An Eclipse For The Record Plus the Next 200 Years

This post only took six months to get to you… and the story is hilarious, at least I laughed.  Not all that easy to do since this is a year in history that boasts some pretty profound Astrological Events around disruptions.   All you have to do is look around you to see a world in unmistakable change.  But there is good news!

You have a role to play in making history.  Hmm, when I see that written, suddenly I have another layer of what contributed to the uncharacteristically long birth process of what I share with you.  Because, what you do and how you do it on a daily basis changes the world we live in now.  To upgrade Walt Whitman, ‘you may contribute a verse’ or maybe a whole paragraph to what’s unfolding.  You matter now, perhaps more than any point in your life.  It’s a bold statement and yet I’ve seen it play out, again and again around me while this post came into being.

I wanted to find a way to share that didn’t smother or drown you in overwhelm.  While not perfect, it’s a distillation of so much I want you to have access to for your well being.  Mistakes are being made (and survived).  Sometimes surviving mistakes is as important to see for our fear brain as anything else. 

No one knows exactly what’s right and you play a part in bringing about a collective harmony.  Whether you do it as an individual, a member of family or community and a citizen of the world – you matter so much.  This audio – under 30 minutes – is my experience and insight to help make that reality more potent and less stress-filled.  You have power that has gone untapped before now.  Time to unleash it, in your unique way…  Here’s a little help from me for you to do just that and maybe even enjoy it.

Listen to the Audio Here

Download Audio Here

Now for those of you who want to see what 2021 holds in store for you, the Year Ahead Reading has changed, which the audio explains why you need something different than you have in the past.  If you can’t wait, listen to the last three minutes or read below.  (I used to read the end of books first, I understand impatience)

We are in heightened creativity mode right now, which really looks like chaos.  Rather than give you specific answers, the Year Ahead Reading instead taps into your creative genius and how to apply it  to whatever you wish to achieve.  Warning, the gains can go beyond your original expectations on what you thought you could do, if you are willing to let it emerge a new way.  It’s exciting, fun and more than a little scary, but you wouldn’t be living now if you weren’t up for this.  Sometimes you just need the right support to take those leaps of faith.

To get the Traditional Year Ahead Reading of 25 minutes, month by month book yours HERE.    Once you book it the calendar link will be sent so you can choose your spot.  I still have a couple openings the last week of the year if you are in a hurry to start 2021 locked and loaded on your genius unfolding.

If you want to get ‘hands on‘ with your gifts and talents, along with the Year Ahead and how this year readied you for expansion next year grab yours HERE.

One more fun factoid that may help soothe frayed nerves and put you in the space to bring your best self to whatever is in front of you is this.  Gregorian Chants are known to soothe the vagus nerve. This nerve plays an important role in regulating stress in our body.  When you feel yourself winding up or melting down, put on some YouTube Gregorian Chants.  There are plenty to choose from and let ripples of calm roll through you with the music.  It’s free, legal and portable – so why not!

Thank you and wishing you well the Magic Season.

Lisa Greenfield


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