dramatically, so quickly.  Play your part.  Find the joy in being part of a solution and limit where you are part of the problem with accountability for your own actions. 

Urge others to do the same with your example leading the way.  Be as compassionate with their mistakes as you’d like them to be with yours and learn to adjust quickly from those missteps.  Then do enjoy Nature.  The skies are bluer, the water is clearer and the frenzied pace we move at has retreated to let us feel a gentler rhythm that Earth itself offers.  It’s healing to stand on solid ground and remind yourself that Earth has been here for a long, long time and has wisdom to offer if we are willing to learn.  Emotions can feel frightening when they show up now, without a constant rush, rush, rush to do.  But your unique beauty and power are in that swim of feelings.  Let them flow into what you came to create with your life.  Wishing you WELL,

Lisa Greenfield 



Tuesday: 3.24 New Moon-Can’t Always Get What YOu want, But you get what you need

This start to the Solar New Year has a mixed bag of energy for us. It teaches us how to use the wind resistance and get airborne. It’s almost magical what we can do with the challenges in front of us. It calls out the best when you decide to overcome obstacles, put your creative thinking cap on and wade into the difficulties with optimism if not confidence. In fact you are in uncharted territory, so confidence might be hard to find except in the magic of life itself’s ability to adapt and grow. You are part of that magic.

This isn’t about getting it right, having the best answer or knowing the answer to anything just now. This Moon Cycle encourages us to learn how to feel our way forward, add our voice or efforts, make mistakes and learn from those as well as other’s efforts. There are no absolutes available to steer by; Instead they emerge out of all the collective effort and education we gather as we go. When you keep ego in check along with those pesky expectations there is real adventure to be found. You can take the difficulties and emotional waves and turn them into something productive – the power is there inside you.

Which means that what’s unfolding requires your unique addition. It also means that the Universe, which is much bigger than your specific world, has a part for you to play. So while you want to head in one direction, the Universe may steer opportunities and obstacles to route you onto the path you were born to occupy. How much you resist that will affect your mood and your magic. The more you learn to flex, bend, play and dance with what is, the faster you get to the good stuff. And it’s there for you. This New Moon promises that.

By fall you harvest some of what you plant now, so find fertile soil of belief, trust, curiosity and compassion to sow those seeds and tend them well. This Ace stands for a self love and acceptance that holds enough grace to see you through this change cycle. You’ve had a lifetime of experience that all lead you to here. Trust yourself, trust the way unfolds as you walk it and bring a sense of humor along as you go. Humor is light and travels well.

wednesday: 3.25 Queen of Bows

There’s an attractive energy that pulses today. I don’t mean that it is pretty, although it can be. Rather that it’s magnetic. Bows represent Spirit and Fire which draws us out of the familiar and into the unknown. Today is a good day to practice visualization and dream of what can be. Since the ground rules have changed, what kind of possibility can you imagine on the other side of the pause humanity is currently living.

We’ve already seen how quickly nature comes shining through with less pollution. Where can we use this pause in momentum to dream of solutions that honor the needs of all people. Watch for the ego who wants to believe that what it feels is best for all, is the solution that needs to happen. Right now we can learn from each other how to better collaborate to come up with a path forward that is more than any one group or mindset could imagine.

That’s a slower path to change but the challenges we face are enormous for the near future. It’s going to take a global approach and a narrow application. What that means is we consider the impact on world around us of the smallest actions we take now. What better representation of that can you have than a virus that requires us to apply a series of small disinfecting and precautionary steps to stay alive. Let the little world you live in pack the well being of the big world into consideration and ask the big world to respect your small world while you are at. When we dream with mutual respect, we bring about a world with that in it.

Thursday: 3.26 The blasted Oak

Whew, change is upon you and if you resist it only intensifies the shock. Be relaxed and breathe into whatever comes your way. The Moon squares the heavy weight outer planets before moving to a meet up with the Great Awakener, Uranus. The status quo must go is today’s refrain. Even happy change can feel destabilizing, so be generous with yourself and add a few pauses into the schedule to breathe and let what’s unfolding get grounded in your body.

Like a bolt of lightning, our ability to make sense of things can expand quickly. Applying it to your life will take time. This is a rush of awareness more than action. Slow but steady is still the best course. Mars is hanging out close to Pluto and gives us enormous will power to make important internal changes that ripple out into our world for a long time ahead. However if you don’t restrain those impulses it can call out the dictator in our midst. Discipline is an important and necessary part of our make up but using it wisely has a learning curve.

Where you’ve exerted too much authority without thought for how it lands or whether you’ve let another dictate to your without speaking your piece, time to adjust. Be mindful on the adjustment itself. Again, slow, steady movement in a fresh direction is a speed that lets your course correct as needed. As a wise teacher said, learn to dance with the energy. There is a good beat in the background to help you make a game out of your step by step. Find your particular groove and slow step your way forward.

Friday: 3.27 Seven of arrows, Insecurity

Mercury is in an uncomfortable position with Mars today and the Sun is still close to Chiron, the wound in each of us. Be careful you don’t snap out answers or see things through the hurt child in you as a result. It’s too easy to see what you don’t have or feel unseen and powerless. It’s a lie. If you act from that view you are going to stir up difficult energy coming back your way.

Better to hit pause before you respond verbally. Check your point of view against reality. You have plenty of evidence that your fears aren’t the whole picture. Which is what makes them a lie. When you only see a slice of the pie you miss all the important details that change the view into something much bigger and kinder than you see through the old lens. Push back on those fears, doubt your doubts. See the bigger picture and don’t react to the insecure view of a narrow focus. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what emerges when you do.

Saturday: 3.28 The queen of stones

We have the Moon cozying up to Venus while it also activates a trine to the heavy weight outer planets and Mars. It’s as if what you love (and fear losing) cozies up with the sensual good time part of you to break you out of the prison of expectations. As my colleague Rhonda Britten says, expectation is just premeditated resentment. You get to let go of what you think should happen so that you can create something beyond the limits of that set plan.

Often we set our sights on what we want to happen and tightly imagine how it should show up. Today you get a taste of how much lives outside the limits of your imagination. The right attitude is a gift this Queen brings, and brings a lot of pleasure to the tasks at hand. Enjoy what is rather than wishing for what isn’t. The better you get at letting this present moment delight you, the more you find to delight you. It’s a sweet energy and promise that only requires you let go of those premeditated resentments. Go ahead, park them someplace cozy and leave them there to make their own peace as part of your past. You’ve got better things waiting for you.

Sunday: 3.29 Seven of bows, Clearance

It’s been quite a week. Today the heaven’s hit pause in the big celestial dance with no major aspects to speak of. What a perfect day to clear out the clutter in your mind and Spirit. This Seven has the feeling of old days when fishermen mending their nets in winter when it wasn’t safe to set sail. A lot has happened in a short time. Hit pause long enough to do your version of a meditation. That may be a walk in nature, standing the sunlight or laying quietly listening to favorite music. Your soul needs attention today. Bows are the element of Fire which is Spirit. So what needs to burn off is going to happen, you just want to safely contain it so it doesn’t boil over into something else. This second seven signals a mental or Spiritual event in today’s mix.

It’s always good to let the fuel from those around us feed our Spirit, and it’s dangerous when ego takes over and feeds oxygen to the flames. We are still in combustible territory so don’t decide for others what is best. Likewise, don’t let them make that decision for you, either. It’s no accident that right now we are in some sort of individualized pockets of existence for our own well being. This is a good way to spend quality time on what you feel, think, believe and check in on what needs clearance, mending or is just broken beyond repair. Your own knowing has to come first. Be willing to be surprised. Then you can test what you discover with others, once you’ve found your own sense. Exchanges can help you edit, refine and revise but they still need to originate with you. The you that has less conditioned response and more natural response. Clear out what isn’t ‘you’ today.

Monday: 3.30 The World

There is either a cosmic breakthrough or breakdown that happens within you today. For some it may be break down to break through. The bottom line is you see where your actions serve you well or not. Chiron is in the mix today so it’s easier to over react because you don’t see your own power. It’s more likely that happens if you rush! I can’t say this often enough, slow down. Check your impulse to react. If there is real urgency, still pause long enough to take a good breath and then move.

This short circuits the automatic response you’ve known and allows for a more integrated, whole body choice to emerge. This way you aren’t on auto pilot and you can take in the big picture as it is now. There is a wealth of ways to respond to whatever is in front of you. Find one that is inspired rather than reactionary. Like the founder of Fedex who played a gut hunch when he couldn’t cover desperately needed fuel costs for the week ahead in the early days, he went to Vegas and won the money. It’s not a strategy that makes any sense and it’s never recommended. But his gut response wound up being right for him.

Your particular ‘roll of the dice’ requires you to tune in and find your sweet spot of action that pays off for you. Be smart about and don’t think your way, pull from all of you to be in the right place at the right time with the right actions. Once you learn how to do that the world is yours. Even bad results can be rolled into the next right thing. You have courage, commitment and daring to live your life. This is not a strategy to endorse gambling, it’s one that trusts your instincts on what’s right for you. Them commit to it and work with whatever happens, knowing that when you come from that place of right action instead of reaction, you are always empowered.

Tuesday: 3.31 Ace of Stones

Mars and Saturn meet up in Aquarius today. Here you get a strong sense of why brakes are necessary in life. This Ace is about slow steady progress for the better. It may be annoying to hear that repeated over and over, but there’s a good reason for it. Our fear brain rushes to act in a familiar pattern because it knows it can survive what you’ve done before. Practicing holding the tension between not acting is like braking at an intersection to see what traffic is headed your way. It’s common sense or should we call it uncommon sense, since we don’t see it all that often. Especially in times of crisis you can see mob mentality take over. The Moon in Cancer conjunct the North Node coaxes us into a better way of doing things than a powerless mindset left over from childhood might dictate.

You are best served taking things a step at a time to put actions in place that are aligned with all of you, not just a fear reaction. Saturn is the wisdom that gives you longevity when your actions are well co-ordinated with the world around you. This also gives those around you the benefit of your measured actions. Rather than crashing into others with an impulsive response, you can avoid collisions and everyone moves safely ahead. A rush reaction may escape unscathed but cause another to go careening into a fixed object to avoid you. Go ahead and pause at an intersection today, even metaphorically. After all, it isn’t a permanent state of being, just a good place to navigate through carefully right now. It makes your world a safer kinder place for all. This is the second Ace this period and highlights union. Co-ordinated efforts matter.

Wednesday: 4.1 The Moon on water

Facing your fears is required today. Some may loom large and cast a long shadow, some may be almost unnoticeable dark spots on a bright path. Either way, a little attention here pays big dividends. Jupiter is in close contact with Pluto to dial up transformative energy. Pluto first destroys or ends things before they can be reborn in new fashion. With Jupiter’s expansive touch expect attachments to serve you some shadow as you are forced to let the old go and make room for what’s ahead. Mercury is in an uncomfortable aspect so your first glance may be unsettling.

Now the good news is that loss is not always a negative. You can lose unreasonable fears, defensiveness and scarcity mentality. You can let go of expecting any one outside of you to have a better answer than you yourself have. You can listen to others without a fear that their input outweighs your own. When you apply the energy of this day to losing these things, you come out ahead by night fall and into tomorrow morning. Like the dark of the Moon, they may reappear from time to time but once you know how to limit or release them you can do it again. It builds muscle every time you do. And that’s NO joke this April Fool’s Day.

Thursday: 4.2 Eight of stones, skill

As the Moon moves through its home sign of Cancer it opposes first Jupiter then Pluto. It calls up our work of yesterday to release what doesn’t serve you. This eight is always a promise that what you put out there comes back to you. Which is also a caution if you broadcast a harsh bandwidth. Skill is learned over time, so as we take steps in new directions we learn how to adjust what we put out there. Defensiveness breeds more conflict. Scarcity mentality runs into shortages.

Conversely, generosity brings a flow into your life. Trust attracts opportunity along with some opportunists. But you learn to turn your attention away from the fearful or greedy and show them a better choice. When you hold the mindset that everything will work out for you, strangely enough it does. The surprise is in the how it shows up but that can be half the fun. As the Moon moves opposite Mars and Saturn, we are reminded that time gives us more information that we have at present. So don’t rush to decide what you have, work with it. Shape it and help give a form that appeals to you. It teaches you how much impact you have on any situation.

Friday: 4.3 King of arrows

Venus has traveled through earthy Taurus but now moves on to Gemini where it hangs out for almost four months because of its retrograde period. This King is the big picture, an airy landscape that cooly assesses what we were physically drawn to first. Now when you add in a mental review, how can you expand on what you love. This is where we can hold desires more lightly and be clever about how to connect and enjoy what delights. The Sun and Moon are in easy harmony and enjoys a little fresh air on the situation.

Venus gravitates towards harmony and with this high flying King’s perspective you can add ways to connect and enjoy what you really love. It adds an impartial ability to sort out what to hang on to and what to let go of on your path forward. The Wildwood Tarot calls this card a message of “Finding a way through chaos by calm clarity”. How appealing does that sound, right? No matter how crazy the world is, what you love and seek is still seeking you. You are going to get some clever help to connect the dots and enjoy yourself while you do.

Saturday: 4.4 The green man

Abundance waits for you on the other side of attachment to fearful thinking and doubt. Today’s intense planetary line up highlights the message that when you commit to what you love and act in service of the commitment, the rewards are tangible and rich. You are going to have to face down questions and doubts, that’s part of testing your commitment. When you do that, you get to reap the bounty. Whenever Saturn is involved it promises bounty that is long lasting and sustainable. Your commitment is part of the muscle you’ve built up.

The Green Man is about the natural law that precedes the human law. When you consistently choose your thoughts and line up the actions with an adult mindset, there is are endless possibilities for what your strength can achieve. This card doesn’t have defeat any where in sight. Challenges are an opportunity to show what you can do with a curve ball. Jupiter and Pluto meet up for the first of three touches this year, July and November seeing the next two collisions. First you have to let go of what was in order to have what is. The second will strip away what you release over the next few months. Finally you emerge like seeds out of pine cone to grow out of the destruction of the old.

This is uncomfortable and necessary. But you are not at its mercy. It is happening for you, not to you. When you commit to this belief, really hold firmly to it, you will prosper greatly no matter what is lost in the process. The Green Man showing up here is to anchor the fertile possibilities that surround you now. Keep your focus on what’s in front of you and do this transformation step by step. Your power is being brought out whether you are ready for it or not. My suggestion is to embrace it. You are not anyone’s victim, you live now for a specific purpose and have a unique contribution to make. Hold onto that, and you will thrive in what unfolds.

Sunday: 4.5 Two of stones, challenge

Today is a light day after another intense week. Which helps as you may find yourself juggling fear and excitement. What’s unnecessary is still being sorted out and it’s normal to go back and forth a bit. Tune in to what things feel like in your body. Contraction is a sign to hold up. Tension in your chest, shoulders or belly are a wait signal. It’s amazing how much information you can get when you listen to what your body has to say. That tension is not necessarily a no, but it is a ‘not yet’. The better you are at gathering that insight, the better prepared you are for whatever occurs.

Move forward feels like an opening of your chest. Your shoulders go back, your belly is firm but not tight – it may even relax. Especially when you have waited for the ‘take the next step’ moment for a while. Even a difficult decision feels expansive in your body, like you are gearing up for what comes next. Become an expert on gleaning what your own physical senses can share with you. Breathe calmly while you do. Your body takes its cues from social situation on how safe or dangerous something is, and right now society is in fear. Learn how to breathe deeply, feel your truth and act on it. You send a powerful signal out then, which can calm the fears of those around you. Again, you can make a difference in so many ways with little adjustments within your reach.

Monday 4.6 Eight of vessels, rebirth

A new day dawns as the Moon kisses and makes up with Pluto to collect on the riches that follow transformation. This second eight announces a development not expected. If you still feel the pinch of this week’s release, today brings a cosmic kiss to help heal. This is a card that stands for the tide going out on habits and patterns that have outlived their purpose. They served you well and you are done with them. It’s important to realize how much opens up when you shed those old suits of armor. It allows you to connect with others that share values if not the same approach to achieving them.

This is where you can be curious rather than frightened by differences in opinion. They add texture and flavor to the mix rather than send out alarm signals. They’ve done the research and babies at three months old will stare longer at Teddy Bears dressed in clothes that are like the babies then they will at ones dressed differently. We are drawn to what’s like us but the world is much bigger than what is the same as we are. Now is the time of exploring those contrast points as something that enriches us. Look at what happened when corn exploded in heat. We have a favorite food the world over. Small steps help you safely find your popcorn moments. Turn up the fire on what you desire and then look for good collaborations that are different than the norm. It gives birth to a whole new experience just waiting for you!

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